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Trump’s enemies defend themselves against their own fascism!

March 23, 2016

According to Zigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, psychological projection is a virulent defense mechanism in the hands of politicians on the right and on the left. Let’s look at people on the left who right now call Donald Trump a fascist devil! Why are they so virulent? Because of psychological projection, a powerful motivation to protect sanity! Most leftist politicians and journalists are rigid and hidden authoritarians and love power and righteousness. They would perceive fascistic behavior in themselves as the worse curse. If they realized that they are afflicted by that scourge of the human personality they might commit suicide, Leftists perceive fascism as a terminal disease of humanity. Humans will defend themselves against their own unpleasant impulses by denying in themselves the existence of the “disease.” They will instantly attribute the worse form of it to their worse enemies. That would explain why a leftist liberal who behaves like  an Stalinist or  communist authoritarian may constantly accuse a succesful businessman and family man like Trump of being a fascist. Projection is a form of blame shifting.

Trump exhibits many “impurities” but he is not a fascist. Fascists cannot be successful businessmen in a democracy unless they take over the government. Fascists don’t negotiate and make deals. Don’t be fooled by Trump’s strength. God forbids if Bernie Sandberg becomes president you will  see a “soft” fascist, one that pretends to be “only a socialist.” Stalin will be back! Another  example of a “soft” fascist is Obama who wants everything his way. He creates a mess around the world and project the blame on others. Listen, you can fool the people twice but not all the time. Vote for “earthy” Trump. He is really not politically correct and it is time for real change. Don’t worry, be happy. Be good to your pocket-book for a change, especially if you are a minority person. Don’t get fooled again. Your living standard is more important than your skin color, dude. Did you get projection right? Beware of the projectors in life, they are virulent!


Ukraine: The human mind.

April 19, 2014

They are cousins but they can’t live together in peace, some of them are brothers and they fight, some of them are Europeans highly educated, unlike fighters in Syria, and they still fight each other. After 42 years as a psychologist (Professor of Psychology, Rio Hondo College, 1972) I think it’s time for me to tell you about the human mind. It isn’t what you think it is:

Some people believe the human mind is God, deciding who lives and who dies. Some are even more wrong than that, inflicted by their Freudian ego, thinking their mind is them, themselves, as if they were born with it! But, worse of all, some people, even the educated, believe that all their decisions are made in their minds, all the risks they take in life are mind born, even their free-will is mental, even their spirituality is mental, even their soul resides in their mind. How ridiculous it is that people let their mind decide their reality. Buddha said, “The human mind is the slayer of the truth.” People believe their “stuff” is the truth. His solution was to meditate to quiet your mind to find the truth.” Freud said, “Mind is ego, the mediator between you and reality. Children who are raised to mediate their lives work.” Dr. Gordon Allport said, “The human mind becomes functionally autonomous with growth of neural complexity.” This notion is a similar idea to Hal 9000, the robot telling his creator that he is now the boss. By the way, Allport idea of functional autonomy of the human mind is true when people collapse the distinction between themselves and their mind when they say, “I think….,” instead of, “My mind thinks…..”  Now, let’s find out what the human mind really is (you may not like the truth because your mind won’t let you accept it):

There is no word for “Mind” in the Bible. Mind does not exist in scriptures. What exists is the word Machshava which is Calculator or Computer in English. The mind is actually the Software in your head, all the apps in the brain, which is an evolved super, super, super hardware. Most of the software in the human mind are obsolete or dysfunctional apps, but these apps are being slowly replaced by better ones. I predict that people in the 23rd century will understand this “stuff” by having better apps. I told you won’t like it became your mind won’t accept it, but those of you who accept the truth about the mind it will blows your mind away! Have a good day.

Law of Instrument and Law of Culture.

April 27, 2013

The ideas of Abraham Maslow the father of humanistic psychology are not as threatening to human culture as Freud’s ideas, but are threatening enough for schools not to really teach them. I am writing this blog posting waking up my pet dream that you might change your voting pattern in the next election and vote for representatives committed to the security of Americans more than they are committed to great explanations when the FBI and the CIA fail to protect us in New York city or Boston. Here is a psychological insight: Maslow’s 1966 Law of Instrument says, “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you see everything as a nail.”  Terrorists are not nails, they use nails. The FBI and CIA are not trained how to use psychology of terrorism instruments. That is a fact that cost lives! Worse than that, in the Law of Culture Maslow says, “Without extensive training you will do only what your culture let you do.” The American culture is not designed to know how to fight terror. To do that, you need to train agents to use thinking out of the box. As I said at the beginning of this posting, would my pet dream for you to vote differently be fulfilled? The answer is No. Take a good example from the Second Amendment. Even when children die, you will not ban assault weapons. Think about Maslow. How nice is would be to take his two Laws seriously!

