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Arizona, here I come!

June 26, 2012

Hey, don’t be (act) as uninformed as President Obama, aspirant Romney or the 9 SC justices. You know better than these people how to judge “racial profiling.” It is a lot more simple than CNN experts thinks, let alone most of you. Think for a moment…I’ll tell you the truth about it and if you knew it before I told you the truth, consider yourself smart (without a PhD and 40 years experience analysing human behavior.

If a cop in Arizona stops your car speeding (your behavior), looks at your Mexican appearance and asks you for an ID card, is he “profiling” you? Is he checking you out because your ethnicity or because you were speeding? There is no answer but a legal answer and it will always be because of your behavior. If a cop in Arizona looks at your Mexican appearance and asks you for an ID card, is he “profiling” you? You bet he is. You don’t need a judge to decide that he does. You need a police chief to fire cop!

You don’t need a PhD to know the difference between behavior and appearance. You need brains. There is a problem is our educational system. Listen, teaching psychology for 26 years, I had students who believed that thoughts are a form of a behavior but the movement of a graph is not, feelings are a form of behavior but the motion of a red blood cell is not, and so on. In my career in counseling I had clients who got married because they thought their partner loved them “in his heart.” Hey, you know what, forget what I wrote above, OK? Just remember the “If it moves, it is a behavior, not a “profile.”  If its behavior is violent, you stopping it is not “profiling.” Don’t  ‘profile’ peacefully behaving people! That’s it!