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Know the nature of the beast! Democrats-socialists and Republicans-Americans.

November 25, 2016

The democrats-socialists of Obama-Hillary lost the 2016 election but don’t kid yourself they will never give up trying to take the country back away from freedom by any mean they can!!  That is the nature of the socialist beast. They never give up. The known groups on earth that can never give up are Fascists, Communists and Islamists. Let me add the Socialists to this “august” group because they are also fanatic in their belief that they have the answer to the salvation of humanity. We know that Nazi Germany got defeated militarily in second world war and that was the only reason they were gone. We know that left-wing communists in the Soviet Union got defeated economically and politically by republican Reagan and the United States and that was why they are gone.

We need to know that left-wing democrats-socialists Clinton-Obama socialism movement will lose fighting individualism, freedom and prosperity only if Trump as president and the capitalists in congress and the republican party can form a counter movement to the democrats-socialists and succeed in the next 4 years in appointing 2-3 conservative Supreme Court justices and also succeeded in the next 4 years in dismissing socialist college professors and HS teachers who undermined the US Constitution in the classrooms of America.  These teachers and professors have created a generation of Bernie’s Children age 18 to 30 afraid of leaving parental home (or government paternalistic programs) and carving for themselves a free and individualistic great American life style. These dependent personalities want to continue parental support through government programs. They could never make America great again. They follow Bernie’s and Hillary’s “stronger together” slogan to control America with more alien numbers. Can you imagine a big union of adults who behave like kids voting in 2020 to join the European Union?! Beware of the inflating “stronger together” slogan, its sinister and its coming to haunt us! They never give up. Know the nature of the beast.


Is Trump being underestimated?

November 21, 2016

“If Trump adopts a hostile policy towards Iran or scraps the deal Obama signed, hard-liners and particularly the IRGC will benefit from it,” a former reformist official said. This quote caught my eye somewhere on the Internet. If it was a true quote by an Iranian reformist, let me analyse it for you:

The way the quote was written indicates that the person who wrote the quote expects Trump as president of the United States to be hostile toward Iran. The writer also assumed that may be Trump could be deter from scraping the Obama deal with Iran that mostly benefits Iran. I do not think that right-winger Trump would be afraid of the Iranian hard-liners’ reaction, may be leftists Obama and Carter would but not right-winger Trump. The writer makes an unwarranted generalization about American presidents as soft dudes because some where.

Being a psychologist who read all Trump’s books, especially “Think Big and Kick Ass” I would predict that most hard-liners in most countries that hate the US would treat Trump and the United States with great respect for the next 4 years. Why would anyone want to get his ass kicked?  However, as a psychologist I must also say that some hardliners may want to test Trump how hard he could kick ass.

Don’t you think the next 4 years with strong man Trump at the helm would be more interesting than 4 years with  weak woman Hillary at the helm? I am not a sexist, to me Margaret Thatcher the British PM could have been as tough as any Trump, but not Hillary, are you kidding? That woman has a lot of bs but no b….s. I rest my case. Any responses?

Trump: “I will drain the swamp.” Here is what he meant!

November 14, 2016

Hillary lost because she called infiltrators who entered your home country without your permission law-abiding aliens who need your tax money (paternalism) more than US veterans need help! Hillary was the “Queen of the Swamp” and thought she was entitled to bring the crap into the White House!  50 million Americans voted for her because they believed that an executive order by likable Obama was more good for the country than our own laws! Were the swamp people mostly adults who never grew up? My bookthink so, I don’t. They were good people causing harm by supporting swamp people without realizing it. Were they deplorable, Trump didn’t think so but they thought of him as deplorable. Many left-wing people are not very nice to people who disagree with them.They tend to be vindictive!

I am reading a book now given to me as a present for my 80th birthday by my dear right-winger friend John, whose occupation is movie business, not psychology. The book is about the psychological causes of political madness on the left (In the last century political madness was mostly on the right, this century it is mostly on the left). To me, these are the people who live in a political swamp but think they live in a Clinton, Obama, Bernie paradise. Many of them are delusional. The author of my book is Lyle H. Rossiter, MD, a well-known psychiatrist! I just finished reading the book and I think it is time to drain the swamp so we can have our country back from the authoritarianism of the left! These people really think that breaking the law is no big thing, anarchy is just a style of living and poverty is good because “I get to help the poor.”  My God, how can you think that empathy is less important than compassion or sympathy! Are you crazy?  Sympathy is nice,  but there is no comparison, dude! The globe is much less important than your homeland and having savings accounts is much less practical than investing. Man, don’t live in the swamp and be a host of all these distorted views that make your life difficult. If you are in the leftist swamp, just get out, stop supporting Obama’ wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or American streets. Stop preparing the US for Hillary’s war against Russia! Stop helping to create a swamp in the European Union! Leave them alone, they are losers with their socialism. Join freedom and prosperity at home, make the United States of American great again. Be smart,  be good and be angry  at the swamp dwellers for a change! Throw away you leftist anxiety about the future!!! And stop calling every person who disagree with you a racist!!! Start believing in God the way He is and not the way they told you She is!!