My response.

April 7, 2013

Dr. Eli Kinarthy • Dear Jorelle,
Your friend is among 90% of the people unconsciously creating a personal stage and acting out a hidden life style common to the majority of folks (Freud, Shakespeare). It is well-known in psychology that a central behavior of Humans from the moment of birth is to seek out meaning to their lives. About 10% succeed. The majority cope with their persistent feeling of “existential emptiness” by pretending in public that it isn’t there.

A transformational change from being in the 90% to being in the 10% is possible but difficult. That is why the 10% hasn’t changed. People who try the transformational change from -1 to +1 have to go through 0 (nothing). They don’t know how to do it (first step is meditation) so they settle for pretending that they got it. As you can see, the issue is not easy to understand. I am a 76-year-old retired psychologist. Look at my face on this recent picture and you will get a sense that I succeeded in switching from the 90 to the 10 years ago. The best that I can suggest to your friend is: Go to and read everything and the “10% rule.” Even better, take it all seriously. Start from my website to get to know me, I help people. Of course, there is one thing that can by-pass all the hard work involved in transformation to the 10% and that is FIND TRUE LOVE, but that is so hard to do that most people who try end pretending that they found it. Self deception is your starting point in life!

Ryan vs. Biden! Tonight!

October 11, 2012

Why the exclamation marks in the title? For me as a psychologist, this across generation debate tonight is an opportunity (for you too) to observe in-action what one of the greatest psychologists in history said about what happens when a young man faces an older man who could be his father. Freud said, “The antagonism is fundamental, a part of the Oedipus Complex. It is especially intense in politics when throughout history older men had sent younger men to die in battle.”  Well, I don’t expect Biden to slaughter Ryan, afer all they are both civilized and tonight have a higher calling in politics that could backfire only if Biden’s ID overwhelms his EGO or SUPEREGO. Here are my predictions:

1. Biden will act more emotional than Ryan.

2. Ryan will be better with facts, numbers and statistics.

3. Their values differences will show a great contrast. Their expressions will be even more diverse than Obama and Romney!

4. Biden will talk a lot about the past, Ryan more about the future.

5. Ryan may help Romney by a percent or two with the young, Biden will not help or hurt Obama with the old.

6. Biden will appeal to older people but not bring them to vote more than expected.

7. Ryan will appeal to younger voters but not bring then to vote more than expected.

8. The debate tonight will not be polite.

9. Psychologists watching the body language and verbal expressions tonight – bring your note-pad with you for a classic Freudian observation.

10. For you, lay people, the best part of watching the debate tonight will be watching a great political movie drama. Enjoy!

August 30, 2011

I just saw their commercial as I was looking at my soul mate of 30 years and I had to respond. Thirty years ago one of my most popular assignment to my psychology students was to arrange interviews with owners of dating services. In those days there was a stigma about dating outside the norm. My students believed that those who use these services to find a date-mate are homely, poor, not good-looking, don’t know how to talk to the opposite sex and are shy. I don’t know how reliable is but the idea of computerized matching  is psychologically sound. Here are the statistics: Before you marry the woman you met at school, at the party or though your sister or by accident, you have known about 100 eligible women. About seven of them would have made good wives. You usually don’t choose those. One would have made an ideal wife, you don’t even pay attention to her. You ended marrying someone in the middle of the pack because you never really found the ideal one. As I said, I don’t know about but a great computerised introductory service should have about 10,000 registered individuals. If you are matched with the best of those, you and her would certainly look and act like the 4 couples in love in the eHarmony commercial I just saw. I say, go for it if you can’t find the love of your life in your neighborhood. But, remember, you really need to answer the questionnaire truthfully and kind of know what you are really looking for in the long run. Just because you both like labradoodles or surfing is not enough. A great match has to do with the Freudian Edipus and Electra Complexes!

More about C-MOR!

August 27, 2011

I really want to help. Last night I watched Spielberg’s movie Help and I asked myself why can’t we all get together on Facebook and Twitter to get the ball rolling toward a better life. What is holding us back? The answer came the next morning, Saturday, as befitting the Hebrew Shabbat. What is holding us back is that we don’t know where to go from here. There are just too many people having too many false solutions that look good to their followers. Am I just another dude with an idea? You would think so unless you have read Walden II and followed the lives of Rousseau, Buddha, Freud, Skinner and Pavlov. The first question you have to ask yourself in trying to understand how C-MOR can create a great life for all humans on this planet is the perennial question; is man good, bad or a blank tablet? The answer is simple. Man’s behavior is good if the environment he grows in is safe, supportive and friendly and the school he goes to is designed by C-MOR experts. Man’s behavior is bad if the environment he grows in is unsafe, not supportive or friendly and the school he goes to is designed by today’s educators (in every country!). The child’s brain is a blank tablet for parents, schools and care givers to write on.

