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Has Science Discovered God?

July 20, 2016

By definition, my reaction to this title above circling on the internet today would always be laughter. God has been identified scientifically in 1648 (Leibnitz) and had not been recognized by religious leaders ever since lest they lose their power and money. I read the articles…God was not been discovered in 2016! I wrote on my blog the truth about the discovery of God. Read it for yourself somewhere in my blog, but it would be very difficult for you to accept the truth because your mind will deny HIM. If by miracle you do accept the scientific truth of God your life would instantly change for the better. Mine has!! G(o)od luck dude.

Can your religion fullfil for you the vision and mission of God as intended?

March 21, 2016

This posting on the peaceful revolution blog was inspired by Steve Rose’s analysis of the delicate issue of war and suicide. I have always wanted to write about what can religion really do in our daily lives and now I found the “stimulus” to start. It may take a few segments of very difficult knowledge to digest through the censure mechanism of culture and religion. Here is the first one: What is God, really?

SEGMENT ONE:  I will not describe or explain what people believe is God. My blog is not about repeating beliefs or tradition or what people already think they know about. I am a scientist par excellence (not very humble). If I did describe what my Rabbi thought God was it would not be more valuable to you than asking you what you thought my Rabbi was, or minister or priest were? You can hear that nonsense or  grand opinions in any religious service of any denomination!  God is a “father in heaven” only in the remote chance that Neanderthal females were impregnated by alien males from Alpha Centauri, planet B!  God is scientifically an Energy form of Universal Consciousness. You want me to be more technical about it? OK, God is all the “love energy” in the a Universe called Monadic manifestation of creation (“big Bang,” ) described by by Leibnitz (1675 AD), the father of Calculus, who was destroyed by Newton! A Monad is a unit of consciousness with its own veracity and purposiveness, a Monad is a link in Steven Hawking “String Theory.” Strings (closed and open loops) occur when Monads “hold hands.” A portion of High Monads, about 100 Sextilion units of them make up your Soul in your frontal lobe and neocortex, emanating from your pineal gland (Descartes, 1700 Ad). The soul gives you awareness of higher truths, the mind is just a glorified “software” that elevated itself to “protector” and “controller.” If you understand what I just described you may acquire the cosmic ability to develop “free will,” in time. And, if you are an authentic person, your may develop a relationship with God in your head instead of having to pretend that you have one with “father in heaven” because you are ordained. Knowing that God lives as Monads in your healing soul in your brain and not in your depressed mind in your skull is step one toward the prevention of suicide! SEGMENT TWO soon when I am ready.


January 21, 2016

This month has been a period of discoveries for me that are indescribably. You know that I am a retired parapsychologist which means that I know about metaphysics, spirituality, psychic phenomena, Edgar Cayce, the effect of meditation, alternative reality, the paranormal and the astrophysics, all of these from a scientific perspective.

My Rabbi from Seattle stay with us the weekend. He was to speak at the University about Jewish beliefs about the afterlife. Did I attend the lecture? No, I am not interested in what great religious people of all faiths conjured up about the heavens. I am not that primitive. I am a researcher, not a conjurer of “stuff.” Someone asked me, “Do you believe in God?” I said, “No, I have a relationship with Her.” Ah? I know it’s a weird answer. Why can’t I have a relationship with God? Just a belief, yak, I want more than that!? Well, it’s just not real enough to believe – you got to get into the circle. When God comes to visit me I interact with Him through signs and PK movements, I don’t just have a belief and say foolishly, “Hey, you are just the unknown, EinSof” I’d rather die if that is all I can get from God – a priest or Rabbi’s belief. And, I don’t think that God would like it either. I studied God scientifically for 30 years, like doctors can study me. God is made of Monads which are units of consciousness discovered in 1648 by Leibnitz who the church hated more than they hated Galileo! Do you want to get the benefits of a relationship with God? Stop insulting Him with your stupid beliefs.