Trump elected president: what do I have to say in my speech tomorrow?

November 13, 2016

We have a group of 30 people who meet twice a month to discuss a selected topic. Tomorrow’s topic is Trump’s presidency, what to expect? About 20 of my friends are leftists and they see disasters coming. Interesting, their personalities are similar. They believe in saving accounts, Globalism, Socialism, Paternalism – and that life is full of problems. They feel more secure with “Mama government” to help and protect them because they don’t feel secure enough to go out and win, and they hate to become individualists. They love Collectivism, no borders, chaos. About 10 of my friends in my group think from the right. I do not need to tell them that Trump will be a great president. They already know it and already invest in pharmaceuticals and infrastructure and other selected companies  in the stock market (The leftist say, “You’d lose your money.”).  I, for one have closed all my savings accounts since I moved to the right and opened 4 investment accounts. “It’s going to be great to make money with the capitalists in power!”  They know it too and they are optimistic, but I do have to say to the leftist majority at the meeting, like the old song goes, “Be happy, relax, it’s going to be OK.”  You see, leftists are pessimists in their personality. They are nervous people because they don’t believe in lines, borders, boundaries, etc.  They are guided  by their anxieties since they left mama home, fear about their own chaos, you don’t believe me, check out what they say to you in the street and you will notice the fear behind almost every sentence!  “Trump will push the button and kill us all.” Leftists are like kids, they never grew up completely. Most of them are not wealthy because they save, not invest (too risky). They want the sure thing – They don’t “pray” that Trump will behave, they know he won’t! Well, he is not going to behave the way the left want him to behave. He is angry, as most right-wing people are because the left makes terrible decisions and then blame the right when the consequences at home or in the country turn bad.


Psychologist claims: The 2016 election is about Fear vs. Anger!

November 8, 2016

I have always been a different kind of psychologist with mavarick ideas. I wrote 2 books on the psychology of investing based on CEO behavior rather than economic balance sheet. My system could earn from 10% up to 40% capital gains per year if the right CEO was picked. I am now writing 2 more books, one on how I cured my 2 cancers (I spoke at the University in Berlin on my “system” last year (Google, under Yin/Yang) and the other one on the socialist personality vs. the capitalist personality.

Most people know that perception or how you see things is based on upbringing. Some people know that personality is basically an attitude and most people have a distinct personality either with basic leftist perceptions (socialism) or with basic rightist perceptions (capitalism). What most people don’t know is that left oriented individuals usually make decisions based on fear of something either subliminal or overt and that right oriented individuals make decisions based on anger of something either overt or subliminal. For example, if you are afraid that your loved one may get into a car accident by the way he drives lately you may misplace the key to his car (subliminal anxiety). If you are angry at the way he treated someone you may hide his car keys intentionally (overt hostility) or forget where you put them (covert hostility). In short, any human behavior is motivated by something that a good psychologist can discover and get rid of!

Here is the bombshell: Most people (except some behavioral psychologists) don’t know that left-wing people are motivated by fear or anxiety about money, their social life and actually everything they perceive so they strive a lot for safety in group! On the other hand, right-wing people are individualistic. They are motivated by anger or hostility that directs their perceptions. Theoretically speaking, I could have guided Trump to win the presidency of the United States if he hired me 6 months ago to help him rewrite all his speeches, not so much how corrupt was Hillary Clinton but how her decisions as a president could cause the American voter during her 4 years in office lose thing: His/her health benefits, love relations, social security income, college opportunities, freedom of friends in jail, family rejection, lose someone to terror, deterioration of the nice neighborhood, lose your job or reduced pay, your tax money given to foreign governments or God knows what. If  Trump hammered in those possible calamities for 6 months he could make the left leaning voters (mostly young) so anxious that they would stay home during the election because Bernie was not available! Also, if Trump could make the fearful ones angry for losing things they may also not vote for her (but making an anxious person angry is an art that Trump doesn’t have). But, he could make the undecided voters less anxious by presenting himself as more good for you and predictable than Hillary.

In summary, Trump had more psychological chances to change minds from Hillary to him than she had to change minds from Trump to her. But, as far as you are concerned, I just gave you an opportunity to evaluate Hillary in the White House for the next 4 years. Your good life will depend on how often she makes mistakes in judgment! In fact, specifically, how often she acts out of fear or anxiety will determine how your life will proceed in the next four years! Bingo!

President Trump or President Clinton? Who is worse?

