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The story of Kaved and klaya.

March 22, 2011

I am writing this pre-historical story as an allegory because I want it to have maximum impact on present day humanity: Once upon a time there were a brother and his sister who lived in Atlantis, a magnificent city west of the Azores near Tarshish that would be called “Garden of Eden” in Genesis one day.

The language of Paradise was Hebrew, a holy tongue brought to Earth by three aliens long before the brother and his sister were born. The brother was named “Kaved.”  He was about 500 years old when he was appointed minister, about the age of a man called Adam in Genesis, but that happened much later. Kaved was the Minister of the Environment in Paradise, a heavy-set dude who was honored by the King year after year for keeping the Island so clean, a land full of milk and honey, clean of pesticides. Everybody on the Island ate organic food certified by the minister himself.

Kaved’s sister was called Klaya. She was a beautiful 365 year old light set woman, Minister of Water Resources by official title. She worked together with Kaved the Minister or the Environment to make sure that citizens had clean ionized alkaline water to drink to balance the protein they ate that was somewhat acidic. Kaved and Klaya who worked together in a hugh natural laboratory knew that if they will allow pollution to enter the life cycle of the city, longevity would start going down. People would die at a 100! Interesting, one day they stumbled upon an old  Time Machine left in the archives In Poseidia the Capitol. They clicked and were stuck on Alice in Wonderland, a story that one day will be famous. They laughed their head off when they heard Alice say to her friends, “To live a hundred years is an old age indeed.”

The boring part of the story is how it was taught much later in schools all over the planet. The only paradise left was Paradise lost. Humans who lived only 75 years found enough time to disturbe the ocean with nuclear wars. Atlantis was flooded by a hugh tsunami (denied later by historians). The wicked Bliel people of Atlantis moved to Tarshish (later on they sold gold to Solomon to build the Temple in Jerusalem), then Egypt, destroying the fledgeling monotheistic religion, destroying everything in their path. The “LawofOne” people of Atlantis (They lost the war) moved to Mesapotemia (Ur) and later wrote the Hebrew Bible. Four thousand years later the planet was polluted and dying.

Actually my story is about your liver and kidney. Like the brother and sister, they love clean water, organic food and oxygen and hate sugar. You, on the other hand, love sugar and hate breathing deep…cancer cells love modern men. Your body and your cities are the same – polluted. You see it in the streets and on your skin. You liver is tired cleaning the shit, can hardly metabolize protein, doesn’t detoxify well. Do you want to understand it the modern way? Well, the liver is like a city production facility that send inorganic food to a distribution center that sends the stuff to supermarkets. You come and eat that junk. What else do you want me to say? Yes, my allegorical story is true. Men used to live that long, Atlantis did exist, but naturally we can’t remember our childhood, let alone our infancy.

Let the good times roll, the years are getting shorter. The only paradise there is is paradise lost!

The beginning of the end of Obama.

March 21, 2011

My book The Psychology of Investing During the Chaotic Obama Years came out this week. In my book on page 70 I state my conclusion about Obama’s personality, “Obama has one big psychological flaw as CEO – guess what it is? He has refined his social and oratory skills but lost his ability to be assertive with difficult people who don’t want to socialize and listen.” Obama is bombing Lybia because his European friends are bombing Lybia, not because he has a coherent foreign policy and spoke to the American people about his planned foreign policy. Since being elected president of the United States Obama has put all his energies into a coherent domestic policy: Borrowing a lot of money from the American people to recreate Medicare, help poor people with housing and employment and reward his rich and powerful friends for managing the domestic changes he desires.

Why is this the beginning of the end of Obama?