C-MOR stands for contingency management of resources. It is very easy to learn and implement if you are serious about creating a mid-course-maneuver in your life and others. Without doing it you’d have to explain to your children why a better life is always just around the corner in your community!  My posting today isn’t just another reading to browse on the Internet. Stay with me only  if  you are comfortable with this obvious truth (at 75 I am no longer a politically correct psychologist). If  you continue to read I will assume you are serious enough to want to learn about life from Freud, Skinner, Pavlov and Buddha and I will continue to write

Contingency is a technical English word that Skinner described as behavior that is controlled by its consequences. In Eastern philosophy the word is akin to the word Karma: You make good causes and you get good effects, you make bad causes and you get bad effects. In the Bible it is : “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” (Galatians 6:7-9. In Behaviorism it is called positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement and punishment. Here is an example from today: I was seated in food court at the mall for lunch when I saw a mother screaming at her screaming young daughter, “Don’t scream at your mother.” There is nothing more important in human relationships than to learn about contingencies! It will be giant step for mankind, even greater than landing on the moon! Now that I got your attention for sure, let me tell you what the Russian Pavlov got to do with all these. I was once at a party and a beautiful girl was all over a guy she just met who was trying to avoid her company.  I asked the host because was curious and I knew what to look for (practice: you can too). Turned out that  the beautiful girl wear similar jewelry that his girlfriend wear on the weekend she cheated on him! But, why was she all over him? Guess what, took me a week to find out that he wore a shirt like the one she bought for her dad for his birthday in Hawaii! You see, a genius Russian, Pavlov, found out that our emotions develop by association with events in our lives (now you know why brocoli turns you off and vanilla ice-cream doesn’t).

From time to time I will write more about C-MOR if there is demand. You see, I get emotional about good people, and their visits to my blog is my reward. That is why I took an hour of my busy day to write the best posting that I ever did Get going with C-MOR!

Pearl Harbor attack linked to Japan Earthquake!

March 15, 2011

What he did is mean to link the two.  Alec Sulkin from Family Guy Animated Comedy said it and he apologized for ” Joking.”  As a human being who loves and admires the Japanese people I pray for their full recovery from the earthquake disaster. As a psychologist and parapsychologist for 30 years, with tons of credentials, I will take this opportunity to educate people about “forces” in the universe we live in that can save lives in the future.

My job is to explain “linkage” phenomena, not to condone them. My job is to explain phenomena in order to alert people to its future effect in their lives. My job is to help prevent disasters. The psychological and parapsychological link between the past of an individual or a nation and their future is well-studied by psychologists, psychoanalysts and parapsychologists. If you care to understand this phenomena, it’s all over my writings in the last 30 years.

Psychology: A systemic change will occur in a person or a nation that goes through a life changing experience. That systemic change will make the organism more susceptible to a recurrence of a similar systemic changes in the future. The probability of a similar experience increases. The vulnerability to certain influences increases. Subtle energy configurations within and without a system have been reformatted in that direction. In the future, as humanity advances in understanding high technology energy fields, you will take more seriously present measurements of these universal forces. Today, you don’t. 100 years ago, when Dr. Freud and Dr. Jung explained personal and collective unconscious influences they alluded to the fact that any big event will  imprint itself on the mind (Today, we know that “imprinting’ is organically similar to the hardware in your computer and regular experiences are similar to your Software!).  They also said that with deeper awareness you can prevent future problems linked to those events!

Parapsychology: The “linking” phenomena appears to be a fundamental universal law. It has many names in different disciplines. It is called an “After shock,” (in Geology),  a “copy cat” (human behavior),  “subconscious tendency,” (Psychoanalysis),  “tissue sensitivity” (Medicine), “Conditioning” (Psychology), and what have you. A systemic change that occurs in a person or a nation that goes through a life changing experience tends to reappear in one form or another in the future, usually on a proximal anniversary period. As a psychological counselor I have helped people avoid a heart attack on the anniversary of their father’s –  heart attack! I have seen couples get divorced around the time their parents  – got divorced! Right now I will counsel Obama to be vigilant about traveling because both his brother and father died in traveling accidents! The Challenger space craft exploded in space. NASA should change the name of the space shuttle Atlantis to something less prone to –  disasters. Look, I have been ridiculed for writing about useful palmistry and other weird topics in the National Enquirer for years, so I will stop here. I don’t want to waste my time. My job is not to educate 20th century people about 21st century knowledge and understanding of “forces” in the universe. People won’t listen. My job is to tell Japan to proof-safe its nuclear reactors in the future more than any other nation except for Russia and the United States who had also developed nuclear disaster propensities!

