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March 26, 2015

There are 2 reasons I don’t post as often as I did last year. One is that I am working on a paper on how to cure cancer the best way for a Berlin Symposium August 2-5 and two is that I don’t get many responses to my incredible postings, except “you are arrogant.” I describe an easy cure for cancer and only one group is barely interested. I will give the reasons for the Germanwings plane crash and how to prevent it in the future and only one or two reader would respond. Why should I bother unless you wake up to the truth?

The reason I am writing today is because I am upset by all the “experts” on CNN and BBC who “explain” the plane crash. They don’t understand at all! Here are the facts, 1) The plane’s door was designed by an airplane engineering committee that refused to consult behavioral psychologists, frequent flyers and pilots in designing the door. There is arrogance against psychology in American and European societies. I once quit a school designing committee whose architect Chair said, “We don’t need an industrial psychologist, a parent, a student or a school administrator to join this committee!”, 2) The airline insurance policy excludes psychologists from their committees because they don’t believe in Thorndike’s Law of Effect that would say that if insurance pays the airline more than the full replacement cost of a plane that crashed, that would increase the probability of more crashes!, 3) I resent this morning commentators on CNN and BBC playing psychologists, “You can’t really understand the behavior of the co-pilot.”  This pessimistic attitude that permeates Europe and America media in this century affect people profoundly. We are getting too gloomy. We need the optimist Teddy Roosevelt back, 4) Society hates psychology. All the other explanations for human behavior not withstanding, the only true explanation for the problem in the cockpit is airline executives stupidity. Can you imagine putting Obama and Netanyahu in the cockpit to fly a plane? Pilots and co-pilots must get the best psychological tests of cooperative attitude possible. Assigning pilots and co-pilots randomly to fly a complicated machine with 200 passengers is like you marry the devil and everyone celebrates the take off. Stupid! I did research for my presentation on behavior at UCLA and out of 30 PhD’s in the room not one thought it was important to comment or research why economists rejected psychologists after the 1929 Wall Street crash for 50 years!  You know something, as a maverick psychologist I can tell you one thing: People don’t like for psychologists to show them how they screw up things. All my professional life I was called Arrogant by people like Obama, who love to forgive professionals who screw up things. That is why millions voted for him again after he screws up a lot of things. Varum the plane crashed??  Because many airlines elect or appoint pessimists who have no use for psychologists to help make important decisions that save lives!

Obama vs. Netanyahu, fear vs. anger, socialism vs. capitalism, paternalism vs. libertarianism.

March 3, 2015

Read the title above again, think about it, it gives you an idea about my coming third book about two personality types that ran this world we live in and dominate our lives. The first two books that I self-published (main stream publishers rejected my views) were about how to invest for a big capital gain at the end of every year. Why they hate my views? Because I write, You can make  more money than the professionals make by knowing the personality of the CEO of a company rather than by studying the balance sheet!  I interrupted the writing of my third book on how to cure cancer, only for a few months, because of an event. At a meeting of my political discussion group we discussed why left-wing participants always fight with right-wing participants on every issue! I suggested that it is because of having different brain structures (true). This short book on the left vs. right personalities in politics, economics, society and the family will then become my book number three and the cancer book which has 500 pages will be book number four. I apologize to my readers for not writing more in my blogs because of time constraints, but those of you who are my committed followers (the searching dudes in life) will find my writing in many places.

In a nut shell, Obama is a left-winger and Netanyahu is a right-winger. A left winger personality is motivated by subliminal fear while a right-wing personality is motivated by subliminal anger. Netanyahu will “win” against Obama because anger is stronger than fear! Another difference is nationalism vs. internationalism. Netanyahu will “win” again because nationalism is stronger than internationalism in the personality. Another difference is paternalism vs. libertarianism. Obama will “win” because he wants to take care of Iran and help her. This “win” is problematic, not that positive for the world because the pending deal on Iran’s nuclear growth will be supportive more than restraining. And, finally, the democrats will “lose” and the republicans will ‘win” in the next few elections because anger is spreading in society faster than fear. In Israel, Netanyahu will win a 4th term as PM. All in all, the US and Israel is galvanizing a stronger relationship and are moving to the right because of anger, the left concentrates in fearful Europe.

My analysis here is short, my book when it comes out about how a left thinking person relates to a right thinking person in business, etc. will have more details. BUT, you can get a head start on this new knowledge by thinking about you business partner, mate, friends, and other people you know who are opposite in personality to you and you can probably figure out why you have problems with them, for example, leftists tend to leave the room when they don’t like what you say, rightist tend to stay and argue logic and facts, and so on. Enjoy!

I am writing a study based on my book on why socialist (leftist) Europe is having economic problems (Greece, Spain, etc.) to be presented in an academic conference in Berlin August 2-7 this year (if approved by the same committee that approved my talk at the University of Valencia and Rome last two years, so I have a good chance for my paper to be accepted). Keep being interested. Are you a left thinking or a right thinking person? Check it out based on this posting! Write me back to verify! Write back, don’t disappoint me, I spend a lot of time on this posting.