Do you want the real thing? First, you have to become 100% authentic, I mean, stop the crap that looks good. Then, you have to recognize a system of signal, those from your environment and those from God, they are different signs! Look around in the room, find the signal from God to you among all the signals in the room, and finally you have to connect the dots. That is how I got to speak in Berlin a few months ago how I cured my cancer. I connected the dots. Why am I telling you all that? I am telling you all that so the people around me reading this who are trying to tell me about God, stop! They will be embarrassed by their ignorance! For God’s sake try to have a relationship with God before you try to tell people about Him. And, his name is Yehoshua, not Joshua, but a rose by any other name is still a rose, so you may call Him Jesus, the Messiah, Lord, Elohim, the way, Tau, El or your personal savior. Get going with your knowledge, don’t be left behind in 2016, the year of the Lord in a Bahgavad Gita way!

Dr. Hawking, thank you for starting a conversation about God and Aliens.

July 21, 2015

Let me share with you my scientific knowledge about God and aliens, probably the closest analysis to the truth based on my training as a scientist:

GOD: Dr. Hawking, you say God does not exist. You are wrong. According to the Science of Consciousness as taught in psychology and parapsychology courses in Universities all over the world, God is called “Primordial Energy Universal Consciousness.” (the word God is not used for obvious reasons)  There are 3 kinds of primordial energy cells of universal consciousness discovered by a mathematician, Dr. W. G. Leibnitz (1648), a friend of Dr. Isaac Newton who also discovered Calculus. A third of these entities have their own veracity and purposiveness and humans anywhere in the universe can communicate with these entities through PK if they learned the signals and have the right attitude, I am one of them, though it take a lot of unusual training.

The reason you and most people never heard of Leibnitz is because you havent’ search the internet for it, and the reason you don’t search the internet  for it is because this “Scientific theory of God” is not taught in any school (Why? Leibnitz was ridiculed by the church). The only reason I know about it is because the State of California approved my college course in Parapsychology because of student demand to know more in 1979  (I am retired and the course is not taught anymore).

ALIENS:  Dr. Hawking, You say that we don’t know scientifically about aliens. You are wrong again. Part of science is to have axioms and hypotheses and calculate probabilities (read about System 2 by kahneman, the Nobel price winner in 2002). Let me be short about my knowledge unless you ask me in the future: 1) There are a million habitable planets within our vicinity alone, 2) We think we know when Alpha Centauri and Zeta Reticuli humans from plant B have visited earth. 3) We are not ready to relate to them (there are no social psychologists trained at SETI). We are only interested in radio signals, not communication. We are not multicultural as a species!

The big bang is not a theory.

June 1, 2014

I taught parapsychology in college for 27 years. I was recommended as a parapsychologist expert by 2 college presidents. I think that I have some knowledge of the relationship between Singularity and Spirituality, don’t you? But, you have to keep an open mind, not because the topic is difficult to understand or accept but because it involves God. According to Piaget’s rreversibility universes come and go, called the big bang and the big crunch. The big bang occurred when Monads (units of consciousness discovered by Wilhelm Gottfried Leibnitz the inventor of mathematical calculus in 1648) exploded, coalescing into Higgs bosons.  About 15% were Bound Monads, becoming galaxies, 80% became dark matter called Low Monads in parapsychology, and 5% become Spirits (called Free Monads according to Dr. Mishlove, an associate of Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut head of Noetic science foundation). God, scientifically speaking, is the sum total of all the Monads, awesome universal consciousness!! Your body, mind and brain are made of Bound  Monads. Your Soul is made of Free Monads.

What I give you here is only the mini skeleton of the truth how or why the Universe was created. If you want to know the rest you’d have to ask questions. For example, doe’s God talks only to your Soul’s free Monads? Doe’s God listen to your mind too? How many free Monad ares in your Soul? (About 10 to the power of 27 exponentially). What behavior of yours does’ God responds to 100%? Your love of Him or your worship of Him? Did we have a Universe before this one? Yes. How long does’ a Universe cycle last (70 billion years). How old are we? 35 billion years. Keep asking…



A Christmas gift from God

December 27, 2013

Dear humans,

I am God. I created you in my image, as it says in Genesis. You got that one right. You liked my image so much that you tried to recreate me in your image in your church. If you succeeded your religion would have been perfect. You see, you created me in your cultural image. You left out the most divine gift that I gave you, your divine ability to distinguish between a sign that I sent you and common signs that you pick up from your environment. Real sad!



