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The crisis in Wisconsin.

February 20, 2011

A reader thanked me for the time I spend to inform the public on important issue regarding your money. My reward is not in the increase in the number of visitors to my blogs but in the increase in the number of visitors who will go out and implement my research findings. I want a scientific movement in America. Give me 10 million followers right now, and you will start seeing the change in the zeitgeist. America has an untapped potential that is being destroyed by turf wars.

It is always interesting to watch Christian Ananpour, George Will and Donna Brazil debate or analyse anything, interesting but unproductive, especially for the people of Wisconsin. People all over America watching the teacher’s unions face-off with the Tea party on ABC this morning wished everyone to accept a cut in salary to balance the budget – not a good idea but popular. Enters Dr. Kinarthy to fill in the void in ideas with what will work best, as I have done hundreds of times in my career and now through my blogs. We need to get out of the box to discover what works the best in life.

Let’s understand a few psychological truths about money: (1) There are 2 groups of earners in the world, those who make their money in business and those who make their money in government service, (2) The people who work for government take money (taxes)  from the people who do business and provide in return the context, infrastructure and framework for society to function. Without good government there is no good business and without good business there is no good government (look at Africa), (3) The psychological nature of government is not to be good. Government will waste more of your money than necessary because it’s other people’s money and it’s relatively easy to get it from them (even after elections), and finally, (4) Given enough time the animosity between the 2 groups will increase to the point that there will be clash because public employees care more about their income and perks than they care about the people who provide the money in taxes (business), while the people who make money in business want to protect their turf, lest they end paying half their salary in taxes to a wasteful government like in Sweden and European countries (a new school curriculum can change this selfish attitude of both groups).

The solution: GOVERNMENT MUST BE RUN AS A BUSINESS. THE PHILOSOPHY THAT MIGHT MAKES RIGHT MUST END. You can’t take our money and waste it anymore! Period! If the teachers’ union in Wisconsin wins, the State will inch toward bankruptcy. If the Tea Party representing business wins, public services will be disrupted. The solution is for people to get together and create an educational system called C-MOR (see past postings), the only way to guarantee that you the tax payer get your money’s worth paying for your child’s education. If Wisconsin kids can’t compete with Koreans for positions in high-tech industries, any sane union member will agree that teachers should be fired or shape up and parents should watch how Korean parents do it and stop complaining that it is not their job to prepare their kids for school. If public schools cannot produce success and we have to import people for our high-end jobs, then public schools should not get funding. EVERY DOLLAR OF YOUR TAX MONEY SHOULD BE WORKING TO IMPROVE OUR LOT, not a penny OF MY MONEY for YOUR perks, not a dime for foreign wars, not a quarter for leisure sabbaticals, not my buck for your coffee breaks after shuffling papers in government offices. Americans know that Mexicans coming to America work harder than Americans. That is a fact. Obama, you must change our educational system – get America back to work in business, not government, or get out. Unions, earn your pay from my taxes by producing successful American students in the world’s market place. Parents, take classes and learn to parent your kids to like school like the Koreans do. Business people, don’t let government waste your money. Vote  bureaucrats out and vote entrepreneurs in. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen!


February 16, 2011

I have lectured on palliative care, dying and the afterlife  at Langara college in Vancouver, Canada. I have lectured on the paranormal phenomena at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. I have lectured on the last stage of life at Rio Hondo College in California for 26 years. I have teamed up with near-death-experience (NDE) patients to explore the subject. I have conducted seances. I have connected with unknown forces many times – visible! I am probably the most scientifically qualified parapsychologist to reveal to you the truth about life after death.

I am NOT telling you about my background to “toot my own horn,” but to have you listen to what I have discovered. I am an educator. The field of enquiry into Dying is so cluttered with religion, culture and points of view that to discover a true source of light in the heavens at night is almost impossible. If you get to read the information that I give out, you are very lucky because when the time comes to die you will be the only one around that will REALLY know what’s happening and what to do.

As you already know there are three aspects to being human: BODY, MIND and SOUL. If you lose two arms, are you still 100% here? Yes. Your body belongs to you but it is not you! An obese person can even lose 2 arms, 2 legs and 200 lbs and still be 100% here! You need to get that truth cold turkey to move on, got it? If you can’t get it right, stop reading and continue to drift in life until you drop – ignorance isn’t so bad! By now I probably lost half of you to cultural  “logic.” Let’s move to the second aspect of being human –  MIND. When you are born you don’t have a mind yet, yet you are 100% there. When you are born you don’t have your later body either. But, when you are born, and forever, YOU HAVE A SOUL; that purposive colony of units of consciousness (monads) in you forehead guided by veracity from your pineal gland. When a person dies, the soul that leaves the body is now called SPIRIT. In future postings I will show you how to communicate with a spirit of a loved one that crossed over. It is very difficult to do because spirits that live in a pre-light dimension have strict requirements before they respond.  There is nothing correct about the dishonest, disingenuous and inauthentic ways most people contact spirits. (TBC: what does one experience during dying and afterwards).

Cancer is a family pet!

