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The story that everyone ignores.

November 28, 2010

These creatures come in the middle of the might and steal your energy. Oh, I forgot to tell you that life is a struggle between invaders and defenders, that what happens inside mimics what happens outside, that everything except the truth is relative and that it all gets reversed. You are as high as you are low, that’s the law!

Who are the defenders? These creatures don’t let the other creatures steal your energy. They know that the bad guys feed on your energy and that the good guys can’t kill all the bad guys. So, what do they do? They do what is in their nature; they feed the bad guys energy so the bad guys like lions in Africa after a meal – go to sleep. Wow! Why can’t we mimic nature and put the bad guys to sleep happy? Well, you can’t because you developed weapons to kill them, not feed them, you live in religion and culture, not nature. You can’t even tell the good creatures from the bad guys. You live in a la-la land.

My Russian friend who had prostate cancer like me 10 years ago went for prostatectomy. The creatures came in the middle of the night while he was in the hospital and stole his energy. A growing fight ensued in his groin, his tumor returned and he became incontinent before he died. I looked up the defenders on Google. They came and fed the invaders a sumptuous electronic dinner. The invaders went to sleep happy. The inflammation was gone. I got up in the morning with so much energy that I could spare some for my friend, but he was already gone!

Sure, my story is only a “Dimui,” an analogy, not real, only a story. I couldn’t tell you the truth as is because it’s too painful. My friend is dead and I am alive because we went our separate medical ways when we came to Frost’s fork in the road. The famous poet got it right, the road not taken is the one that leads to Health, Wealth and Happiness! Vladimir, please take it next time!!!!!

What’s easier to fix, physical health or mental health?

November 25, 2010

Mind you, this is a psychological blog by a maverick psychologist, so you’d expect me to say that mental health is easier to fix than physical health. Not true, they are both easy to fix, the only problem is that to fix physical health you have to do something that medical physicians don’t recommend – and that takes a profound shift in consciousness, and to fix mental health you have to do something that psychologists don’t recommend – and that takes another profound shift in consciousness.

What is that something? I won’t tell you right a way because you’d laugh how easy it is to do – and you won’t do it because you weren’t raised that way! But, I can lead you to your own realization as to what to do if you show me that you are really interested in getting the most out of your life and that you can keep an open mind about my ideas about cancer treatment that works, depression that goes away, heart condition that disappear, self-esteem that rises, or what have you.

What I will tell you right away is how to start.  You begin with raising the importance of your life to you from where it is now to 100%! How do you do that? You voice to others and in front of the mirror everyday for a week how great it is to have money, health and happiness. Done! You describe in front of the mirror everyday what you did that day to achieve it: the behaviors that you actually performed that day to get more money, health and happiness. That is your first step. You won’t heal physically or mentally if you don’t love yourself 100%. I won’t tell you the next step if you don’t show me that you are interested in the first step. I don’t waste my time. Meantime, go to Google and find out what is consciousness.



The Peaceful Revolution: Aung San Suu Kyi

November 15, 2010

She told the BBC this morning that she wanted a quick “peaceful revolution” in her country Burma. The “Peaceful Revolution” is the name of my blog “” but that is not why I mention her name here today. I have a message to her as a psychologist: Aung San Suu Kyi, I wish you great success in you endeavor  to bring peace and prosperity to your people. If you can achieve your peaceful revolution quickly it will be the first PR in human history. The probability of achieving it is very very low.  Please understand that the only real peaceful revolution possible in any country takes one generation to accomplish. But, the good news for impatient people is that it wouldn’t take a generation (25 years) to see the beginning of the results.

Contingency Management of Resources (C-MOR) is the answer. It is easy to learn to do. It is inexpensive. It starts in K-12 schools and ends in K-25. It works. But, here is the catch. The people in a country that want peace and prosperity for all are reluctant to start implementing a C-MOR program at grassroots level in communities because the process is not ceremonial, sensational, not news worthy with headlines, will not galvanize masses of people, wouldn’t generate excitement among most educators or politicians, it isn’t as a driving force as the violent Russian or French revolutions, it doesn’t require a government bureaucracy that employs millions, it would never be sanctioned by teachers unions because C-MOR teaches them how to teach, and it isn’t in the zeitgeist of any culture today!

Aung San Suu Kyi, you are a courageous lady, but if you really want to get your peaceful revolution off the ground and beyond  the BBC News, learn about C-MOR. He is our best friend!

True Love in Three Stages: Finding a perfect partner.

November 12, 2010

From the desk of a maverick psychologist:

Stage one is love-making: If you are hot you are hot and if you are not you are not. Boy meets girl. If there is great sexual attraction it will happen. The problem in this stage is the man. The man is “horny”by nature so the woman doesn’t really knows if he is attracted to her as a love-making partner. He knows that she is but she doesn’t know if he is, so she has to keep a secret chart called “initiating, responding and grading” for at least 3 month to find out if he stayed interested (he should keep a chart too, just to make sure that she was not just hot for his bud for a while.). Date and grade the quality of each love-making ( A,B,C, D or F). Let’s say the couple are “sex mates” (A and A is 100% sexually compatible, A and B is 80%, B and A 80%, B and B 70%).

Stage two is mental compatibility: The mind is the slayer of true love (Buddha). Boy lives with girl. If there is a meeting of the minds they will never fight dirty over money, sex, in-laws or kids, never! Fighting dirty means becoming critical of each other’s beliefs or behaviors instead of just agree to disagree and compromise. Couples can feel angry at each other at times but never be hostile, never hit below the belt when they fight, never bring into the fight something new or something from another fight or place. Mind Compatibility is hard to achieve unless you grew up in a home where parents had MC and you learned how to tame your mind and take all perceptions with a grain of salt. Facts speak for themselves. Here is a quick test: Bring the person you are in a relationship with to meet your parent of the opposite sex (outing, dinner?) and grade their interaction (A,B,C,D, or F). Here are a few rules: Genuine opposites attract. Having major mutual interests attract. Falling in love with each other helps. Taking classes together in psychology, workshops, etc. helps. There is no such thing as mind mates but high self-esteem, self-confidence, maturity, good looks, money, careers and personal commitment can ensure at least a B in the mental relationship. If you want an A in your mental relationship with a woman, like I have with my wife, you both have to take psychological compatibility battery of test (cost: about $500).