Dear students,

My name is Dr. Elior Kinarthy. I taught psychology and parapsychology at a California college for 26 years. My specialty was to teach students how to identify the difference between a signal directed to you from the Universal consciousness and a more common signal that you pick up from the environment. Today I will give you a scientific Christmas gift from Universal Consciousness (UC):  “Dear students, God designed your lungs to breathe about 10 deep breaths per minute of clean natural air. He knew that you’d forget to do so and end breathing 15-20 shallow breaths per minute of polluted air resulting in ill-health, so He gave you a mask and consciousness to remind you.” Start breathing right and let me know within a month how you fee so I can give you God’s second gift. You see, God sent me a signal right now, “Don’t waste my gifts of those that won’t use them.’

“Dark matter.” What’s wrong with the investigation?

April 26, 2013

Physics say that dark matter doesn’t interact with ordinary matter. Physicists get their conclusion from a list of human stupidities as long as evolution itself. They cast science aside and go with logic and rationality, the two disastrous intellectual traits that produced a lot of skeptics about avant-garde research. They say, “If dark matter interacted with ordinary matter it would not stay dark.” Wrong. Dark matter occasionally interacts with electrons, protons, neutrons but mostly within quantum mechanics processes (sub, sub atomic interactions). I am not necessarily religious but in the Bible (Genesis) it says, …and God said let there be light and there was light. In physics it would mean that the universe was all dark matter between Singularity and the appearance of photons! Why can’t physicists get it? Dark matter was reduced to 80% of space only after galaxies formed, and the interactions continue two ways, 1) When stars end their fusion, they replenish the dark matter with what’s left of them, and 2) When dark matter annihilate itself (positive-negative cancellation) it is activated by quantum mechanics and turns into ordinary matter – for building new suns!  Now, here is the interesting part. As galaxies cool off and turn into dark matter when the universe will be about three times older than now, the amount of dark matter will increase to a critical point (90%+?) and super gravity will pull the remnant galaxies back into a big crunch. This is the universal law of Reversibility that human stupidity ignores (read Piaget). I could go on and on but I don’t want to upset the astrophysicists. I am an Astroparapsychologist.

The app of all apps.

September 30, 2012

Hey Tom, dick and Harry are you guys into apps? You don’t have to be a programmer, educated, smart, all you have to do is watch your kid and think of an app that would sell.  If you are Steven Jobs, you don’t even need to look at your kid or survey consumers, you just know that your apps would sell…anything slick that you can hold in the palm of your had that with the click of a button would produce what appears like magic but it is not magic. Think, dude, there is an app out there for the money if you can think of a cool one that would sell. Two years later: You are rich now! You get the girl with the big chest that you always wanted.  You developed an app for her heart and one for brushing your teeth in the morning cause you still had bad breath. Your inspired girl friend thought of an app rating her social life anew… and one that traced or erased both your loneliness. I checked it all out: there is app for fitness and one for obesity, I found them all, but I couldn’t find even a drop of and app for spirituality, as if this generation of humans are devoid of the highest purpose for living! I am sure you know about it by now?

The other day, Bruce, a friend of mine, said, “You know, Elior, I am getting tired of religion.” I looked at him, sure, humans get tired of religion when sectarian violence replaces the worship of God, but I said nothing to the dude, but I thought about it… a high-tech guy with a PhD in theology who can’t think of spirituality apart from religion, who am I to expect others to do so. But being the eternal optimist, I decided to wed apps (the woman) to spirituality (the man), after all high-tech imagination is endless.

“Bruce, would you be interested in an app that can trace ghosts, lost souls, God, angels, or whatever your call these spirits in your religion?”


His abrupt answer was scary and I had no one else to talk to about apps except you (my readers), so here is a list of possible apps. Please reply and tell me which ones you like and which ones you think have a chance to be nominated as the app of all spiritual apps:

An app to communicate with extra terrestrial?

A séance app?

How would you like an app that reads minds?

A space GPS app to navigate known habitable planets?

How about an app that analyses dreams, develop or trace your free will, expand your consciousness? OK, that one I don’t know about, after all the great Skinner said that human behaviour is deterministic and the profound Freud said that humans can’t dig deep enough to get their consciousness out of the unconscious coffin  it is berried in!

Psychological analysis of Genesis chapter 4!

