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Ferguson revisited: The Devil is in the Details.

November 29, 2014

Reading through my 400 or so postings you will find research by Muzafar Sheriff that show how he designed a model of peace between 2 fighting L.A. gangs 60 years ago. Actually any 2 groups that fight each other can benefit. Now, if you are dreaming expecting the blacks community in Ferguson and the white police department to make peace and trust each other you’d have to kill the devil first – and that is impossible to do without changing high school education. You see, the devil is the chairman of the board and he decided a long time ago that he will not allow K-12 students to learn about moral behavior, respect for others, true friendships, environmentalism, and so on. Imagine for a moment a Ferguson community where every able body male and female has a decent education and interesting  job making between $50,000.00 and $100,000.00 per year, kids go to great kindergartens, citizens get free medical coverage like in Canada and the police are as polite as the Dutch in Amsterdam, what life in Ferguson could be like. Wealthy, educated entrepreneurs will move into the community, property values will go up, the police department will have enough polite black officers and Wal-Mart will not be afraid to open its doors in the morning for you to pick up great bargains. looting will die with the devil!

Well, I know you want to hear God saying, “I am happy, Fergusonians, because you are finally fulfilling the reason I have created humans – to be happy and smile and not be dead before their time.” Start the process of building a great community by firing the devil, the chairman of the board. Salvation, dudes, is in the details of what you learn in K-12! Here is a little example, you know what a devil-teacher in an elementary classroom, where it all starts,  would say when she sees jimmy kicks little Julie? “It’ OK, he is just a kid.” You know what an angel-teacher in the same classroom would say to Jimmy after she sees him kicks Julie and takes her cookie? “Jimmy, give Julie back her cookie, apologize to her in from of the class, and I will call your mom and dad and tell them that you said to the girl you were sorry.”  This is not just Ferguson revisited. The devil is in the details in every K-12 school in American! Get to work, people, turn your peaceful demonstrations in every America city into a slogan that will work to change our schools, “Fire Mr. D. the chairman of the board.”

Ferguson: A difficult psychological analysis of our level of moral development.

November 25, 2014

Having taught morality in college for 26 years, I can tell you that very few higher education students ever got an “A” in exams on the subject of what is Justice? The subject is psychologically problematic to learn because most of the concepts involved are culture-specific! At this point, having read this first sentence, you may already ask, Dr. Kinarthy, what do you mean by culture-specific concepts? Well, I will take you through the process of learning about justice on the condition that you read my posting 3 times over and then go to Google and read what Piaget and Kohlberg wrote about moral stages of development of an individual, community or nation.

At this point if you are not offended by my “professorial” approach and decide to move on to a more “garden variety” blogs, please turn on your printer and make a copy of my posting. If you don’t have a printer, take a pen and copy the definitions that follow the story. My definitions of concepts are simple, behavioral and understandable, something I couldn’t say I found about most definitions of these terms on the Internet:

You have all read the Biblical story of Cain killing Abel in Genesis. Let me put it for you in a moral perspective: Cain’s aggressive and violent behavior was triggered by his envy of what his brother Abel possessed (many sheep),  as compared to what Cain had (a barn land that grew weed). When both brothers offered what they grew to God and God preferred Abel’s grilled lamb with its aroma to Cain’s few shoots of grass, Cain got jealous and killed his brother. God’s justice and verdict ordered Cain to leave his homeland and community and he had to go and face the first culture-specific rejections and revenge in human history:

Justice: The objective attainment of a decision of guilt or innocence in a situation based on facts and observable behavior by an appointed body of trained professionals. The British system of justice that the US adopted in 1776 does not require that the appointed body be of trained professionals, therefore, justice in the United States of America cannot be objective, albeit it is still the closest to “objective” of all the other justice systems on earth.

Verdict: The objective attainment of a decision to punish or not to punish, and the kind of punishment in a situation based on a decision or guilt or innocence as was attained by a body of trained professionals.  The British system of justice that the US adopted in 1776 does not require the appointment of trained professionals decide the justice, verdict or punishment, thus the outcome of every court case in the United States of America political, it is in the subjective mind of untrained “peer” group handling complex data.

Revenge: The emotional decision to punish a person, group or destroy property on the basis of moral realism  feeling that they deserve the punishment. 

Envy: A feeling inadequacy and a low self-esteem as a result of having an attitude that you deserve to have what other people have without working for it.

Jealousy: A feeling of inadequacy and a low self-esteem as a result of having a moral realism attitude that you deserve to take what other people have because you believe that they have taken or will soon take what you have. 

Intentionality: A positive attitude of meaning. The subjective intentional assessment of goodness or badness and the attempt of creating a positive behavior of abundance of material resources, love, happiness, health and wealth  in any situation or relationship (10% of humanity).  

Moral Relativity: The attainment of  a post-cultural specific moral decision-making process with its appropriate level of verbal and physical behaviors , in any mental, physical, cultural, religious, spiritual, political, economic and relationship situation fed by understanding of intentionality!

About Ferguson: I hope I have helped some of you to see clearly what happened in Ferguson about justice and why. The goal should be to recreate the true high-school!!

The 10% Rule saves lives!

