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Gay Marriage is legal in all 50 states!

June 26, 2015

The Supreme Court decided 5/4 that there are no worthy distinctions in human history between gay marriage and marriage. Let’s list the differences between GM and M so you can be enlightened in your decision about this issue. If you support the SC decision you are saying that the Bible is wrong about supporting the exclusivity of heterosexual marriage, that history’s precedence is insignificant, that procreation is not as important a distinction and that the legal benefits of marriage cannot be fully bestowed by simply adding a “G” to the word.  Gays who love each other as gays should do justice by adding a “G” to  all the marriage documents bestowed by the State. Gays are a special group, your relationships are different from the mail group and you deserved the “G.”

If I were gay I would make it what it is – unique. I would prefer on official documents to call gay marriage “G-Marriage” rather than just “Marriage.” Why? Because my blog is not only about having a unique identity but it is also about a “Peaceful Revolution” and not a “war-like Revolution.” And, I don’t like to argue with God, somehow I don’t feel that it is good for me not to add the “G.” I do believe that 2 men or 2 woman who feel that special feeling for each other should be able to be blessed with the freedom to marry in an institution that accept GM and not create social problems which is inevitable with the SC unwise decision. Five liberal justices forcing their opinion on 350 million Americans in not healthy in my opinion. What’s wrong with adding the word G-Marriage? Nothing! It is actually good for the earth to have gays.

Well, it’s done. Wait now for the million problems this 5/4 decision will cause the American society after Obama is gone. Well, one day with a more enlightened SC you may have a session that will add the “G” to gay marriage. Who knows, it may even put a smile on God’s face about human folly.