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The 10% Rule to greater success and happiness!

February 25, 2016

You know that I cured my cancer using the 10% Rule! There is a big irony in my story. A 40-year-old lady called me from Dr. Chen’s clinic in California and said, “I took your psychology 101 class twenty years ago. I should have listened to you. Now I have cancer. What do I do?” I said, “Don’t be hard on yourself. People don’t listen to professors because they don’t really know who has the best information – on any topic. It is not too late. Check me out on Google, find my blogs and websites and plan better, after all you did go to see my best friend in California Dr. Chen, who is the best doctor for what he does.”

The 10% Rule says that in any situation the best 10% data that can make the big difference in your life is not readily available unless you know how to ask for it.”

I will now give you the 10% information that you can apply to any situation and get the answer why people do what they do to you or to each other. By nature of the definition it will not appear in any book or psychology textbook unless you know how to ask for it. You will be able to apply it only if you know how to ask for it. This catch 22 prevents many people from benefitting from the 10% data I am about to give you. I hope that you are not one of them. The way to know if you are applying it is to look at your life every day for the next 20 years and find out that you don’t have a major problem and don’t need to call me!

Here it is:

When you deal with people from this moment on, look for 2 kinds of behaviors, those that will do things for you unconditionally and those that will do things for you conditionally. Do not get close to those that do things for you unconditionally. You will not progress. You will lose initiative and also stay dependent, and many other problems. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Then look for the other kind of behavior, those that will do things to protect their family and nation unconditionally and those that will do things to protect their family and nation conditionally. Do not get close to those who would do things for their family and nation conditionally. You will not progress. Without protecting and building your family and nation you will fail to advance. These 2 kinds of behaviors are the “hidden” 10% information about everything about your life. It applies to millions of situations. Invite the new person in your life to interact with your family to see how he behaves with them, for example. Now, if you have the courage to reflect, look at your life and find those situations that hinder your progress and discover the culprit. Do it right based on the 2 rules that I have just given you! Be a winner!

One key and four psychological reasons president Trump is good for your future, if the key……

February 24, 2016
  1. The key: If you could calm your mind protesting Trump’s anti norm behavior and vote for him on instinct (I estimate that before you read this posting only about 10% of you could do this mental trick of ignoring their naturally pessimistic mind and vote for that “scary” but optimistic man. After reading this posting more of you would ignore your pessimistic mind (I don’t know how many more).
  2. Reason 1: Having a lot of MONEY:  A self-made billionaire is a proven success story. His predictive behavior would be acknowledged as a criterion validity in any scientific conference on leadership.
  3. Reason 2: Being a family man:  A person who succeeded keeping a cohesive family with good relationship with his grown up kids from 2 ex-wives exhibits a profound talent in negotiation, communication, generosity and having good human values. Reagan divorced a wife that was not empowering his great potential and married Nancy who empowered him to the governorship of California and then to the presidency of the United States. Behind every successful man there is an empowering woman and behind every successful woman there is an empowering man.
  4. Reason 3: Abrasive trait: Leaders who strive to reach the top in society as CEO’s, presidents, prime ministers, respected mates, great mothers and fathers, must have strong personality to stay optimistic no matter what (Weak personalities become pessimists), having to face tough opponents. an abrasive trait, self-confidence, assertiveness, a slight M. ALI arrogance, exuding personality trait of power goes a long way in feeling secure, getting respect and winning for your business and country. Let me give you the clincher for your own leadership’s success and optimism: Learn to step on the psychological toes of people who are in a relationship with you. Instinctively they will accept you as an authority on the subject at hand (my maximum is a finger poke on the chest of a partner, my minimum is, “By the way, your wife called” or “Don’t worry, I won’t tell.”  Ask me to write a book on “A thousand ways to step on your opponent’s psychological toes to gain authority and respect,” and I may do it because I was a push over when I was young!

Is Trump a conservative, ones for all!

February 17, 2016

What is a conservative? Cruz says that Trump is not a conservative. The RNC agrees. Ones for all, what is a conservative? I happened to believe that psychology has the answer because psychology studies behavior and personality. Is Trump is a conservative?

A conservative is a right-wing personality that believes that your country comes first before any other country. A left-wing liberal personality is the opposite, believes that your country does not come first because it negates the 2 left-wing ideals of multiculturalism and internationalism. After all it isn’t nice to be selfish, we are all equal, Syria is just as human as the USA. Trump motto. “let’s make American great again,” is a conservative rejection of Obama’s idea of, “Let’s make America equal to other countries. Trump revives “manifest destiny” and Obama tries to kill it. A conservative is a right-wing personality that believes that prosperity of a nation depends on capitalism and the freedom to create. A liberal is a left-wing personality believes that prosperity of a country depends on savings, austerity programs and distribution of wealth, all done with big government control and socialism. A conservative believes in individuality and initiative, a liberal believes in collectivism and paternalism. A conservative will keep lawless and dangerous people and people who break the law out of your country, a liberal will invite them in and try to change their bad behavior with kindness and welfare. A conservative thinks of his nation as his home and family, a liberal think of his nation as a community to be organized along the lines of other communities. A conservative is a nationalist, a liberal is a community organizer who believes in doctors without borders!

