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Trump, Putin and Obama meet in Syria, who loses? (Satire)

September 29, 2015

Obama loses, what a shame, this dude is no match for Putin’s fist and insight. Obama is blind and really stupid, doesn’t understand human relationship, deeper thinking type. He thinks all it is being nice and social and all the problems get solved like in Mississippi.. He has no insight to international policy. He goes to Syria and looks at 10 gangs and decided to supports the nice social gang of Sunni Syrians who fight clean against the dirty legitimate government of Syria that has been there since the Baathist party was formed 100 years ago, at least for 50 years since Assad’s father! Sure, Assad gassed his people but so did all of them. (Obama’s support is based on believing that beheading American journalists is more cruel than gassing ordinary Syrians). Also, Obama is so off base in his values that Putin can’t even talk to him so Putin talks to Netanyahu instead, a smart one.

Let’s say the year is 2016 and Trump replaced Obama. Putin and Trump are both sharp, they get along together,  both happy for the challenge, great, the “simpleton” is gone…eyeing each other and right away they smile, stopping the bullshit  upmanshit “gaming.” each know they can work together to make a peace in Syria, a little give and take, Trump style gets a better trade-off but Putin accepts.: Election in Syria:  Assad stays PM, the supervised election allow 10-15 political parties in parliament with minimum 10% of the vote (Obama’s nice gang didn’t make it in Syria and their leaders don’t get invited to the WH as a consolation because Obama is now living in Hawaii). Trump deals the economy well with Assad and Putin. Syrian refugees come back to good jobs in their country (Germany as a welfare state is upset to lose them). (the EU is upset too, the plan of replacing the Jews of Europe with the Muslims of the Middle East is halted). The only losers are Syrians who wanted to be terrorists in Europe, American democrats in congress who wanted to feel good with a complicated long run solution and were sure their perception of Putin as a fascist was the “truth,” Obama who thought he was smarter than that “arrogant Donald,” or Putin and all the left leaning people who were even more stupid than Obama. A quick Putin-Trump peace was not anticipated said the Pelosi gang of washington, we wanted a turmoil so Congress could elect more democrats and keep busy feeling good pretending to solve problems!

How to apply the concept of Community to ISSS?

September 22, 2015

I came from Berlin from a speech on how to build a “system” of cure of cancer (type Google, Kinarthy, Yin/Yang, Berlin).  I got home and got an email from dear friends at ISSS about continuing the idea of developing new “systems” to benefit humanity, specifically, it is the questions; What is a Community? How does it apply to ISSS? and what’s the goal of the ISSS Roundtable that is forming on the internet?

I will give it a try because humanity need “new systems” because the old systems don’t work to ease the  multiple pain. However, in my nature I am a skeptical person when it comes to people creating working systems. I don’t participate in anything unless it has a chance to succeed. I spoke on cancer in Berlin because the system I created cured the disease. I will participate in this internet endeavor you created only if we can win: The first “new system” to create must be how to handle one million refugees coming to the EU without a system of absorbance?

Here is my view of the new “System: First, create a new EU government refugee ministry, train sensitive police, deport all refugees with criminal records, collect taxes from all sources, including the refugees, register all comers and sort out the refugees’ skills, set up big areas in all countries willing and have the refugees build fabricated housing and other things, elect representatives and get to work for a minimum wage. Deport all those who are lazy or refuse to participate in their rehabilitation! Bingo! Problem solved!


Why I will vote for Donald Trump for president?

September 19, 2015

A debate rages in London this morning about the effect of technology on life. I talked about the effect of technology and social media on business in Rome and Valencia Universities and no one asked the simple question how could we prevent humans from screwing up the system they create?  How many of you know that human are going to screw up any system that comes up unless they go to value schools!  Why? All humans want to know is about new gadgets, the issue of making money and technological competition is hot, humans vs. machines, the ultimate seduction? No one cared that Bush killed the Iraqi Sunni leader and Obama promoted the Irani Shia leader, Reagan run away when the Hizbullah came for the American Marine, it was clear that humans will screw up any system because they got the wrong values to judge behavior by, the got the wrong decisions, and they still didn’t get it, just like in London this morning on CNN. They don’t want to face it, they got the wrong values!

