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T sense of assertiveness or the sense of humility?

March 20, 2016

Very few psychologists retire and open a free blog to help people make this world better. Very few psychologists of my caliber and assertiveness level open a WordPress free blog to help people insist on having a better world. Very few Jewish psychologists of my knowledge and experience in relationships, science and spirituality open a great WordPress blog to really lead people who listen to understand “Tikun Olam.” this Great God Given Glob (GGGG) we live on. The first rule I want you to adopt is the Rule of Clarity: The human Mind is the place where lack of clarity about life has accumulated from the moment of birth, the more humility your parents had the more uncertainty you feel.  The growing human Self or Soul is the place where crystal clarity always exists as the clarity of God about his creation. Did you ever experience a situation where you should have said, “Yes, I would love to see you tomorrow at 7,” and instead you blurted, “I will try to make it, it depends….”  Oy Vey, try to lift a book, you can’t, you can either lift the book or you don’t. The word “Trying” means to the subconscious of the other person that you really don’t want to see him/her. You made a “whishi woshi” decision.  You lost something that could have been great. People with a personality permeated with humility always lose something that could have been beneficial. Lack of clarity and assertiveness is a ticket to all kinds of deprivations in life. It’s funny if not pathetic that people who experience life as Scarcity always believe in poor Austerity programs to fight it, not clarity! And they exhibit a sense of deep humility and envy when they meet assertive people to the point that many say they met an arrogant person (As a psychologist I meet a lot of people on Boards, even on VCRC, my board, who called me arrogant!).  Jealousy hurt relationships, but please, bless your assertiveness, it is worth a lot more in life than changing into humility. The second rule you want to adopt is The Rule of  Black and White: The human Mind is the place in the head where the experience of lack of clarity always leads to a belief in “gray areas,” a doubt about making decisions that work! In other words, people with a mind full of the sense of humility will always lack the assertiveness of making decisions that work. For example. I am very very assertive personality. In 1987 after seeing the movie Toy Story and reading the biography of Lucas and Steven Jobs, I was certain that Pixar and Apple were big winner. I bought shares for $14 each. The rest is history. The belief that life has shades of gray comes from having humility that prevent you from researching the additional information you need to see clarity that the situation is actually black or white. Most people live a life of “quiet desperation,” (check out the term on Google) and start living big time, with clarity, assertiveness and making decisions that work. By the way, in his book “Slow Thinking, Fast thinking,” Dr. Daniel Cahneman, Nobel Price psychologist, 2002, says, “Humans are lazy, you have to nudge them to research things before they decide.”  OK, Daniel, I am nudging my readers, “Hey, dear reader, push your gray areas to the side and find the clarity you need before you decide the major decisions in your life: Who to marry, how to love, how many kids to have, how to raise them with clear values, what clear career to build your life on, who to clearly choose as your 1-3 best friends, what physical activity is clearly the best to do for health and finally, be clear what food and drink to have to prolong your good life (read my next posting too, you’d be amazed).


The second rule I want you to adopt

Dr. Kahneman said it all!

November 10, 2013

It is frustrating to me that I can’t reach you with 40 years of experience as a psychologist. You have become cynical about on-line information. I want so much, brother and sister, to help you to improve your lives that I decided to approach you through the only psychologist who was so knowledgeable that he “stole” the Nobel Price in economics in 2002 and woke up millions of well-meaning economists to look at their hate of psychologists (psychologists could not publish studies in economic journals for 70 years). I figured out that if you can’t listen to Daniel reaching you the whole thing is hopeless.  You are not what we call mind-full or brain-empty. You are much more unique than that. You are probably so brain washed internally that if you looked at your life 10 years ago you would see how it would look like 10 years from now. You live life of quiet desperation without realizing the full meaning of the word. Wake up!

Dr.Kahneman simply said that if you learn how to make decisions (System 2) your life would improve. If you learn how to assess the risk of making those decisions your life would improve even more. And, if you learn how to ignore System 1 while making those decisions your life wold improve the most. Now, get to work making the right decisions under risk in three ares: Your love relationships, your financial situations and your health.


January 9, 2013

Narcissism is preoccupation with one’s body and oneself. It’s healthy. Narcissism includes vanity, belief in one’s good looks and social abilities, selfishness, placing one’s interests above the interests of others (without hurting them), and greed, selfishness at the expense of others – this one is clinical.