Is Trump a conservative?

You bet your IQ that he is!

What is Obama?_____

President Obama just made a “State of the Union” speech against Trump!

February 17, 2016

Right now a CNN panel of “experts” are debating whether Obama derogatory speech against Trump will take votes away from Trump or will add votes to Trump’s campaign? It appears that Obama is more afraid of Trump than he is afraid of Netanyahu! This is the first time in history that a sitting president takes time to speak on national TV against a republican who is not even nominated yet by his party to run against Obama’s friend Hillary!

Hey, let’s do a psychological analysis together: If a person of a lesser status is invited to dinner by a king, would he gain stature from others? Will his business improve, social life boom and self-confidence climb? If Obama criticized YOU on TV, would you gain things from that or lose things from that? Now you know the answer. Tomorrow’s poll will show that more people believe that Trump has a closer chance to become president because otherwise why would a sitting president even bother with him so early in the same? Would Obama pay a hoot about the Bushy right now? Or the others? But Trump, first he dominated the media and now he dominates the White House circles. My God, the guy is a genius. He will attract more voters because of Obama that lose voters because the president paid attention to a real estate foul mouth. Soon you will have president Putin of Russia call Trump for a friendly chat to disarm Trump and preempt future problems with a super powerful president Trump.

By the way, Obama believes strongly that he makes better decisions than Trump could ever do. That is a presidential delusion. If Trump ever set a red line for Assad use of chemical weapons and the Syrian president used them, would he still be president of Syria? Obama, your leadership is a hot air balloon!

I cured my 2 cancers. The Brits and BBC are still searching!

February 16, 2016


This true story is unbelievable, so if you are a cynical person you’d think that I am hallucinating a fantasy. Well, I couldn’t be delusional as a psychologist without knowing it. I had prostate cancer and bone cancer stage 4 terminal in 2011. I refused Chemotherapy in Victoria, BC and flew to Cologne, Germany for immune treatment in Dr. Robert Gorter’s clinic. My last 4 MRI’s and blood tests show that I have no cancer. I spoke at the University of Berlin last year about my healing cancer “system” (You can watch it onGoogle. Type: Dr. Elior Kinarthy, cancer, Berlin). Dr. Gorter wanted to speak in Victoria, BC about my case and his treatment but the oncologists in Victoria refused.

The reason I am posting this is that I just saw on the BBC that the Brits just did a study, using the same immune treatment protocol that Dr. Gorter used to cure my cancer, as if they are the first in history to discover it!!! I suppose one day when cancer research catches up with Dr. Gorter’s work they’ll invite him to speak all over the world. By then Victoria will beg him to come and speak here. I will suggest to him to decline. We don’t want to talk to people who don’t have insight and don’t keep up with cancer research. Sad that cancer research today is a political game. Meantime, I’ll be 80 this year, totally healthy and celebrating life, hoping that the professionals will soon catch up with Dr. Gorter’s treatment of cancer and Dr. Kinarthy’s “system.”. Hi BBC, wake up!

The most important vacancy in history!

February 14, 2016

The title of this posting is an understatement. The live or die choices are two, either the republicans will vote for a republican president while congress succeed in delaying by 11 months the appointment of a conservative replacement for Antonin Scalia, the arch conservative supreme court justice who died today, or the democrats will succeed in replacing Scalia with a liberal judge that may make the supreme court permanently voting 5/4 to approve forever gay marriage, institute abortion rights, welcome illegal immigration, welcome in terrorists unknowingly, widen paternalism and refugee rights, create a welfare state, print money and mess up the economy, triple the size of government, bankrupt our nation, raise a socialist generation and changes the US constitution that would make the EU life and ours the same, very unhappy. The results: US WILL fight more wars of multiculturalism, become weak like any other troubled country without borders, confusion will be led by power-hungry Hillary Clinton. One more liberal SCJ and we live in a miserable Armageddon!

What will happen in the next 11 months will affect your kids! It all depends on YOU, the American people. If you are smart you know that the most important vacancy in history is up for grabs, and it’s not just another opening. If you are brilliant you will vote for a great president too: Rubio, Cruz or Trump, but not a third Bush or a second Clinton or a first Sanders! Whatever you decide, life will go on for poor, good, better or best future. Vote for BEST. Whatever you do, don’t regret your vote, excusing it later would not do!