It is scary to have social media and technology added to Smith’s famous economic formula and see how capital overwhelming labor while resources disappear and humans don’t question their economic judgements, my God! A bunch of idiots in the WH and we are hurt and we don’t get, Carter runs away when the ayatollah kidnapped Americans because he liked the Shah, and America argued that Clinton the jerk could do better looking at flight training. Good bloody president? Who, Reagan? He escaped when 250 Marines got killed! Who could be a great president? I will vote for Donald Trump because I really believe that he will kick Ass! A lot!! No, the girls can’t make a  f***ing difference, no one else with shake up the system untill all the rotten apples fall down, like he would. We talk a lot on CNN but it boils down to one thing, what’s written on his hat!

Teddy Roosevelt came back to kick his democratic first cousin’s ass, when Delano hesitated to kick Hitler because after all may be Chamberlain was right and there was a way to peace through Berlin, a freshman psychology student could do better than all these presidents. I am a psychologist since 1975 and, boy, did I kick a lot of asses in my time and made a lot of great friends who though I was a son of a gun arrogant dude,  like MAli, I’ll tell you something, I have as many friends as people who call me names. Read the definition of the word “arrogant” in the dictio, it’s not that bad at all!

Japan goes military! Obama goes weaker, Trump and the voters go pissed off, a great country is coming back!

September 18, 2015

Japan will have to have soldiers all over the world again, Obama, you did it!! You created chaos everywhere you spoke your eloquent bullshit, acting your weak “nice” personality humbling yourself to kings. One more year and this “socializing” president without leadership quality joins Clinton,  the 911 “social and inept prez”, time to retire, folks, Donald is coming, the American people don’t want their ass kicked by everyone anymore, they wanted you to kick ass of those who shouted “Death to america” but you trembled, you were afraid of shouting weaklings overseas.  Retire, weak folks and let Trump who thinks big and can kick the ass of kings get respect for us. Men, we will have a lot of “fearful friends” around the world the next 4 years!  The world will start getting more peaceful and Japan won’t have to go ballistic militaristic, that big! Sure, you don’t know what you are doing wrong, Obama, (as a psychologist let me list one big one: It’s not your fault, Obbi., your personality is afraid of bullies ever since high-school, and the ayatollah found out. I can list 9 more big mistakes you did but what’s the point!).

Japan decided to go militaristic again because you Obama created a mess in the far east, middle east and everywhere, sure, you tried to do good but you didn’t know how to be strong so you gave the other cheek, you are a nice guy, Obama, but not very smart, a leader you are not, but a friend to the suffering you tried to be, they voted for you twice and you delivered ISIS, not jobs, Obama-care, not an inexpensive national healthcare system. Ask yourself, how respectful did you treat the servants in the WH? They thought you were not nice to them, time to go, Obama, you will leave behind a fearful Japan, a peaceful country that is raising a big army to protect itself from your cronies. They all became belligerent under you because you showed the bad guys that you won’t lift a finger to protect the good guys! Shame on you, you had a chance and you didn’t deliver the change you promised, peace and prosperity will come, dude, without your help!

Fearful friends or fearless foes, take your pick, watch the idiot in the WH and do the opposite with the Ayatollah!

September 17, 2015

You don’t have to have a PhD in psychology to know it, just take a Psychology 101 before the next debate for president and you get it straight from Skinner. If you have someone who threatens you in some ways and you react to him/her with nice behavior because you believe that they may change for the better, your behavior is a behavior of a loses, a stupid person, uneducated or in some case suicidal!  When someone behaves in a threatening way towards you he is testing you. If you kick his ass you will pass his test with an A+ grade. Now, it’s not that simple, if he is stronger than you punching him is stupid behavior, step on his toe instead and say “I’m sorry.” There are so many psychological ways to torment your tormentor!

I, as a psychologist, can do even better: I say,”You are really a great guy,” before I punch him in the nose. Now he is not only fearful but also confused!

Life is good when ignorance is not a bliss! ELK.


September 16, 2015

The only reason I copied today’s news headline to my blog is because president Obama had just signed a nuclear agreement with Iran, almost word by word to the nuclear agreement president Clinton signed with North Korea during his administration. North Korea broke the agreement and developed the bomb (Clinton said, “I’m sorry.”) and Iran will break the agreement and Obama will say “I’m sorry” when he is out of office! Polls show that president Obama and President Clinton are still very popular with the American people (unless the bomb drops on New York). My conclusion is that either the American voters are too nice that they have forgiven these 2 idiots in the Oval Office, or suicidal or stupid. Candidate Trump think they are stupid and I say they are “trustingly suicidal.” These so-called leaders are no different in their insight about other people than a naive attractive woman who chooses an angry boyfriend type who will kill her 2 years later for whatever unjustified reason. She and our 2 stupid presidents (who never took a Psychology 101 class in college) believe that bad people tend to change if you are good to them (the opposite is true!).