February 13, 2011

Yes, not by definition but by the behavior of pet owners. You like to feed your pet its favorite food.  Sure, you don’t know that you treat a cancer cell like you treat your pet, whether it is a cat or a dog. Well, my friend, that behavior of yours will stop today because I will tell you how you treat your cancer as a pet so you can stop doing it – get another dog or a cat instead!

We all have cancer cells in our bodies, Concentrate your effort on feeding your immune system and not your dreadful “pet.”

First, all cancer cells have a “fur,” like dogs or cats have, except that the skin of cancer cells under the electron microscope look shaggy, long protuberances, real tough skin, easy to tangle in its tentacles if you are a fish and is stupid enough to be devoured inside the octopus. Get lots of immune cells because it’s hard to get in and blow up the aberrant cell to smithereens with only a few soldiers. Hey, you must stop feeding your cancer cell pet its favorite food – sugar! Put back on the shelve that nutritional supplement that has GLUTAMINE in it! You Cancer cells cannot last as long as your healthy cells without THEIR FOOD! Speed up their apoptosis with alkaline environment. Feed them oxygen and they die, feed them sugar and you die!

Cancer cells are acidic, meaning that they send out Trojan Horses to your healthy cell “cities.” On the way to conquer Sparta, they get hungry looking for sugar energy. They find little because of your good diet. By the time they get to the gate of the city they are exhausted and surrounded by the oxygenated electron “soldiers.” You see, your alkaline environment infuse them with billions of electrons. They can’t stand oxygen, they can’t get to the few sugar or sugar substitute granules around. That trojan horse never makes it to the city! Angiogenesis stops in its tract!

To recap: Bio-Energy is produced by sugar or oxygen. Every time you take a deep breath in the forest, cancer cells die. Every time you buy your favorite candy in the city store, cancer cells say “thank you.” If you are with your kids and you buy “cotton candy” they even dance of joy (the kids too). Don’t feed your pet or your kids or yourself these favorite foods – and you all  live ever after! Amen!


February 6, 2011

You already know that my blog is educational…and there are many educational blogs competing for your attention. What I want you to know is that my blog is probably the only blog that educate in a way that is socially meaningful to you and that you can understand. I speak the language of nature and reality, and unlike culture and reality nature is simple and elegant!

Hold in your hand a piece of skin that has been replaced by new skin and put it under the electron microscope. What do you see? You see cells of skin. Magnify the resolution until you see the inside of a single cell. Do you see how a few atoms are interconnected by electrons inside a single skin molecule?  They share electrons orbiting from one to the other like bees from flower to flower. This is similar to what social psychology found out about you! Yes, you! You circle around people creating a network of friends that you hold together! Now, look inside the electron microscope again. Memorize a rule: An Atom that doesn’t “socialize” has the same number of electrons orbiting in the shell as the number of protons in the center (nucleus). Again, it’s like with your circle of friends, there is always a “loner” that doesn’t interact – doesn’t give and doesn’t take anything! Sometimes you wonder what is he good for? Then, one day he gets “zapped” of an electron and starts stealing from others (you say “he is missing a screw in his head” but chemistry calls him a “free radical”). He becomes a positive ion. What does that mean? An electron has a negative electric charge and a proton has a positive electric charge. You count the number of electron and protons. An atom missing an electron becomes a “positive ion” thief because he has one more  proton than electron. An atom that has an extra electron is called a generous “negative ion” because he has one more  electron to give than proton. Both atoms are ionized and want to become deionized. Now, look at your friends again, count the “takers” and the “givers.” Here comes the unexpected!

Have you heard of antioxidants? Your friends who are “givers” of their electron are “negative ions.” Good to have such friends around because they “protect you from the “takers” (positive ions) who are missing an electron and trying to steal one from the good guys. Remember the old skin at the beginning of my story? Let’s say it’s on the face of a pretty girl. The atoms in her skin cell were “robbed” of their electrons by “positive ions” (Make-up, junk food, etc.). If she had “negative ions” on her skin they could spot the positive ions first and let them have the electrons they need so they won’t steal them from the girl’s skin. The moral of her story is that if she bought cream withe antioxidants her skin will stay beautiful, she would get great dates and be happy. The moral of your story is that if you ate and drank 60% alkaline and only 40% acidic, you would stay healthy and look good (alkaline transfer electrons to neutralize acid. A bonus: you will never have a heart burn). Check the list on Google, change your consumption and live happily ever after!

What drives a human being?

February 5, 2011

I want your help in making my blog live up to its name THE PEACEFUL REVOLUTION –  more and more every day, OK?  As a well-known wealthy psychologist in California, I don’t need this blog to make money or get me famous. At 75, my happiness depends on seeing YOU happy, my fellow human beings! I mean it! This planet can provide prosperity and peace for all of us, including Egypt, India, China and the USA.  All YOU need is new EDUCATION, to know the truth about you. Unfortunately, you will not get it “doogree” (to the point) from other blogs because they are too political, like to write a lot, explain a lot, but are short on the two most important aspects of true education : UNDERSTANDING AND ACTION.

