Super Tuesday is the final exam in this electoral college!

After 27 years as a college professor I can’t help it but give final exams. tomorrow is exam time. I have had in my actual classes “disruptors” of all kinds who called themselves “protestors” of this or that. They didn’t understand the essence of the 1st Amendment in society. I have had in my classes “infiltrators” also who didn’t understand that crossing the border of another country without a VISA is breaking the law. In discussions, I have had students who didn’t understand the essence of the 1st and 2nd Amendments to the US Constitution. Today, these people don’t understand that in the US a vote is the decision maker, that’s what counts, not disruptions and not infiltrations.

Most countries have many people who want to leave for the US as soon as they can. They break their laws there and pay a price. Many families may break the rules of marriage and raising kids bad and pay the price. The USA was different for me. I came to the US as a legal immigrant in 1960. I broke no laws or rules and worked hard and achieved what infiltrators or disruptors only dream of. They hurt the system and themselves by breaking laws and rules. These people don’t understand the meaning of society’s  “law and order” and will hurt their future. The time has come to be a law-abiding citizens and vote instead of riot when you are angry at something.  America can give you a good future if you change your behavior, believe me.  As a psychologist I can tell you that hostility to Donald Trump comes from a mind Buddha called a “disruptor” of truth. Go vote tomorrow if you want change!

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