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Is Obama the Antichrist?

March 31, 2010

As the earth is circling toward its meeting with destiny in 2012, you are finding the above preposterous assumption circling more and more on the Internet. Is it true? I will try to answer this improbable question, but I must say that there is no valid, reliable, or accurate answer – only metaphysical. I think that Obama fits some of the religious and historical expectations in prophecy, but who knows? The Antichrist is supposed to be a world leader who is seeking to make big changes and appear to bring peace. Obama is trying to handle many huge issues that are bound to have one or two devastating effects that may lead to war as we move on in time. The antichrist is considered by some folks to have good intentions that backfire. Obama has good intentions. All in all, if such a figure does exist during the anticipated Armageddon years, Obama fits the bill with his surging popularity.  However, a more important question to ask is “So what if he is?” The world is heading toward a rebirth because of the Internet, and no one expect that rebirth to be peaceful anyway. My blog’s name is the Peaceful Revolution, but I don’t expect humanity to change peacefully. I don’t think war, poverty, disease, starvation and crime will go away peacefully. Darwin and Freud didn’t think so and neither do I! Let the good times roll.

The “killing fields” of politics.

March 26, 2010

In life, you either lose, win or draw, and that is how it should be. If you lose you try to win the next time and if you win you try not to lose the next time. A draw is a compromise, both win less but both win something better than losing. Sometimes a draw in called an armistice, as in real war. Armistice is like a temporary compromise until one of the parties feels strong enough to challenge the other. When a fight is for a trophy, land, triumph, etc. a duel called ‘shoot out’ occurs, as in a sports when we must have a gold medal winning team.

Life is like a soccer game, and that is good. I win a lot so I like it, but some of my victories are taken away by courts, judges and lawyers, that is like having biased referees and line’s men on a soccer field. When that happens too often sport become like politics, the game is over, the “killing fields” begin.

The amazing conclusion of my story this evening is that if you run a country like a sport, you will have less problems, while if you run a sport like a country, you will have more problems. The solution, I am serious, is to replace politicians, lawyers, judges and courts with trained sports referees in the field!

I once suggested to have such a referee in every financial institution in Wall Street. I don’t understand why those folks that lost money the most during the recession laughed at my suggestion the most?

Your education: China versus Google!

March 26, 2010

Whether you want to face it or not, in the short run China will win against Google because China intend on building a stable society and doesn’t need disruption, but in the long run google will return because freedom is marching on all over the world. The internet is changing the world as we know it. Knowledge and fun become more important to people than politics when a country is stable and people have decent jobs.

We are destined for a lot of pain and destruction in the process of birth of a new order. Google’s Page and Brim do not understand that China must limit Western freedom and influence for now. A complete freedom to disseminate Western information in China, will undermine the building of a prosperous and peaceful Chinese civilization. There will be enough disruptive elements entering Chinese minds that will sap the energy of the Chinese people away from economic development into political discourse vows worse than the health care debate violence in the US Congress, with its peaceful traditions going back 200 years!. On the other hand, without Google later on China will be behind in advancing ‘good’ knowledge, democracy and freedom of choice.

My suggestion to both  China and Google is to compromise, get together and decide on what should be censured for 10 years and what should not. I know Google refuses to do that because Brim and Page do not have empathy for China’s dilemma, only for Google’s. You can’t have a billion people each picking up from Google “filth” they like,  starting to do their own thing. OK, Chinese society will not collapse but China’s progress will slow down. Google, with all its brilliance, has not adjusted to each country’s situation as it moves in to disseminate knowledge. The only areas where Google should not give in is in the areas of human rights.

Human Rights in the developing world is different from human rights in the developed world. What should be human rights in a changing society like China? The right to be free of gender discrimination, not the right to meddle in transsexual identity problems. The right to be free of racial discrimination, not the right to know about racial aspirations, ethnic separation, and demographic political freedoms. The right to be free of “filth,” not the “right” to have to handle in Chinese homes via Google all the filth that is also on the internet. China does not need internet violence, pornography, animal and human cruelty, child abuse, ridicule and satire of political leaders, the glorification of crimes, in other words, half the internet should be evoked out of China. Compromise will happen the moment China and Google understand how to separate short-term benefits from long-term solutions.

Please, my readers, time to get sophisticated and serious about understanding the world we live in. Ask yourself, if you were planet Earth, would you be happy to host most of the people you know? You know the answer!

Do you want a peaceful life? Sue any group or individual that violate domestic or international law.

March 25, 2010

Human stupidity or hypocrisy? Ever since  Darwin  discovered the natural law that Might Makes Right, we humans, have paid lip service to a ‘nice’ futuristic law that Right Makes Might. We humans are hypocrites. We legislate laws protecting voting rights and free speech, but do not force the police and the courts to enforce these laws. We are hypocrites. Law enforcement protecting free speech in Canada’s universities is a joke, and law enforcement in the US puts congressmen in congress in harm’s way. Courts and the police in Canada and the US do not uphold the law. Republicans that threaten democrats with bodily harm are asked politely to act ‘civil’, and no one is arrested, let alone be charged with a crime. The same thing in Canada, students physically prevent a speak (Ann Coulter) from speaking and the police does not arrest a single demonstrator, let alone charge them with a crime.

