The psychology behind UFOs!

As a college professor of psychology and parapsychology in California I have had an entertaining blog about UFOs and other paranormal phenomena for years, but that blog isn’t the place to explain the psychology behind UFOs to serious people who follow my serious blogs about how to make money or improve relationships.

Here are the facts about the  UFO phenomenon and the politics that spin them, ones and for all!

I  cite my credentials so you will take what I say seriously. As a parapsychologist I have communicated over the years with Astronomer-physicist Stanton Friedman, psychic Uri Geller and Noetic Science author Jeremy Mishlove, among others. Studying the subject of UFOs for 26 years, I have had  “Blue-Book” experts, military, ex-military and nonmilitary as guest speakers in my college classes. I want you to keep an open mind because what I am going to say next is not “politically correct”!

1. Almost 100% of all the UFO pictures and the stories that go with them are either identifiable air phenomena or are concocted by people who want attention, find clever ways to make money, and feel powerful fooling the public.  Only two unidentified flying saucers came throughout history from outer space, but they were identified by various means. Stanton Friedman studied the one that landed in Rosewall, New Mexico in 1947. He thinks that it came from Zeta Reticuli and I think that it came from alpha Centauri. An earlier UFO that landed in the Azores during Neanderthal time  30,000 years ago can be studied only indirectly through Greek mythology, the Old Testament, esoteric books on the antediluvian world, and psychic readings by Edgar Cayce.

2. The increased preoccupation by the media (humanity) with UFOs lately is a result of fear as to what will happen to earth in 2012 when all the heavenly bodies between the Milky Way’s Galactic core and Earth line up. If a third real UFO lands on earth at that time it may be as a response to a cataclysmic event on earth (similar to the 1947 UFO landing in New Mexico at the start of the Atomic age).

3. Government cover-up and conspiracy theories are mostly  “zeitgeist.” The mood of the time is to believe in government cover-up rather than realize our own culpability why UFO being don’t reveal themselves to us. Furthermore, conspiracy theories are more exciting to read than for us to do a mia culpa about our behavior toward strangers. These humans from outer space have analysed our TV shows and came to the conclusion that if a UFO landed on the White House lawn, its cosmonauts would be crucified. According to cultural anthropology we humans are a 6-year-old savage kid on the phylogenetic scale.

4. I will respond on the UFO subject only to serious comments on the mia culpa question.


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One Response to “The psychology behind UFOs!”

  1. Jon Kinarthy Says:

    I completely agree with you on point #3.

    Also, please site your sources regarding all the heavenly bodies lining up between the galactic core and earth in 2012.

    Thank you.

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