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It takes a psychologist to handle this “crap.” Send this posting to the WH.

October 9, 2017

“The most recent accusation came from Republican Senator Bob Corker, who told The New York Times that Trump was placing the American nation on the path to World War Three.”

Let’s analyze the situation:

Will North Korea and Iran nuke the US if they could? ¬†Will North Korea and Iran form an axis against the UK and the US like Germany and Japan did in 1940? Did the last 3 US presidents who ignored North Korea and Iran developing nuclear weapons to threaten the US for the last 30 years were wrong? Should president Trump deal with North Korea and Iran the opposite of the way president Obama did? Are you as an American voter willing to vote and decide what Trump should do about North Korea and Iran based on Senator Bob Corker’s assessment of the situation? Is Trump leading the US into World War Three? Would you let Trump continue with his ways of trying to save the United States?

I your answer is “Yes” to all these questions, are you willing to participate in a plebiscite to decide what Trump should do? Leaving the decision what to do to the majority of Americans is right because if there is a war they will have to fight it – not Trump.