Ladies and gentlemen, am I over your head? I know I leave many of you behind in my blogs, websites, magazine articles  and book writings, but I will never accept to be an ordinary writer, a “politically correct” dude. There are human lives at stake. Human welfare is at stake here. I want to leave you with a personal search. Examine a major event in your life or your nation’s life and take special precautions to prevent something similar in the future. Please, please, be a little more daring in your thinking. Become more “futuristic,” please. My dear cousin went on the Atkins diet 3 years before he died from a heart attack at the age my beloved uncle died from a – heart attack. Please take psychology and parapsychology seriously. I know you’d survive without my warnings, but you’d be better prepared for the events coming your way in the future if you listen. Live safely! Live happily! Prosper! Advance to the next stage! I care!

Gautama Buddha: “The mind is the slayer of the truth” (450 BC).

December 11, 2010

This posting was triggered by my wife who said an hour ago, “Parents complimented me today for being a good swimming instructor for their kids. I know that I am good but I don’t feel it.” My antenna as a psychologist popped up. “It’s natural,” I said, “not to feel it. Most human beings know that they can do things well but don’t feel that they can do them that well.” Excited, I excused myself and rushed to my Blog to try to enlighten those of you out there who posses a terrible thinking fallacy that you are your mind!  You are not! The mind is the “slayer of the truth.”

But it is not that simple.

This discovery by Gautama Buddha 25 centuries ago sprouted many versions of it by psychologists today. You can probably find them all on Google if you type Freud’s “The mind is the beast in the cellar,” or a host of other titles by psychologists who “accuse” the mind as acting independent of you, not in your interests, disowning your Self, or being so powerful that it can do “anything it wants to do.” The psychological consensus of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Silva Mind Control, Erhard Seminar Training and other programs is that if you can tame your mind and make it your “friend” together you will have an opportunity to become happy, wealthy and healthy.

Who was that enlightened Buddha that discovered this profound truth about the human mind that is denied to this day by most human cultures or religions?  Gautama the “awakened one” was born in Nepal around 500 BC to a king and a queen of the Shakaya people of Nepal who believed 1000 years before Judaism that “no man should have more than one wife”!

Mary was a PhD candidate in Psychology when she came for counseling after her divorce from Jim. “My marriage to Jim should have lasted forever,” she said, “I thought we were compatible. I even made a list of pluses and minuses before I married him.” On the third session it became clear to me that her mind was involved in the decision to marry Jim no less than her heart.

Woh do you blame for your divorce?”

“Myself,” she said.

On my way home I tried to apply what Buddha said – to myself. Who was responsible for the mistake of buying GM shares last year?  My mind was responsible: it was clearly a fallacy of thinking! It will not happen again! Why did Mary blame herself for the divorce? Do psychologists also blame themselves when something they do doesn’t work? How can the mind get away with slaying the truth that all bad ideas come from its thinking? I found the answers in the Bhagavad Gita (page 492-3, plate 23).


Tea Party’s Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell denies Evolution!

September 26, 2010

Why is that incredible psychological news? Why? I want you, my dear reader, ones and for all, to get it! I want you to get something that can liberate you from the forces within you that hold you back! I want you to understand that your relationships don’t work when you react to the nonsense of what people say as if it needs a response because they said something that is not true! Got it??? I want you finally to get what the greatest minds in human history (Jesus, Buddha, Descartes, Freud, Allport, Skinner, etc.) said about the human mind functions independent of reality. Got it? Warning! If you didn’t get it profoundly enough, the rest of your life will be the same as it has been! You will continue to react to nonsense in your own relationships. You have got to get it that what Christine O’Donnell said comes from her belief system, not from science or reality! You have got to get it that if you argue with people about their beliefs, you are so stupid that Psychology has no word to describe your gullibility!

A young thief in counseling once said to me, “Dr. Kinarthy, my dad was a good father. He was a burglar in Beverly Hills, He taught me how to enter homes through small windows when I was a kid. I was proud of my great skill. My dad always said as I was growing up that our style of burglary was noble, “brings food to our table and that it is an honest occupation.”

I was a psychologist, yet I was stupid enough to challenge, “Son, think hard, is burglary a crime or really an honest profession?”

“An honest profession, Sir, it brought food to our table.”

My dear reader, I want you to stop correcting people when they make outrageous statements! Stop being stupid yourself! Get it from the greatest minds in history who said that if your success (food on your table) comes from believing something that is absolutely not true, you will still believe that it is the noble truth! Tea Party Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell denial of Evolution should not get incredulous looks! Don’t raise your eye brows when you hear people speak nonsense, just don’t vote for them!

Who should you vote for in November?

So far no one, my friend!

(…but great solutions are coming soon. Stay tuned).