Feeling lost? Get your spirit back!

I just went through  my many postings to see if  I needed to change any – none! They are all uplifting, informing, guiding, although not all are exciting to read, some are “light,” others “heavy,” but all are great to read if you feel lost! We all feel lost at times, we wanted something and didn’t get it, we got something we didn’t want, we don’t know how to go about the situation we are in, our relationship, job, it all boils down to feeling lost about something. May be the time has come for you to have a mentor, and since that is what I have done in my career as a psychologist – mentor young people, here I am, ready for you too. Start by reading all my postings in my 2 blogs, take notes and start living for something great than yourself – your spirit! You are great! You are smart! You are happy! You are successful! You are healthy! Don’t take less than that and miracles will start happening in your life if you emphasize the positive – your spirit! Feeling lost? You just got it back! Don’t let your mind fight who you really are – a great  human soul! Start achieving again!!


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One Response to “Feeling lost? Get your spirit back!”

  1. drkinarthy Says:

    Moses, my blog is not commercial. It is strictly educational.

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