As a psychologist, I can assure you that unless we uphold the laws in our democratic lands, we are doomed to suffer in the next 3 years more than we have suffered in the last 30. The solution is simple – replace the police chiefs and court judges!  Don’t sit in discussion rooms trying to distinguish fact from fiction about the events that have occurred  in congress or at the university of Ottawa. The natural law of Might Makes right is so powerful that it will always turn believed fiction into fact and fact into suitable fiction. We humans succumb to the Might of physical threats, monetary force, sexual desire, and hunger drive. Humanity’s salvation is for you to understood the psychology of law enforcement and vote to enforce the law in November. And, do it Right: Register with me if you are a combative attorney, let’s start  a billion $ fund to sue any group or individual who violate domestic or international laws, including police chiefs or judges who don’t enforce the law. Only when law breakers  go to prison and pay heavy fines, they will attempt to change laws by voting and not in the streets. Right now the sword is mightier than the pen. It is time for the pen to be mightier than the sword. Get me the lawyers and the fund. you will see action like you have never seen before. A new zeitgeist is here.

Estimated results for the up coming mid-term election?

March 22, 2010

Without reading the above, many of you will not be able after the mid-term election on November 2, 2010 to oobjectively estimate the differential impact of Congress passing the health care bill on the Democratic and Republican parties. There is nothing wrong with just shooting the breeze about the results on November 3, but why not acquire a factual perspective:

1. House of Representatives Democrats: Expected loss about 20 seats as the majority party. A loss of no seats would be a huge victory, 5 seats a big victory, 10 seats a moderate victory, 15 seats a mild victory, 25 seats would be a moderate defeat, 30 seats a severe rebuke, while a loss of 35 seats or more would be devastating.

2. Senate Democrats: Expected loss about 5 seats as the majority party. A loss of no seats would be a huge victory, 10 seats a moderate defeat, 15 seats a huge defeat, 20 seats or more would be devastating.

3. House of Representatives Republicans: Expected gain about 20 seats as the minority party. A Gain of no seats would be a colossal loss, a gain of 5 seats a big loss, 10 seats a moderate defeat, 15 seats a mild defeat, 20 seats expected, 25 seats moderate gain, 40 seats or more a significant victory.

4. Senate Republicans: Expected gain about 5 seats as the minority party. A gain of no seats is a big defeat, 10 seats a moderate victory, and 15 seats or more a great victory.

If the passage of the health care bill helps the democrats, expect them to lose 15 or less house seats and 3 or less senate seats. If the passage of health care bill helps the Republicans, expect them to gain 25 or more house seats and 6 or more senate seats. What are your result estimates for the record?

National Health Care: A Right or a Privilege?

March 22, 2010

In any debate, half of you tend to follow your mind and half of you tend to follow the truth. Those of you that follow your mind will oppose what I say and the other half of you will follow it. When it comes to living the good life half of you are your worst enemy and the road to hell for the rest of us is paved with your good intentions. For the half that wants to follow the truth about the health care issue, listen carefully:

1. The greatest minds in history discovered a fundamental truth about government that is ridiculed by half of humanity, the half that influences how much money we have to live on, how healthy we are, and how happy we are. That fundamental truth about government is that government was originally established in human history to do only 2 things: Protect the people and regulate their economy.

2. National health care is a right, not a privilege because to have an economy worthy of regulating you must have a healthy populace. You can have a good economy only if sick people can get the best help.

3. Since national health care is a right, not a privilege, the question debated today should be “How to establish a national health care system that serves the people and is cost effective.”  The issue is not tackled in congress today because half of the congressmen come to it from their mind and not from the historical truth. The result is that half of you   will continue to make all of us suffer while believing that national health care is an unwanted privilege.

4. Let me suggest that congress should vote first and foremost on the question, “Is national health care a right or a privilege.” That would be the intelligent way to start the debate!

Aftershocks after 2012 (segment II).

March 21, 2010

2012 Segment  II is here: Your patience will always pay off if I get enough responses, even if you have to wait a while for each segment. In the first segment I listed 10 issues that we as a society will have to face during the Armageddon period between 2011 and 2013. Let’s take up each increase and study it according to primary, secondary and tertiary preventions:

1. Divorce: If you are in Primary Prevention (PP) mode you will have a prenuptial agreement before you marry and know about a J&M type divorce program (cost $1,000.00), in Secondary Prevention mode (SP) you will fight, seek counseling, see an attorney, and get an unsatisfactory settlement, and in Tertiary Prevention (TP) everyone will suffer a lot, some will recover and some won’t.