November 7, 2016

The stock market is up by 300 points today a day before the presidential election of 2016. The smart analysis why is seeing a factor that probably covers 50% of the variance – need for stability. Hillary’s polls are up significantly and investors expect her to be elected president tomorrow. Investors win! Hillary’s policies are well-known, she and her husband have been running things in the US government for 30 years. The results were that almost every achievement for the American people Obama or the Clintons wanted didn’t happened. Their socialist decision-making skills killed progress! What they tried to accomplish – was not accomplished!

Investors are usually wealthy people in the first place. They are much wealthier today because of the Clinton’s and Obama’s decisions. Ten trillion dollars out of the 20 trillion the US owes (your poor kids) to China and others is today in  the pockets of rich and powerful people (Clinton’s global friends) who manufactured and provided services all over the world that were not beneficial to hard-working American voters at all (you were manipulated). The rich got richer and the poor got poorer on the backs of the American middle and lower classes! The only reason women,  Blacks and Latinos would still vote for Hillary as president is that they don’t connect the dots about Trump or Hillary. Why don’t they connect the dots? They can’t understand that Hillary would destroy hope for a better life for people who already have less because of her poor skill in making the right decisions for the country. She wants more than anything to improve poor people’s lives but she can’t! She is a socialist and as such she must keep minorities poor so they would need her paternalism and it makes her feel good as a benefactor! If blacks and Latinos were all middle class and didn’t need her she would lose their support. They will all go to Community colleges and learn a trade that would pay much better than government checks! She would lose all the power. Further, if she stopped being a “globalist” and put all her energy to improved American lives instead, she would lose all her friends in the EU, God forbids! Tomorrow is the day she is crowned by poor people who don’t understand that they would put their foot in their month by voting for her. Yet, they won’t vote for Trump because he instills fear in people (he can’t speak as eloquently as Obama). Who wants risk? He may make a great president only on his 4th year in office but not on the first 3 because the country is a mess and needs drastic measures to heal! Would be hell for a while, like a storm before sunshine. The market will go down, the world will be pissed off, who wants all that? We rather have Hillary in the WH without taking the Trump risk. We Americans are used to suffering, after all we grew up during Vietnam, Korean war, Iraq, etc, wars and assassinations. Our young like chaos, look how they are dressed, who likes borders, green hair, etc. We will put Obama and the Clinton’s in charge again to get more of the same leftist crap!

2016 is damn if you do and damn if you don’t!

The Amona Law.

November 3, 2016

“The High Court had previously ruled that houses built on land claimed by Palestinians, even if those claims are unsubstantiated, must be demolished and cannot be rebuilt for as long as a decade, as evidence is gathered regarding ownership. The court in 2014 reaffirmed its earlier ruling and insisted that all the buildings on the site be demolished.” Let me paraphrase this quote from the Internet related to the Amona Law: “The Supreme Court of Israel appointed by a previously leftist-wing government with a leftist Knesset majority accepted Palestinian claims that Jewish homes in the city of Amona in Sumeria and Judea (West Bank) should be demolished. Their logic was that the land of Amona was intended in 1948 as part of a future Palestinian state that never happened because the Arabs declared war on Israel and lost (The court rejected the idea that if a country loses a war it may lose also a territory). Therefore, the leftist SC decided that the Palestinians who claimed the land of Amona did not have to show Deeds of ownership of the land before the evictions. A 2014 leftist Supreme Court decision reaffirmed the previous court decision.

Israel’s new voters (many Russian immigrants who suffered under the leftist Soviet Union) voted into office the present right-wing Israeli government. It is a right-wing government with a strong right-wing majority in the Knesset. The right-wing Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked is now legally changing certain Knesset rules under her jurisdiction to be able to appoint 2-3 new right-wing Supreme Court justices in order to reverse the decisions of the old leftist Supreme Court about who owns land in Israel. The right-wing “Amona Law” if passed by the Knesset and approved by the rightist “new SC” will “freeze” the process of evicting Amona residents for a few years untill the tilt to the right of the Israeli population is complete.

The future appears to belong to a Jabotinsky right-wing group that believes that Israel is all of West Palestine and it had not stated that way in 1948 only because of leftist politics.  The Jabotinsky populace believes in equal rights for all citizens of Israel regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, etc. It appears that not withstanding all the legal and political delays at the end of the day the Amona Law will pass and its Jewish residents will live in peace. It also appears that at the end of the day all the non-Jewish residents of Israel who abide by the laws will get their land and other equal rights depending on having Deeds to lands.

The issue of left vs. right values exist in every country. The left is always absolutely committed to keep darker skin minorities as dependent on government for their  existence, whether it is in Israel, Canada, Romania or the US. This is called Paternalism in Psychology and leftist governments spend tax payer money on that endeavor making left-wing people feel that they are good people (they are not).  The right, on the other hand, is absolutely committed to integrate darker skin minorities to become educated independent citizens and not depend on government for their livelihood. The right believes in helping people to become a part of freedom and prosperity indistinguishable from any other group of citizens. You can say that the left is racist but please let not complicate things in Israel, please, look at what the left has done to American, real sad!