Voters, you have an opportunity to make Iran and North Korea our fearful friends and not our angry enemies of the United States. Elect Donald Trump as your next President despite his abrasive behavior. The world needs to be afraid of an US president in order to behave nice toward the USA! You need to change as a voter. The US needs Donald Trump for president. His tough personality fits our threatening times with Iran and North Korea. I see these 2 rough states as kids that need discipline and only Donald can do it well, not Florina, the failed CEO of HP! Time to kick ass, folks, as DT wrote in his book 10 years ago about leadership and success! All the other western leaders will inadvertently bring a nuclear bomb to the statue of liberty or to their own homes because they don’t understand human nature! Human behavior is basically motivated by 2 emotions, fear and anger. If your opponent in business or on the battlefield or in the bedroom or board room or in the street or anywhere is more fearful than angry your will get the best of him or her and if your opponent is more angry than fearful you’ll get the worse of him! Now, with this profound and simple elegant advice – go for the good life, your new behavior has earned you the right to be nice to those who fear you! DT is a very smart dude!

Paternalism is dying in Europe!

September 15, 2015

Angela Merkel threatened the East European countries that recently joined the European Union that she would withhold money from them unless they accept their “fair share” of Syrian Muslim refugees. That exposes the fact that Germany has become paternalistic, one of the worst economic determinant that eventually destroys a country. I was surprised that Angela adopted that East German concept to be adopted by the European Union! Doesn’t she know that paternalism  makes nations and people dependent on Germany and destroys their initiative to succeed on their own (it already happened to Greece).

Of all the economic concepts that elevate society or destroy society, the European Union adopted those that tend to destroy society. Let me list them: Paternalism – controlling others with your money like they are kids, Multiculturalism – forcing others to live with alien values and watering down their own culture, Anti-nationalism – forcing others to live without the good value of privacy, borders and love for their country and society. Living in a delusion of positive chaos because you fear having too many laws is a ticket to disaster. Insecurity of not knowing good laws from bad laws is no excuse for “good” chaos. Listen, stupidity is not an inherent characteristic of humans, it’s imposed by a mind that picked up the wrong values. Shape up, EU before you ship out choosing the wrong politicians!

Is the Trump phenomenon a trap phenomenon?

September 15, 2015

The Trump phenomenon is a trap for the lazy idiots deal makers in America who think they are smart, for the politicians with the perfect speech writers who try to “buy” your vote, for Clinton and her hired “handlers,” for the social media folks whose values hurt society while they think that socialism, illegal immigration, multiculturalism, welfare checks, fat government jobs, greedy CEO’s are great to have, all tolerable or even great acts, for the commentators on CNN and the BBC who think that billionaire Trump doesn’t understand economics or business or how to relate with tough Chinese leaders, who believe that mild-mannered Bush could do better, the people who go on the air every day to spin reality with awful values that only look good but can’t help society, stupid idealists, dogmatic politicians, and no good ideologues, democrats who kill entrepreneurship, socialists like that Sanders guy from Vermont, what’s his name? Republicans with rusty minds, Democrats and republicans who made society stale in the last 8 years, no vision, racists who can’t see that Obama is racist and not Trump. Enough is enough, time to clean up the values  and be great American again!

Any expert on human behavior, body language and speech, even if you don’t like Trump as a candidate for president, can see his marketing genius, emotionally galvanizing folks, waking up and activating the “silent majority,” a vote catcher par excellence. All psychological indicators are moving up that he will be the next president of the United States, and for that, in part,  you can blame Obama’s 8 years attempt to reduce the greatest country in history to almost  bankruptcy spiritually, economically and especially internationally.