Obama is shifting his energies from domestic to foreign. “Watch Obama’s body language,” I say in my book. Since his deep bow in front of the Saudi King two years ago, it is psychologically clear that Obama feels like a Chicago community organizer and not president of the most powerful nation on earth. Shifting his energies from the domestic arena where he is a “star” to the world area where he is a humble novice in need of socializing will end his chances for a second term as president. Disaster is coming his way.  The Pentagon “brass” doesn’t like his move in Lybia. They hate his injection of counterterrorism measures in Afghanistan (They prefer counterinsurgency). Suicide bombings in Iraq are escalating since he took office. The Middle-East “peace” process is bogged down. What does Obama do? He goes on “good will” social tours” (Brazil, going to Acuador and other places, getting a lot of experience participating in honor guard ceremonies). Bombing Lybia, targetting Gaddafy’s house (denying it), Obama is entering a quagmyre that even skilled presidents like the Roosevelts would have found hard to handle. You can’t socialize with the Dart Vaders of the world and win their hearts. You can’t bomb a country (even bloody Gaddafy) without a coherent policy approved by the American people (Obama is acting like Bush did). You can’t be a follower of Britain and France without dire consequences. You can’t handle the middle-east, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, and now Lybia with experience you gained as a Chcago community organizer. Obama, watch your personality, you will become a “yes man” to all your advisers who will smile at you and pretend to enjoy the “socials” at the White house. You are already surrounded by so many phony people in Washington that even a child could see how artificial is United States foreign policy – your Achilles Heel!

Pearl Harbor attack linked to Japan Earthquake!

March 15, 2011

What he did is mean to link the two.  Alec Sulkin from Family Guy Animated Comedy said it and he apologized for ” Joking.”  As a human being who loves and admires the Japanese people I pray for their full recovery from the earthquake disaster. As a psychologist and parapsychologist for 30 years, with tons of credentials, I will take this opportunity to educate people about “forces” in the universe we live in that can save lives in the future.

My job is to explain “linkage” phenomena, not to condone them. My job is to explain phenomena in order to alert people to its future effect in their lives. My job is to help prevent disasters. The psychological and parapsychological link between the past of an individual or a nation and their future is well-studied by psychologists, psychoanalysts and parapsychologists. If you care to understand this phenomena, it’s all over my writings in the last 30 years.

Psychology: A systemic change will occur in a person or a nation that goes through a life changing experience. That systemic change will make the organism more susceptible to a recurrence of a similar systemic changes in the future. The probability of a similar experience increases. The vulnerability to certain influences increases. Subtle energy configurations within and without a system have been reformatted in that direction. In the future, as humanity advances in understanding high technology energy fields, you will take more seriously present measurements of these universal forces. Today, you don’t. 100 years ago, when Dr. Freud and Dr. Jung explained personal and collective unconscious influences they alluded to the fact that any big event will  imprint itself on the mind (Today, we know that “imprinting’ is organically similar to the hardware in your computer and regular experiences are similar to your Software!).  They also said that with deeper awareness you can prevent future problems linked to those events!

Parapsychology: The “linking” phenomena appears to be a fundamental universal law. It has many names in different disciplines. It is called an “After shock,” (in Geology),  a “copy cat” (human behavior),  “subconscious tendency,” (Psychoanalysis),  “tissue sensitivity” (Medicine), “Conditioning” (Psychology), and what have you. A systemic change that occurs in a person or a nation that goes through a life changing experience tends to reappear in one form or another in the future, usually on a proximal anniversary period. As a psychological counselor I have helped people avoid a heart attack on the anniversary of their father’s –  heart attack! I have seen couples get divorced around the time their parents  – got divorced! Right now I will counsel Obama to be vigilant about traveling because both his brother and father died in traveling accidents! The Challenger space craft exploded in space. NASA should change the name of the space shuttle Atlantis to something less prone to –  disasters. Look, I have been ridiculed for writing about useful palmistry and other weird topics in the National Enquirer for years, so I will stop here. I don’t want to waste my time. My job is not to educate 20th century people about 21st century knowledge and understanding of “forces” in the universe. People won’t listen. My job is to tell Japan to proof-safe its nuclear reactors in the future more than any other nation except for Russia and the United States who had also developed nuclear disaster propensities!

Ladies and gentlemen, am I over your head? I know I leave many of you behind in my blogs, websites, magazine articles  and book writings, but I will never accept to be an ordinary writer, a “politically correct” dude. There are human lives at stake. Human welfare is at stake here. I want to leave you with a personal search. Examine a major event in your life or your nation’s life and take special precautions to prevent something similar in the future. Please, please, be a little more daring in your thinking. Become more “futuristic,” please. My dear cousin went on the Atkins diet 3 years before he died from a heart attack at the age my beloved uncle died from a – heart attack. Please take psychology and parapsychology seriously. I know you’d survive without my warnings, but you’d be better prepared for the events coming your way in the future if you listen. Live safely! Live happily! Prosper! Advance to the next stage! I care!

