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The case against democracy

May 30, 2015

I was sitting at the marina coffee shop with a friend a retired professor of law from the university of Toronto discussing the Messiah Complex (MC). The MC is a quest for a savior that had become a part of every suffering religion and culture in history. It is a juvenile dream. The powerful Romans tortured the Jews during the awful  2 centuries after the crucifixion of the  renamed Jesus messiah (he knew himself as Joshua), as if it wasn’t enough what they did to Jerusalem before 200 AD. A charismatic Rabbi named Bar Kosiba declared himself the Jewish redeemer, gathered half a million “feeble worrier” for a false Messiah around him and declared war on the strong Romans because he believed the “Right makes might,” Idiot! The Romans massacred all of them. Thank you, Rabbi Kosiba, idiot!

My posting today is not about half a million idiots who followed a Jewish colt leader who is today revered in Judaism but about a billion idiot who today vote in elections and think that they know what they are doing. These are the people who believe in democracy “as is” and vote for leaders like Wilson (“war to end all wars”) Nixon (“Watergate?” I am still not a crook.”), Bush (“Mission accomplished”), Clinton (“I had no sex with that woman.”) and Obama (“The United States has no manifest destiny. It is just a country like any other country.”).

What has all these presidents who can’t think to do with my smart professor? He was knowledgeable and eloquent and he thinks. He had earned the right to vote. I am sure if the common voters out there looking today at the  20 republican candidates for 2016 were as knowable as my professor they would be able to vote for leaders that would make decisions that would result in us having a better life. I really believe that to make democracy work you should earn the right to vote by going to school and getting good grades. The rest of you who vote, if you voted for any person on the list of “valueless” president above, you should disqualify yourself as a voter in fed elections. I don’t vote because there are no Teddy Roosevelt running any longer in this feeble country that needs to grow up! Did you ever have the feeling by looking at adults behavior that most are stuck at age 18!

CNN expert: Terrorists tend to behave normal!

May 5, 2015

Every day I get up at 9 AM and turn on the TV. Watching CNN is the fastest way for me to wake up fully alert because I am guaranteed to hear and see the best believable absurdities on CNN.  Yesterday it was about terror in Texas, today its is about a conference on terrorism. But today the so-called “news” topped them all when an “expert” on CNN declares that terrorists act normal untill they commit a terror act. Freud, Skinner and million other psychologists who researched that body language, gestures, facial expressions are a give away, let alone verbal expressions would object. I have alway suspected that society doesn’t believe in psychological research except when it comes to the distorted “professional” opinions of “selected” psychiatrists in some court cases!

Listen, you don’t need to be a psychologist to know that any behavior by any human being gives out signals and has antecedents and consequences. A good interpretation of the electronic Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) can even tell you the probability of a divorce within the first 7 years of your marriage (you call it the 7 years itch). The whole existence of psychology is to predict the probability of future behaviors. CNN makes me feel with its selection of “experts” that the human race still lives in the Neanderthal’s caves when it comes to knowing future behavior. A terrorist is boarding a plane with the intention to blow it up. Chances are that a million dollars sophisticated electronic detection device will not pick him up but a well-trained 22-year-old girl will! All it takes is for her to graduate from a community college program designed by a behavioral psychologist. But it won’t happen.  I spoke at the University of Valencia, Spain how a behavioral psychologist could help reduce the 25% unemployment in Spain and no PhD in the room responded. I felt like a PC salesman trying to sell an Apple to a caveman.

I will stop here because there may be no point to continue unless you say that there is, after all Obama’s behavior itself indicates that he doesn’t believe that his behavior is leading to the terrible consequences in and out of the world. He doesn’t connect the dots that his behavior as CEO of the USA lead to the mess we are in and that it is time to change like he had promised 8 years ago. Well, Barak, let start with you adopting  a simple rule that will help you help others live a better life: Behavioral profiling is necessary in your life if you want to surround yourself with people who will help people advance in the world. And, the first behavioral profiling Americans should do is about who to marry, who to work with and who to befriend! Unfortunately, half of you already know thatfrom personal experience! Better luck to the other half! Study body language!

Texas shooting: Social media new linguistics.

May 4, 2015

It’s 10 AM, I got up and turned on CNN and Wolf  was saying, “The police is analysing the 2 dead gunmen emails.” I laughed because I know 100% that most police officer don’t even know what “philology” is. How can anyone in America analyse the emails of terrorists if they never studied language in a new way? As a college psychology professor for 27 years I can tell you that most freshman students don’t even know that thinking is not a behavior! What is inciting to riot? Can cursing someone be incitement to riot if people lynch you for that? What’s worse to say, “You are stupid,” or to say “go to hell?” Some young people will punch you in the face for just staring at them too long. Is that incitement or they are just were angry and immature? Can you cause incitement without a behavior?

Time for Social Media to really be analysed!  SM is a source of information that can made a smart community college president somewhere in American initiate developing a new 2 year associate degree called “The psychological meaning of words.” Technical analysis of language is the only way to know scientifically if you incited to riot or not, planned to kill or not, fool around with words or was serious about your intention or motivation to harm (2 totally different meanings). Yes, we are talking about stuff from the 22nd century, but why not? Don’t everyone wants to be smarter, not just stupid psychologists? Bet you if Obama took such in a community college course the country would have less violent! He doesn’t understand that the way he uses words create a lot of false expectations in America.