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Hillary for president, yes or no?

July 29, 2016

Yes, because her final speech to the Democratic Convention was superb. Yes, because she graciously accepted the Democratic Party nomination for president of the United States. Yes, it was a perfect speech. But, but, wait a minute, I would say No, because of her limited judgment skills. How could she possibly deliver what her speech had promised! In comparison, her acceptance speech in 2016 was as perfect as Barak Obama’s acceptance speech at the democratic convention in 2008 and he didn’t deliver! Today is August 1, 2016, we know that he didn’t deliver and we assume that she couldn’t deliver in 2020 or in 2024 either. Would the United states survive another Clinton in the White House? Yes, it would survive the coming catastrophe that historians predict would occur on the 2nd decade of every century! (For this century it’s a war between 2017-20). Those of you that know me as a psychologist on this blog and have read all my posting regarding this crucial federal election, can legitimately ask me how do I know that Hillary Clinton as president will not be able to deliver what she had promised during the convention. Here is my answer:

  1. Does an US president has many more important and difficult decisions to make than you and me? YES.
  2. Can an US president make crucial bad decisions as president and still deliver his/her campaign promises? NO.
  3. During Bill Clinton’s presidency (1992-2000) 19 terrorists entered the US without being vetted or investigated by any US agency influenced by an overly permissive democratic administration headed by Bill Clinton, who could spot a willing female intern in the White House but not spot 19 foreign terrorists in an American flying school learning how to take-off but not land!
  4. During Barak Obama’s presidency (2008-2016) many terrorists entered the US and committed crimes (too many to mentioned) without being vetted by any US agency headed by, again, an overly permissive democratic administration headed by Barak Obama.
  5. Hillary should not be elected president of the United States in 2016 because her personal values of Paternalism, Internationalism and Socialism have clouded her decision-making skills as secretary of State and as US Senator. Her belief in porous borders and relaxed Law and Order philosophy invite chaos. This belief may further undermine her ability to make the best working decisions the country would need the next crucial 4 years. If she is elected president damage control experts will be working overtime to “explain” disasters to the public. The losers will not be the people who voted for her who thought the speeches at the democratic convention were great but the people who were naive enough to believe that Hillary somehow would be able to make the right decisions as president that she couldn’t make as Senator and Secretary of State.

Caveat Emptor!

The DNC is making a huge mistake killing their Karma! Think votes!

July 27, 2016

It is going to backfire big!  The DNC invited to speak at the convention the mothers of young black men killed by police.  What’s wrong with that? Nothing, except that the police were found not guilty of the killing by an unbiased court of justice! That is where Karma comes in. Karma says, “If you try to manipulate public opinion by assuming that the court was biased and the police was actually guilty, you are poking a finger at angry Karma. You will be judged by Karma and you will have bad consequences.

I wish the DNC was truthful and the country could reap the benefits, but that’s not the case.” If Hillary Clinton gets elected president because she is paternalistic and manipulative she will make minority voters more dependent on government handouts rather than becoming independently successful citizens. At a certain point blacks will realize how the democrats treat them and stop appreciating Hillary’s presidential paternalism. The United States may enter the darkest 4 years in the life of race relationship in America. I think it is still not too late to make sure Hillary doesn’t get to be your next president. Karma is a very punishing system.

The solution: Everyone with integrity attending the democratic national convention these 5 days should demand a behavior of INTEGRITY from everyone else at the meeting. immediately invite the mothers of the police officers who were murdered to speak too. Karma is not forgiving if you don’t create fair balance between the blacks and the police. If not, the next 2 years will be more painful to Hillary’s people than just cheating Sanders’s people. The disingenuous democrats will lose a ton of votes in upcoming elections. The US will suffer too if it doesn’t stop this unfolding democratic charade. Please prepare yourself for the end of peace created by the lack of awareness in the democrats of the power of Karma!

On Trump, Jewish voters not taking the bait

July 22, 2016

This headline from the JP shows that someone has the understanding of the growing rift between Israeli Jews and diaspora Jews. Israeli Jew are turning republican and diaspora Jews are turning democratic. Trump as president may as well be more pro-Israel than American Jews. Jews don’t like Israelis, they find them too self-assured, too “arrogant.” Jews are very sensitive to their Christian and Muslim surroundings, Israelis don’t care, they like to do their thing. Jews are motivated by an emotions called “concern, fear, anxiety, pessimism.” Israelis are motivated by emotions called “Anger, ZEN, chutzpah, a good deal, self-assurance, positive arrogance, optimism, spirituality, the here-and-now attitude.”  Jewish voters will vote for Hillary Clinton and create trouble for Israel and them rationalize it that Trump is no friend of Israel when he is Israel. Trump doesn’t need the Jewish vote to win. He needs voters to understand that a vote for him means a better life for them, especially minorities. Go for wisdom, sometimes it is better than the mind!

Has Science Discovered God?

July 20, 2016

By definition, my reaction to this title above circling on the internet today would always be laughter. God has been identified scientifically in 1648 (Leibnitz) and had not been recognized by religious leaders ever since lest they lose their power and money. I read the articles…God was not been discovered in 2016! I wrote on my blog the truth about the discovery of God. Read it for yourself somewhere in my blog, but it would be very difficult for you to accept the truth because your mind will deny HIM. If by miracle you do accept the scientific truth of God your life would instantly change for the better. Mine has!! G(o)od luck dude.

Trump and Pence.