One of you is ready!

March 13, 2011

I mean it. Read a few of my postings. I’m not kidding. You may be the one. I am looking for one of you who is ready to help spread amazing knowledge and later pick up where I leave off; not that I am going to croak, but it may take time grooming a successor for this job. When I am gone one day I want to crossover in peace knowing that you will continue the tradition of telling the truth about life without the spin!

The truth is difficult to believe and I need a few young individuals somewhere out there in the world (may be in China, India, Israel, the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle-East, somewhere) who have an open mind ready to learn the following general truths and start spreading the specific information that is right now withheld (The 10% Rule in my writings):

1. HEALTH: We do now know how to prolong life and eradicate disease, even cancer, heart condition and Alzheimer, but politics is withholding the information from health professionals and the public. I need you!

2. WEALTH: We do know how to eradicate poverty, even how to become wealthy, but government, culture, religion and politics withhold information from business people and the general public. I want you to respond to this posting if you got what it takes to learn to do it right!

3. HAPPINESS: We do now know what it takes to be happy, even all the time, but those who don’t know tend to make a living writing and conducting classes and workshops how to make you happy. I want you to respond to this posting if you have what it takes to learn the right way to be happy.

4. YOU: Do you want to try? Start by inventing an ideal name that fits you and you want to go by if selected. I will respond only to those of you who really-really-really want to do something good, useful and new about our planet. You must have a genuine personality, not negative, argumentative or have an ax to grind. I am a “life coach” and I will train you for free. All I want in return is a personal committment to yourself, your family, your friends, your country, religion, culture,humanity and to continue my work at “Tikun Olam.”

The good life: True or false?

March 13, 2011

“When the struggle to get what you don’t have interferes with enjoying what you do have, it’s time to change the way you think about life. You are doomed if you don’t.” Dr. Kinarthy.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Do it right and your health improves a lot. Do it wrong and your health will deteriorate a lot. Guess what? Most people do it wrong!” Dr. Kinarthy.

“If Catholic priests took  Zoladex, their celibacy would be guaranteed because the Z drug eliminates libido.” Dr. Kinarthy.

“The Bhagavad Gita means “Truth as it is.” Truth is what is, your truth is what isn’t; keep repeating the truth as it is and what isn’t will disappear in time.” Dr. Kinarthy.

“Reality and truth are like oil and water, they don’t mix unless you use a blender. Shake them up together and you get something delicious.” Dr. Kinarthy.

“If you got five out of the above five T-F statements right as they are, your life is improving as it is – did you notice?”  Dr. Kinarthy.

Obama doesn’t know what to do!

March 9, 2011

Obama, I know you want love, but the world wants “tough love.” My book “The Psychology of Investing During the Chaotic Obama Years” is coming out this year. Although I talk about the stock market, a big part of my writing is about you, Obama, as the CEO of the United States, the only super power left to straighten out things. I warn my readers about your foreign policy a lot more than about your domestic policy, Obama boy. The passive way you handle the crisis in the Arab world will  undermine our finances next year. I am not a prophet but I feel prophetic when I say in my book that you Obama don’t understand the impact on us of what you are not doing. You wait for love where there is no love. In the book I state your biggest weakness as a leader, a weakness that will undermine not only our finances and oil prices but America’s CEO leadership in the world. Obama, you don’t know what to do with yourself when other leaders don’t want to socialize with with you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama is driven by the Facebook phenomenon. He wants every one to be his friend, from Mubarak to Ahmadinejad, from Netanyahu to the Merkel woman. Obama is so intensely seeking chummy relationships that if he met God he probably will not worship him immediately like the rest of us would but will invite God first to a social function in the White House! Not surprising that the first group Obama alienated in the United States is army brass. They don’t care to socialize. They are not the chummy type. No wonder Karzai the Afghan chief likes Obama – they socialize. Obama thinks he will entice Ahmadinejad to the White house one day for a hug. Stupido!