2. Crime: If you are in PP mode you will investigate and move to a safe neighborhood and nurture a good relationship with the local police, in SP mode you will buy a gun, learn self-defense, get together with neighbors, fight back, have some losses, managing more or less OK, and in TP you will pray that you don’t lose everything.

3. Natural disasters: If you are in PP mode you will investigate the area before you move in, including earthquake faults, possible tsunamis, floods, drought, landfills, you name it, in SP mode you will just move into an area you like or can afford and get insurance and when a natural disaster occur, you relay a lot on people helping each other, and in TP you ran around like a chicken with its head cut off until charity comes in to salvage what’s still alive. (TBC).

The Fist fight Between the Euro and the US Dollar: Who is winning?

March 19, 2010

Canadians think their Loony will soon be worth much more than the US Greenback, after all they have the oil and a better fiscal policy. The Europeans think the Euro will dominate the dollar because the EU is in ascension while the US is in decline. The Russian ruble, Chinese yuan, Japanese yen, German mark and French frank are waiting in the offing to jump in and rescue everyone from American political or monetary mismanagement.

Well, I got news for you all, investors, pundits and CNN financial experts. You are all wrong because you have a tunnel vision and you are wearing politically correct glasses. Focus on facts, not on surface impressions about a small segment of history when the US appears to be losing.  The stupidest are the Europeans who were saved by the Americans from starvation twice in a Century, and they still think their fragmented decentralized new Euro economy can beat the all mighty American dollar backed by history. It really doesn’t take brains to realize that the USA would always be the winner in our world, because it, (i) has the best Constitution in history, (ii) has a bill of rights second to none, (iii) is the only country governed 100% by the rule of law, (iv) has led all the other countries combined in Nobel prices,  innovations, new industries, services and products, (v) has the biggest economy, (vi) is the only Democracy besides Russia that has a centralized economy, (vii)  had won 2 world wars, and (viii) is totally free.

Beware, your wealth is only as good as your thinking. If you are a multimillionaire, you can ignore what I am saying because you already know it’s true. I have a lot of friends who took their money out of New York and invested it in Asia. As the saying goes, you can bring a horse to an American spring but if he thinks that a faucet in Beijing has better water, that is where he would be heading.

Public and private speeches are always different.

March 18, 2010

Sometimes I feel so fortunate to be a psychologist. I get along with everyone, knowing how to use PC. You know that what people say to you has a lot more to do with their upbringing than with who you are or what you did. I never argue with anyone about facts lest I be flabbergasted by their perception of reality. Someone said, “Elior, you sure sound arrogant, you think you know everything,” I responded, “Please say ‘Dr. kinarthy, I THINK you are arrogant.’ You will sound less arrogant yourself.” A doctor once said to me, “You seem to know a lot of things.” I said, “You are perceptive enough to notice, yah, I love to study.” Hey, my readers, let me suggest to you to take with a grain of salt anything that anybody says to you. You see, people are just expression their thoughts. Be secure, smile, and if you are sharp enough, the ‘bad’ ones will leave you alone after they hear your responses. Someone says, “Go to hell, Mary,” and you answer, “Are you inviting me to your place?” I love to give “inappropriate” responses to people who step on my toes. I wish people treated me before I became a psychologist as nice as they treat me now. If I had to name my concept, I’d call it learning to use the Power of Consciousness (PC),” but, of course, there in no such concept in psychology! Enjoy!

The Second Best Solution Regarding Sex Offenders!

March 16, 2010

Years ago, in my psychological studies how humans make decisions, I came across the stark realization that people almost always choose the second best solution to anything, almost never the best. Later on when I studied the interaction between science and society I realized that rejecting the top 10% knowledge in any field was common. I coined the term “The 10% Rule” and expected my clients, students, colleagues, friends, family members and business associates to resist the best solutions to problems that show up in their lives.

Naturally, people rejected my “10% Rule” outright. It does not appear in any textbook or  psychological writing, except in my blog.

I remember the first time I used my discovery in counseling.

“What is the problem, Mary?”

“I am depressed, doctor.”

“What really bothers you?”

“I married a registered sex offender.’

“What really bothers you?’

“His disturbing idea. He wants to lower his testosterone level with an injection. He says it would work.”

As always in a democratic society, conformists, traditionalists, or  conservative thinkers are elected by people to make decisions in society. They, in turn, select people like themselves to run everything. These eloquent speakers usually select the socially acceptable solutions to any problem, in this case it is to register sex offenders who are released back to a community after they had served their sentence. Hearing any better but socially unacceptable “Top 10%”  solution can cause immense frustration and discomfort to people in society. That is the nature of the beast.

“You know, Mary, he can ask his physician to give him an injection?”

“He can’t. He says he is afraid of peoples’ reactions.”

“He is right. This is a ‘top 10%’ solution.”