True, no white man can become president without at least 50% of the Black and Mexican votes. Blacks already love Trump because they believe he will deliver what Obama didn’t – decent jobs and pride in the home land. He means business. He kicks ass, as his book say. He will deliver great jobs. Chicano may join later when he picks up a Latino vice president (there are a few great ones..who don’t believe that crossing the border from Mexico illegally is a fine behavior to start the American dream.. He creates the emotion of American patriotism that Obama tried to kill. Donald creates the sense that breaking the border law is a big offence and that Obama is wrong to ignore the law. Donald creates the sense that taxes should be put to work for the country and not for government to waste your money like the Greeks do. He creates free entertainment for millions, like a true populist showman comedian. Trump has always been a winner and no stupid accusations of racism, arrogance, narcissism, madness, unfit, and so on will do. The old corrupt chaotic order is dying in America and a refreshing Americanism is coming to “save” us. This is the greatest country in the world, after all. I am looking forward for a wonderful 4 years of bashing the idiots who think they know how to run a country! (more…)

Fallacy of Idealism: Is multiculturalism good or bad for society?

September 12, 2015

Most people would say that multiculturalism is good for society, but, unfortunately, the answer is “bad for society,” according to the psychological research on conflict resolution. Sad, because multiculturalism will continue to do its damage to society (especially Germany) but be protected by the German government and people from criticism when the emerging German multicultural society fails to deliver the good life (a classic example of “ignorance is bliss”). Is this new zeitgeist already happening? Why is multiculturalism so bad for society? The answer is simple: Multiculturalism is based on a false assumption (fallacy of idealism) that mixing cultures brings peace and understanding rather than war, rejection and conflict. The idealistic assumption is so against history and research that the conflicts of mixing cultures are already spreading (without awareness) all over the world.

A much better way to bring peace and prosperity to a suffering humanity is to separate cultures (like the Czech Republic and Slovakia) untill the time come in a few hundreds of years when cultures become secure, mature and satisfying. People from secure cultures would love to mingle without apprehensions but when an artificial process is imposed by governments to mix cultures in a country in the name of brotherhood it is really a way inadvertently of losing one’s identity (repress the inner conflict of having people with strange behaviors in your home doing things unacceptable to you). Multiculturalism lead to religious wars, cultural conflicts and economic disparity. People from cultures that don’t prepare you for the skills of science and organized living become jealous of you and lash out, steal, feel inferior, fearful and eventually disrupt society. Every society needs to improve itself before it mixes with another society. People who believe in multiculturalism should already feel guilty for what they have created around them. I wouldn’t want to be a Syrian refugee in Germany who comes from a society that turned prosperity into a culture of death coming to Germany, a society that turned a culture of killing into a culture of prosperity in 70 years! Refugees would be happier and more successful in their own country if the world helped them stay in a uni-culture society and not move into a multicultural society to provide a disguised cheap labor! Support to live well is preferable to support to escape into a fallacy of good multiculturalism.

Bush vs. trump: Speak Spanish, no, speak English, no, speak Spanish, no, speak Chinese…Ha…Ha…

September 6, 2015

No class, that is what it is about this 2016 elections, no wonder Donald’s motto is “Let’s make America after Obama great again.” Poor Romney, he got 65% of the white vote and didn’t get to be president because race is always an issue with minorities in America: black Obama got 95% of the Black vote and more than half of the Mexican-American vote. The American culture is changing, it become a mixture of three cultures, African, Mexican and White. Sure, Trump believes that returning to white culture values will make America great again, but it wont happen! The issue is moot unless 90% of white voters and at least 25% of the Black and Mexican vote will go to Donald Trump. This issue of 3 racial groups or distinct cultures competing for America’s future is delicate, but it should be discussed openly – but it won’t be discussed openly! Obama will get his wish that the United States will become  “just another mediocre country” and trump will not get his wish to return America to “manifest destiny.” It’s a shame because American leadership is needed for the world to achieve peace and prosperity. It is going to get worse!

So, is language use during elections a trivia game? Should you speak English during American campaigns like Donald does, or Spanish during American campaigns like Bush does? Spanish during Mexican campaigns is the best! Bush speaks Spanish during American campaigns (soon, Chinese), or it doesn’t matter since multiculturalism is taking over anyway and “politicians and doctors without borders” is becoming the name of the chaotic game of the left leaning human race?

Hey, dude, choose your politicians carefully, they affect your like. Do you want life in America to become  like in Africa, the Middle East or south America? Or do you want America to return to be America. If that is what you wish google Teddy Roosevelt and learn how that president made America great by giving the Spanish-speaking people the Panama canal as a gift! It all boils to the question: Who will do better for minorities as president, Bush or Trump?