Take Libya: Mr. President, the time has come for you to act, not to be confused, not to hesitate, not to think about a no-fly zone for the next year while people are dying, not to let the Russians decide, not to let Clinton talk too much banalities, the time has come, Mr. President, to push for DEMOCRACY! Yes, get all the Libyans that want DEMOCRACY together and give them everything they need to get DEMOCRACY. It’s that simple, Mr. President: Support Democratic Forces, dummy! SDF, SDF, SDF, SDF, how many times do we the American people have to say it in your deaf ears – Support Democratic Forces!

In Egypt, Mubarak is gone. There are street battles between pro-democracy demonstrators and anti-democracy demonstrators. Obama is silent! American people, don’t you get it? If you let Obama continue to hesitate in fighting for DEMOCRACY in the huge Arab world these countries will end dictatorial (Iranian) again and their people and us will pay a high price beyond the gas pump. We will pay a higher price to keep our freedom, dignity, EVERYTHING you love! Act now dude, now! SDF!

Obama can save lives in Libya!

March 8, 2011

Obama is waiting. He wants to help the Libyan people but he doesn’t know what to do. He wants to help save lives but he hesitates because there is no clear picture coming out of Libya. He doesn’t want to end on the wrong side of history. I suggest that he start reading blogs like mine. Some bloggers have better ideas than government secretaries, his official advisers. Some blogs are written by very smart people who refuse to be in government.

Obama can save lives in Libya if he stops thinking like a politician and start thinking like a human being. He will never end on the wrong side of history if he supports DEMOCRACY in Libya.  He and his friends in Europe must decide right now to actively support democracy in Libya.

How do you do that? You go on TV and say it! Emphatically!  They will hear you, Obama. You tell the people of Libya that if they show strong signs that they are fighting for true democracy in their country, free elections in 6 months, etc. you will help them. Can you imagine what will happen if they carry a million signs “US, please help us get Democracy.” The US is reluctant to help only because it isn’t sure that the rebels want Democracy in Lybia. As soon as signs go up, “We Want Democracy,” “We want jobs,” “We want a free election,” “Fight corruption,” “We love America.” My God, the help will come. The West will help any people who are literally dying to get Democracy. We know that as a fact! We know the millions in Europe and America care! The pressure on Obama will be too big not to act, not to get active and send troops for democracy. He will have to give Gaddafy a decent way out. The goal is not to punish one man but to get this oil rich country on our side. You, drivers, are hurt at the pump. Now you know why. Obama needs democratic ideas. Obama needs committment to democracy around the world. Obama needs you to tell it strongly!! American is great! Hey, dude, stop acting as if the only super power on earth is just another country!

The Second Coming of Christian Reformation..

March 2, 2011

I go on record today, Tuesday, March 1, 2011, about a year or longer before folks get it that a “war of truth” is flaring within Christianity. Let me take you back to the first split in Christianity to understand the significance of the second split. Martin Luther objected to the papal doctrine of infallibility, abuse of indulgences and purgatory. Luther stopped short of saying that Catholic Christianity (the only one at that time) had lost its soul to sin – with the help of Lucifer!

The second and final split in Christianity is fundemental: It is over the Catholic church’s objection to the existence of  State of Israel, the resurrection of which invalidates Rome’s Replacement Theology, Separation Theology, the very essence of Catholic thinking! The saying goes that if Old Testament prophecies about God’s love for the Jews and Israel, such as Zachariah’s 12:10 on the piercing of the Jewish Yeshua, Or Roman’s 8:28, or Isiah 53, or Jeremiah 31:31-37, or Psalms 127 or Ezekiel 38, or more come true, then the Catholic church will start losing millions of followers who read the Bible!

The second coming of Christian reformation is a home-coming of the church to its origin; the Messiah, Zion, Israel,  Torah, Old Testament and New Testament. By the end of the 21st century, a billion evangelical Christians will be the Sun and a million Catholics will be the Moon, orbiting around and around not understanding why they can’t shine with the light of their Jesus, after all God has replaced Israel with a sacred Papal Doctrine that brings so much joy to humanity, isn’t it true? Listen, Jesus Christ said in the Gospel of John the Baptist “and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (8:41-36). Hurry up, Catholics, get with it, God blesses those Christians who read the Bible. living in denial of scriptures will not bring you salvation!