August 19, 2012

This posting is mainly for people who believe in the story of Genesis. You will gain insight into your relationships from my analysis of the first murder in Biblical history. By the way, I will not analyse what believe in the Genesis means, I leave that to you although it is a key as  to how much benefit you can get from my analysis of the story However, those of you who do not believe in the Bible can still get some benefit from my analysis of why Cain murdered his brother Abel. For both groups, the first thing you have to understand is that the writer of Genesis was human (although highly spiritual) and he or she could have chosen many other psychological reasons than jealoussy for the murder. The fact that he chose jealousy means that in order to improve your relationships you have to take jealousy out of the equation! Human feelings of jealousy explain why more successful individuals, racial groups, ethnic groups, nations, religions, cultures, and wealthy people are usually hunted by less successful ones. There is no question that grilled lamb chops would stimulate more of the six senses in an authority figure than an average offering of brocoli. Now, Cain could have chosen delicious figs and grapes as his offering to God, but even than a ritual offering of roasted lamb with its aroma would beat any grilled or not grilled vegetable. Feelings of jealousy in humans are unavoidable. It is built into all human relationships. The feeling cannot be prevented, but the behaviour of less successful people hurting the more successful ones can! How? Two ways: 1. Education, and 2. strength. If Abel used his knife (he had a weapon he used to ward off animals that try to attack his sheep) to kill Cain in self-defense, history would have been different.  Jealousy may not have been chosen as so powerful a force in relationship to a father figure. A sweating older son, a poor farmer whose  land did not produce quality food, would not have been chosen as the killer and his wealthy younger brother, who raised great sheep with love and care, would not have been chosen as the slain son.

Were you  so immersed in my cute story that you forgot why I wrote it? I hope not. Start by teaching children who do not do well in school not to act out against children who do well (you can’t teach them not to be jealous). Teach children who do not learn as well as others not to drop out of school and start hurting nerds. Teach them to stay in school and take remedial education. Teach children not to be so at awe about authority figures (authoritarian societies don’t achieve). And, finally, teach children who do well in school how to defend themselves physically if attacked. I feel strongly about this because I was a smart and gentle teenager when I was growing up and the bullies always picked up fights with me, stole my lunch box, called me sissy and kicked me out of the basketball team. That is, until I learned the martial arts!

The best thing that you can learn from the story of Genesis, chapter 4, is that if you are a high achieving person learn to defend yourself physically. Others who can’t compete with you successfully will then not hurt you but will choose you their leader. Can you imagine if Abel twisted Cain arm as Cain was trying to murder him, and said, “If you try to kill me again I will break your neck.”

Stop screwing up the Monad!

August 16, 2012

I had a feeling that since the American physicist Dr. Leon M Lederman described Higgs Boson as a “God particle,” every Dick Tom and Harry in Science would hitch a ride on the new bridge between “Science” and “Religion.” I surfed to Google and sure enough I found the start of an intellectual mess.  Monadology and a host of other “stuff” sprang like mushrooms after rain  to carry the “experts” unknowingly light years away from Dr. Wilhelm, Gottfried Leibnitz discovery of the Monad as a cosmic unit of consciousness!.

Dr. Lederman was the director of the Fermi National Accelerator in Batavia, Illinois when he earned the Nobel price in Physics in 1988 for his work on the Neutrino (a neutron particle). He coined the term “God’s particle” to describe the Higgs Boson. If he studied  the size difference between the Higgs Boson (proton particle, physical matter)) and the Monad  (consciousness particle), he would have know that a true “God particle” is a few sextillion times smaller.

Forget Monadology and the other “mushrooming” theories about the Monad and let’s walk to the original source. The Monad is a unit of consciousness that preexisted the “Big Bang” according to Leibnitz, Metaphysics and Parapsychology. The Monad is a spiritual particle if you want to use that term. Monads exist in two qualities, all have self-veracity and purpose. High Monads are the older and flow freely in the universe as Spirits between and within physical particles. What you call Soul is an area in your Frontal Lobe in your brain with meridians to your Pineal gland (Descartes) full with High Monads that give you mental consciousness (animals have only sensory consciousness). Bound Monads are the younger Monads and are subsumed in physical matter (your body, planets, stars, what is “freed” when a person dies).

I salute you if you understood what  I wrote. If you can keep an open mind about this very advanced knowledge, I salute you twice. Living in the year 2012 with knowledge from the 22nd century would not be easy on your social life or perceived academic integrity.