Stage three is being soul mates: About one in a hundred. Boy meets girl. If they happen to be soul mate they will find in conversations that before they met when one had a good event the other was happy that day and if one had a bad event the other was sad. But, it’s not that simple, for example, if you got married and divorced  before you met your true soul mate, she may recall that she felt pretty bad or something happen to her around the time of your first wedding!  You got a girl friend? Go on a date with her and compare good and bad events that occur to you two before you met, ten out of ten match is perfect, but even half will indicate that you two are soul mates :C

C-MOR and the power of money.

November 6, 2010

I need your help. What would you do if you discovered something that could save millions of people from a life of quiet desperation, but the thing is that although it is simple to do, it is not in the zeitgeist of humanity? It is not done! What would you do? I need your help with a new idea. All I can think of is C-MOR, and although it’s a great answer, I need your help because no one is listening! C-MOR is the code of conduct in my life. C-MOR brought me wealth, health and happiness. C-MOR has some influence on my immediate family through me but not enough to prevent their major challenges, they too have to live within the zeitgeist, the “box.” What would you do to get people to start doing what works when it is not in their “programming”????

C-MOR is Contingency Management Of Resources. Dr. Freud the psychoanalyst from Vienna talked about it in his books about sexual behavior to no avail, in fact people ridiculed him, Dr. Skinner the behaviorist from Harvard described it in his book with regard to human relations (Walden II) to no avail, Dr. Pavlov the physiologist from Moscow explain it in his manuals with regard to emotions to no avail, and I described it in my book The Psychology of Investing with regard to wealth accumulation to no avail.

Read this posting on C-MOR and the power of money, not as just another story and another story that you read every day. I want you to GET IT. If enough people around me get it, my human environment will get better and I will benefit too. What do I want you to get is that money has about a 1000% more power to influence beliefs than you ever thought. I know, you might think that the banking criminals that perpetrated our severe recession got away with it without getting punished because of other reasons but the truth is that they used the power of their money to influence the Courts, to change the perception of judges, Congress, the reduction in legislation of new laws, and quiet public opinion to throw them out of office. You, through your representatives let them keep the money they stole from the American people and not have to go to jail! They spent billions to get back the trust of Congress and retain their jobs in Wall Street and in – Congress itself (as the election demonstrated). The criminals used their C-MOR well, but not you. You voted for the same people who stole our money (I know you don’t believe that because you think that we have a new Congress). Why do you think most economists in the last 20 years approved relaxing the government regulation of the economy? They knew that it will lead to this terrible recession, but they were paid very well to blind their own PhD in economics from Harvard. Even Milton Friedman himself, the principal economist who advised governments changed his economic orientation  from Kinasian to Smithsonian. Greenspan too. The power of money is clandestine but blatant. Even in your life if you get divorced, God forbids,  the reason will be that C-MOR failed in your relationship in the area of money or sex, but in 27 years of college teaching I have not met one student getting married who took C-MOR seriously. What is the verdict? Zeitgeist? The same people who perpetrated the recession, unemployment, loss of homes and general misery around the world are still running the show. It will happen again I suppose until the Cro-magnon acquires a C-MOR gene through evolution, but when that happens everyone will deny it and CNN’s ratings will sky-rocket through discussions. :c

How to create full employment in the US with good wages!

November 2, 2010

Now that you decided not to vote today as I have asked you until we get better candidates running, I will tell you how to find the right candidate. Here is what your candidates what they should run on in order to create full employment in the US with good wages:

1. Keep skilled and super-skilled labor in the US. Let the Chinese have our cheap labor, the unskilled and semi-skilled. We can’t compete with the third world on cheap labor. Be nice to them, poor people need to eat.

2. Buy cheap raw materials from others and concentrate on making the highest quality end products and services in the US. We can win in competition over finished products with China and India. A good example of it is the fact that the new US cars already are the most good looking and  comfortable to ride in the world and are already equipped with XM radio and state of the art electronic communication and navigation equipment. All you need now is to demonstrate that they are the most reliable in the world (don’t do it with commercials, dummy, do it with repairs statistics).

3. Improve American education to prevent educated foreigners from coming here to get our super-skilled jobs. The dude you vote for must come up with a plan to revamp American education. Don’t vote for her/him if they think the system is fine, need more of your money to do the job, etc.

4. Vote only for candidates who can cite  5 great ways government can stimulate producers to produce and consumers to buy – American.

5. Vote only for candidates who can cite 5 bad behaviors for the economy of a company’s management and 5 good behaviors for the economy of a company’s management.

6. Vote for candidates who are willing to vote to establish 2 commissions:  To study how the German and Japanese auto industries copied the Americans since 1960 and came up with better cars in the 21st century, and how the Chinese are doing it right now.

As a footnote I must add that you should never ask me to run for office or draft me to run for office because I could never be elected. I operate too much outside the political “box.” As a psychologist, the only attempt that I have ever made to run for office was in 1978 in California and ended with disaster. I was shouted down by both republicans and democrats in my congressional district meeting before I even had a chance to file papers. Look for a candidate who will do what I suggest and act more humble than I do. As a professor I tend to lecture to voters. you need someone that can act sweet and humble like Bill Clinton but make a difference like Teddy Roosevelt.