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A vote for Clinton is a vote for sharks, don’t do it!

June 27, 2016

Clinton is an insecure person, dependent and unaware personality. As president “others” will make the decisions for the coutry that will make your life difficult, dangerous and uncertain. Did you see how “high energy” senator Warren “took over” Hillary’s rally against Trump today? I watched their campaign rally on CNN this morning and asked myself, “Who is running for president here, Hillary Clinton or Elisabeth Warren the senator, socialist ex-professor from the state of Massachusetts? A month ago, Hillary Clinton said, “I will ask my husband Bill about the economy because he run it well for 8 years.”

Watching Hillary’s performance I asked myself who will preside over the economy and how bad the US will respond to Putin if Hillary gets elected president? I think it is time for you to realize that if you vote for Hillary and she get elected president, other people will make the important decisions here. Hillary Clinton is a weak, poor decision-making person, do you want your life and pay check to depend on the decision-making “wisdom” of Hillary Clinton? And, I didn’t even mention Benghazi, the private email servers fiasco and the false information she spread around the country! In a democracy you get what you deserve, don’t vote for Hillary Clinton president of the United States. Your life will be worse than when the “Community organizer” you voted for last time run the show, giving your money away to foreigners you disliked who hate you. Make America smart again!

The Mateen case: There is no difference in copetency between psychologists and psychiatrists!

June 15, 2016

Florida records show Mateen was determined to behave normal in September 2007 so he could work for the Wackenhut Corp. The records show he took a psychological test for an evaluation by a psychologist or a psychiatrist.”

Having been in the business of evaluating people for 40 years, the 10% Rule applies here. Most of my readers know this rule because when you decided to follow my psychological blog long ago, the 10% Rule was the best news to follow to get your life to the top of the scale, so I will not define it again and again. You may go through my postings to find it described in at least 10 places.

The evaluation by the psychologist or psychiatrist of Mateen had been probably a routine evaluation of mental and psychosomatic states done 90% of the times by 90% of the “Shrinks.” The success rate may be 10% and therefore in 90% of the cases the suspect will beat the system!  A much better evaluation is behavioral, but that evaluation method is not practiced. Behavioral profiling is very effective for predicting disasters but police is not allows to accumulate information on people’s behavior in the work place or at school or home lest you violate the sacredness of privacy in the American culture. Private behavior in the American culture is more protected than public life itself!

Trump and Judge Curiel, what’s the real problem?

June 6, 2016

Trump has a LSMP personality as billionaire businessman. This fact may undermine his chance to be a president of the United States and make America great again because a president must have a HSMP. The biggest loss would be to the American people, especially Mexican-Americans. The irony of that situation is that M-A’s will continue to have the smallest piece of the American pie because of fear that Trump is a racist. Is Trump a racist? What is the problem with Curiel?

Trump is a great businessman and any person or psychologist close to the wisdom or insight of Freud would know that Judge Curiel’s court judgment against Trump University may have been biased because the Judge’s parents are immigrants from Mexico and Trump as president of the US would build a wall to keep illegal Mexican immigrants out of the USA. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand subconscious influences. Also, Judge Curiel was appointed by Obama, the Judge belongs to a Mexican lawyers organization that strongly oppose Trump and is affiliated with raising money for the Clinton clan and other political  democrats. The Judge should have excuse himself from presiding over the suit against Trump University files by a person who actually praise the quality of learning she received at the University.

Most American voters have already judged Trump a racist, or condemned him as Gingrich, ex-Speaker of the House, did.  Trump may win the biased court case against his University but lose the presidency, on account of this this case. If that happens it would be because he is good as a defendant in a biased court with his low self monitoring personality (LSMP) but not good as a president. You see, to get elected president in the USA you must, unfortunately, be a high self monitoring individual (HSMP!

Don’t be your body’s worse enemy anymore!

June 3, 2016

Some of the good changes you can do for yourself are easy to do and some are harder to do: it is easy to eat fruit beginning today only on an empty stomach in order to fight cancer and other illnesses, it is harder to exercise right in order to detoxify the bio-system for that purpose, it is easy to drink green tea in the morning on an empty stomach in order to tune the body, it is harder to go to Costco and buy a box of 100 special green tea bags (Matcha and Sencha) for $15 and drink 3 cups every morning on an empty stomach in order to kill cancer cells. It is easy to take a deep breath and hold it for 30 seconds in order to infuse oxygen in your blood and reduce blood pressure, it is harder to make it a great habit and exercise the deep breathing at home, in the car, even while walking to the market. It is easy to drink hot soup or any warm drink after a meal for good health, it is hard to remember that drinking a cold drink before, during or after a meal create acidic sludge that ferment food and may lead to cancer. It is easy to know that cooking chicken soup is a healthy Jewish tradition but cooking fruit and eating the desert is a bad meal. It is easy to know that if you don’t take care of your body you may die from a heart attack, stroke or cancer, but it is not easy to take it seriously before it happens. Start tomorrow morning with the trip to costco!