July 17, 2016

In my book on investing ( I had a chapter on the psychological meaning of the Obama name. Let me in a brief way describe the metaphysics of the Trump/Pence presidency. First, to my odds it is high so they may as well govern the country for the next 4 years. Trump holds the “ace card” literally in his name. Pence is an anal retentive (Freud’s term) of a frugal (Penney pinched) conservative leader. Together, they will reduce the federal deficit!

Trump will play his ace card in trade and security. The world will lose the American paternalistic generosity and will find it difficult to be successful in Socialism without American money (They will have to go to work!). They will bring jobs back to America and reduce the deficit by cutting taxes. By the end of the 4 years people will love Trump’s America and the “folks” among us who couldn’t generalize from Trump success as a wealthy man with a great family to being a great president will have to excuse their short sightless. No problem with that because most people are good in explaining why they couldn’t see a good  thing coming.

People who invest in pence stocks would love Pence VP attitude towards money. No kidding, oh well, may be my penny thought for today!!


July 13, 2016

I mean it! If you really want to make America great you have to understand why the police kills young black men, why young black men kill white police officers, why president Obama encourages that terrible behavior on both sides without being aware that he does. The list of problems caused by chaos is long: why minorities don’t have good jobs, why the European Union is a leftist fascist society that is falling apart, why Brexit happened, why Trump will be elected president, and so on, the explanation is simple. If you get it your life will change for the better, if you don’t get it your life will have lots of problems and the explanations you come up with will be false and not work. Yes, take it or leave it, the buck stops with a leftist western culture that promotes CHAOS, yes CHAOTIC CULTURE!

Chaos permeates life today, art is 50% chaotic lines that don’t fit, Bodies have 5% to 50% disorganized cancer cells that don’t fit organs, Black culture has many members that act chaotic when facing police, police training is chaotic, does not have law and order psychological training, food culture is full of ingredients that don’t fit the menu or your taste, politics loves “doctors without borders” and other chaotic systems that spread viruses and don’t work, the examples are everywhere, marriages have broken all rules, raising kids have no discipline, in short, people’s behavior in any category is disorganized, chaotic, unpredictable, changing on a whim! One person out of a 1000 is raised in a stable home, goes to school, university and becomes a professional, the rest run around trying to figure out what to do in life, most terrorists don’t plan well (thanks God) , terrible behavior is chaotic and you think it just happens. You think it is organized. You see, the problem is that chaos looks not chaotic to chaotic people. It disguises itself so you can’t point it out and get rid of it.

When the body has disorganized cells you have cancer and you die, when society has disorganised behavior the society adopts laws and order policies to save itself or – die. Law and order will happen in the USA if you vote for Trump as president, he WILL create BORDERS and it is good for your life and your behavior, but not for your 2016 chaotic MIND!

Green onion fights colon cancer!

July 4, 2016

I had prostate cancer and a nasty spinal cord cancer tumor in 2011. I changed my life style in about a 100 ways by 2014.  Two treatments were major and 98 wer minor. The two major ways were dendritic cell immunization and hyperthermia. One of the minor ways were eating lots of green onions.

I bought a pouch of small green onion sidling at Wal-Mart, about a 100 in a pouch.  The cost was $2. I planted them in pots. Within 2 weeks I had plenty of fresh green onions to eat every day.  Some of the sidling became white onions, about an inch wide. I ate some of them too every day. In October 2011 I had a stage 4 terminal cancer. Today, 4 MRI’s and many comprehensive blood tests later show no cancer tumors. I spoke about my cancer cure at the University of Berlin (see it on Google).

What I share with you does not guarantee a cure for anything, not even an improvement, but I share the information because I care. What life style you choose to change or not is up to you. People select a life style based on how strong is their desire to live (Freud). In my case my desire to live was 100%, but I had other desired that were important, 1) I ate lots of green onions and I don’t have diarrhea anymore, 2) My fungus in my toes shrank, 3) My sleep got more peaceful, 4) I have less stress and more energy during the day. I am 80 and I look 60 and feel 40!

Oh, by the way, eating lots of green onions fight colon cancer! But, remember, changing a life style require doing more than just one or two major or minor things. Good luck.

Why are Americans dying, why?

July 2, 2016

Americans are dying at the hands of terrorists, why? All the people on Fox channel gave great answers. Fantastic answers from the audience in the studio was dime a dozen. Each answer people gave made them feel good. If implemented they would feel even better. Americans will continue to die but the people with the answers would feel good because their answers were chosen to air. People do not give you answers that work. They give you answers they believe in. Here, I will give you an answer that works but you do not believe in it and you will all jump on me!

NOTHING works! Nothing will stop terrorism except NATIONALISM, and the American people do not believe in Nationalism, they believe in INTERNATIONALISM, not nationalism. If they believed in Nationalism they would have enforced LAW and ORDER, not illegal crossing of borders, not welcoming strangers to your homes without checking them out, not in burning the American flag in the name of freedom, not in paying your American taxes in another language, not in a slap on the wrist for an anti-American behavior, not in taking your guns away but in giving your guns. Yes, in capital punishment, yes in appointing judges that interpret instead of legislate, yes  in talking less and protecting more!

Americans and Germans have become what the Jews were for 2 thousand years, believing in collateral damage. And, when Americans go to war, it’s usually a wrong war. They don’t take the oil they conquer to pay themselves the cost of war. They die and give money to their enemies! In the name of democracy! American will be safe the day they know how to believe in Teddy’s NATIONALISM. There is hope if you know who Teddy was and you liked his ways!