What drives a human being are 3 forces: Your powerful HORMONES, your powerful BELIEFS and your sweet SPIRIT. All the other forces are so secondary that if you concentrate on improving these three, you will start doubling your wealth, health and happiness within a DAY! You will FEEL it within an hour!

Let me explain it in a less academic way: Let’s start with your SPIRIT. Do you remember the day your life changed for the BETTER or WORSE over night? I know it happened.  Very few researchers know the fact that a new SPIRIT (a swarm of electromagnetic particles called Monads) has entered your forehead and Pineal gland. Ruth Montgomery and other researchers who studied this monad phenomenon  are right about the process, but only I have developed the hypnosis process that can show you HOW to invite an incredible SPIRIT to enter you that will instantly change your life for the BETTER. No book or study has ever demonstrated how it works. Even myself, a college professor of parapsychology with 30 years experience has done this unusual hypnotic process only 10 times in 30 years!

The second force that drives a human being is well-studied in organic chemistry – HORMONES. They regulate EVERYTHING in your BODY and MIND. Here is the “shocker” that we all have to live with (or die with): HORMONE THERAPY CAN CURE EVERYTHING through an intravenous CHELATION that may take an hour or so, if caught in time. The only reason that medical lab research does not design and produce HORMONES that CURE CANCER or other diseases is that MEDICAL AUTHORITIES do not want to CURE anything and lose payments for maintenance treatments! Medicine today IS CAPABLE of “scanning” the body, find the missing hormones due to genetics or environmental reasons, design the missing hormones in a lab, administering them to people by CHELATION and cure the condition. But, this blessing will never be available to YOU unless YOU make GOVERNMENT legislate the RIGHT laws about it!

The last force that drive a human being is BELIEF. YOU act upon your belief. Where do beliefs come from? IT DOESN’T MATTER! What matters is that there is an educational system called C-MOR that if implemented in our schools, the next generation will grow up with beliefs that WORK BEST for accumulating WEALTH, maintaining HEALTH and creating HAPPINESS! C-MOR is an educational system created by great minds such as Dr. Jean Piaget, Dr. Zigmund Freud and Dr. B.F.  Skinner, the most criticized and least acknowledged psychologists on earth. We suffer!

Read ALL my postings! Now that you know what drives a human being, drop all the “clutter” theories, stop reading all the “junk” explanations of why most humans don’t develop their full potential and concentrate on driving YOURSELF to Health, Wealth and Happiness on MY road map! (TBC).

New York: Ban on smoking in public areas.

February 3, 2011

Let’s get this problem solved ones and for all. cigaret smoke, nicotine and tar kills people. A complete ban on smoking kills democracy. In light of the fact that people killing are killing each other in countries that are not democratic,  we want both! We want people not to die from cigarets or street riots. Here is how you regulate smoking and save democracy:

A human being has the RIGHT TO BREATH CLEAN AIR. His not smoking does not affect the health of the one that smokes. Another human being HAS THE RIGHT TO SMOKE. His smoking does affect the health of the person who doesn’t smoke. Therefore, an intelligent community that cares about its citizens must ban smoking from areas where nonsmoker are! Therefore, you can smoke in the public park but not next to a person who doesn’t smoke and you can smoke in your car as long as there is no child in your car or a person that doesn’t smoke. If you adhere to the principle, every situation can be solved! Every smoking behavior can be guided! We can solve both democracy and the human right to smoke cigarets!

There is one more issue here. A smoker require more medical care in life than a nonsmoker, therefore, to pay for it, the federal tax on cigarets should be triple the generic price of a pack!

Do you want an enlightened and caring society, there you have it. Now, vote for it on the next election, or keep fighting over the issue making everyone confused or miserable.

The Crisis in Egypt.

February 2, 2011

A letter to the American people,

Please forward this posting to everyone you know. If we continue to vote for presidents like Obama, Bush, and possibly Romney in 2012, we are asking for more of the same. I say that because I just saw an interview with Governor Romney on CNN. He had no idea what to do about Egypt (if he was president), just like Obama, fickle minds, NOTHING TO OFFER WHEN IT IS SO EASY TO OFFER SOMETHING!  You have seen one politician, you have seen them all!

Here is the great solution to the Egyptian crisis that Romney or Obama could not come up with. I am ask Harper to initiate it:

Mubarak has already scheduled the election for September 2011. Good. Let him announce on TV that Egyptians have 6 months to form political parties to run in the election.

Let Mubarak ask Harper to get Canada’s Election Commission to form and supervise the democratic process in Egypt, including explanations to the Egyptians how to register, form political parties, supervise elections, and all the other conditions necessary for a free election.

Come September, we can assume that the following political parties will emerge: Mubarak’s party, approx. 20% of the votes, the Moslem Brotherhood about 25%, an Egyptian Democratic Party (EDP) about 30% and a Labor Socialism (LS) party the rest. Let Canada teach them how to form a coalition government supervised by the UN security council. You will then have good transition and a democracy in Egypt!

Will that happen? No, because neither Romney nor Obama nor any politician is REALLY interested in the people in the world. The only skills politicians nurture over time is how to influence voters to vote for them come election time! It is sad because the world can be good for people and it doesn’t take brains to do it right!