November 19, 2014

No, you won’t get a description of the 10% in a psychology textbook. i wrote about it in my blogs when I felt that it was applicable to advance your career, use your real estate guy more effectively or be a better therapist or professor. The 10% Rule simply says that in any situation when you receive information, the best data (top 10%) that could make a difference in your situation will not be coming your way unless you are ready and ask. And, readiness for the top info. depends on a tabula rasa attitude. 

I was shopping at Costco pharmacy and a lady standing next to me picked up a bottle of Omega 3-6-9 while I reached  for a bottle of Omega 3. You see, Omega 9 causes cancer by stimulating chronic inflammation in the body while Omega 3 prevents the inflammation, fights schizophrenia, depression and with ALA helps you lose weight and prevent heart attack. I grabbed my Omega 3 bottle and left, not saying a word to the lady, would you? You may, but with me I am not in the business of confusing Costco shoppers with my darned 10% Rule. Personally, I don’t even think that people with cancer would even take a workshop on Omega 9 if I offered it free in a community center! After teaching college for 27 years, I had no more than 7 students out of 30,000 who came to my office after lecture to ask about “the professor’s 10% rule,” and 8 of them said, “Is it in the textbook? or would it be on the exam?”

Am I cynical? You bet I am. The 10% Rule can help cure your cancer, make you rich and get you the love you want, but you’d have to change your behavior. You’d have to ask again and again the right question untill the information source releases the top data to you (90% of the time they don’t know it’s the top info.). People go to my website on how I cured my stage 4 cancer in 5 months, but so what? Nothing happens. Will you be the first one? I hope so but I doubt it! Why? Check Google for the German word Zeitgeist and you will know the power of the mood of the times. Orson Wells said once, “No apple will ripe before its time.”

The psychological reason why Michael Brown died?

November 15, 2014

I was completely amazed when I arrived in the United States from Israel to study psychology at UCLA how the American culture completely ignored 2 key factors in human relations, 1) How significant is behavior profiling in solving crime, and 2) How significant is cultural background in understanding why crime happens.

It’s ironic. In Israel behavior profiling saves lives and protects citizens. In American people think that behavior profiling is racial profiling. It is not!  This hypersensitivity and lack of cognitive distinction skill (CDS) is the reason Ferguson police department broke the law and did not release the report by officer Wilson and the police department about the killing of Michael Brown – as required by law! The struggle between the police officer and Michael Brown is a behavior, not a racial concept! This behavior is called in psychology a role conflict dyadic behavior (RCDB) and is easy to analyse (behavior you can observed and described). It is not a racial confrontation or racial profiling (concepts you can’t see) as the American culture believes (One solution is to change the curriculum in American schools and start teaching reality more than conceptual stuff).

The second new concept in human relation is cultural background, which is ignored and not taught correctly in American schools either. The white and black races living in America had a totally different historical experience that determine hoe they see things. The white race moved west, shot attacking Indians and built towns, city halls and police departments. The black race was kidnapped from a chaotic land called Africa, shipped to America to build slavery and finally gained basic freedom by confrontation with white authority. If officer Wilson was a black officer in the same situation, the chance for a deadly confrontation would have been reduced by half. If all the people in the convenient store were black the chance for Michael Broun to misbehave and break the law would have been reduced by half. If officer Wilson and Michael Broun grew up and went to an American school that taught history and psychology right, the chance for the deadly confrontation would have need reduced again (lots of if’s), and finally, the black community is looking for vengeance (understandable, based on their history), while the white community is looking for political due process (not much justice in politics either). One day American will solve all its problems. As an immigrant in 1960, I discovered the American dream, I was lucky, my Jewishness was not on my skin, in my pocket-book or on my nose. It was in my smart behavior!

How to double your energy and live longer.

November 13, 2014

I am 78, look 50 and beat 2 cancers. I am highly informed.  Yesterday, I Picked up Sencha and Matcha green tea while looking at the “junk” uninformed shoppers were picking up at Costco. I felt bad for our educational system. Suddenly I realized that the good life really depends on what you will know in the future that is available now! Imagine getting your information from a Zeta Reticuli, Planet B health expert (it’s a real place), or let’s say knowledge from an advanced planet or from information we will one day have ourselves – that is available now to those who know science well!!

Being true to my super blog not to inundate you with luring “internet stuff” but give you the solid best info that science has, here is something exciting that for me has been just what I do for years. Did you know that ALAmax is the first step? Alpha Lipoic Acid stimulates the production of Mitochondrial energy cells and they in turn helps you live longer? I won’t mention the other incredible things that the mitochondria does, like help you lose weight, because it’s spooky and I don’t want you flabbergasted. Well, since I mentioned Zeta Reticuli, Planet B, let just say that If you are a real Torah scholar you’d know that Methuselah lived 960 years because he had a lot of – mitochondrial cells that started deteriorating in following generations untill a 1000 later Moses lived only 120 years and you will live about 80 (90 if you are smart). Read my next segment on getting your water more wet so it can reach tiny vessels in your body and heal you. Do you want to be a septuagenarian, I am here to help with knowledge you can’t even imagine exists. You are lucky to find my blog in the midst of a primitive jungle of blogs!