Here is the shocker: Narcissism is beneficial to the individual and society unless it is clinical, a fact  that is omitted from the definitions of the word narcissism in dictionaries. What is “clinical”?  This word is 100% important to know for your good life! “Clinical” means that the behavior of narcissism interfere with your ability to “love and work” in society (Google “love and work” to learn what it means). You see, it’s all simple, if you are a psychologist, please don’t complicate the issue. I am a narcissistic psychologist (normal, not clinical). I treat my slim and trim body like it is a temple of God, I make money at 76 like I have a million tomorrows to spend it, I am very skillful socially, I write blogs and websites on everything, I am married to a smart and beautiful woman. I love myself. I adore my identity as narcissist.

Hey, my sweet friend, if you are an obese narcissistic normal, you will lose weight with less effort than the humble fat person will. You want to look sharp. You may feel that you look sharp after losing only 20 lbs. If you are narcissistic normal you talk about yourself a lot but in a way that attracts and entertains others (most people are boring). You accumulate nicer things than others do. You make a great teacher or politician because you love attention. You buy for yourself nicer things than you buy for others. You love to be a great teacher, counselor, tour guide, or what have you. I love narcissistic normals. I  avoid narcissistic clinicals. Hey, listen, the truth will make you free. You can now thank me for helping you understand how the bad part of culture tries to limit our self-love!


May 31, 2011

Yes, that is what the father of Buddhism said about the human mind. Add to that the sayings by the father of Psychoanalysis, Freud, “The mind is the beast in the cellar,” or Aristotle, the great philosopher,  “The mind is the genie in your head,” or Gordon Allport, the great psychologist, “The mind is functionally independent of you,” or the Bible, “The mind always calculates,” or the myriad of other statements about the human mind such as “The disowned Self, the mind that can do anything it wants,’ and you get the picture: YOUR MIND GENERATES ALL THE DECISIONS IN YOUR LIFE, AND THOSE DECISIONS THAT DON’T WORK YOU BLAME –  ON YOURSELF OR OTHERS. YOUR  MIND  CAN RUIN YOUR LIFE AND GET AWAY WITH IT. IF ANYONE EVER DID TO YOU WHAT YOUR MIND DOES TO YOU, YOU WILL DISAVOW YOURSELF FROM THAT PERSON!

Now, the irony of that truth above is that it is so easy to change for the better, to become more wealthy, healthy and happy. Forget Neuro-linguistic Programing (NLP), counseling, psychotherapy, confession, all programs to change the mind. All you need to do is SAY AND DO GOOD THINGS NO MATTER WHAT’S IN YOUR HEAD! You see, there is no way you can change your negative thoughts and feelings except by contrary verbal or nonverbal action! There is no other way.

I am a 75-year-old retired psychologist. Thirty years ago I decided to quit smoking. How did I do it? I changed what I was saying to people, my behavior changed, not my cravings. The cravings disappeared after a week when my MIND realized that I chose to “lie in the service of the truth” as Dr. Brunner, the great psychologist would call it. On the first day without a cigaret, a fried asked me, “Would you like a cigaret?” I said, “No, I have no craving for a cigaret, no desire to smoke, in fact I can’t even smell the smoke in the room anymore.” A week later I said, “Quitting smoking is the easiest thing to do in life.” Everyone turned to look at me (you know the look) because they didn’t know that I was “lying in the service of the truth.” Only my MIND knew that I finally decided to pick up the only psychological tool that is always stronger than the MIND – lying in the service of the truth! My mind changed and became my ally!

I have given you today the most powerful psychological tool to change your life, make more money, have better health and happiness. Remember, what you say can change your life. Telling the truth if its negative will ruin your life (you’ll always wonder but you’ll never know why things don’t work for you). Go for lying but do it the correct way, not your mind’s way. Be careful, your mind will try to take over the process and slay the truth that Buddha just gave you through me. Good luck!

One of you is ready!

March 13, 2011

I mean it. Read a few of my postings. I’m not kidding. You may be the one. I am looking for one of you who is ready to help spread amazing knowledge and later pick up where I leave off; not that I am going to croak, but it may take time grooming a successor for this job. When I am gone one day I want to crossover in peace knowing that you will continue the tradition of telling the truth about life without the spin!

The truth is difficult to believe and I need a few young individuals somewhere out there in the world (may be in China, India, Israel, the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle-East, somewhere) who have an open mind ready to learn the following general truths and start spreading the specific information that is right now withheld (The 10% Rule in my writings):

1. HEALTH: We do now know how to prolong life and eradicate disease, even cancer, heart condition and Alzheimer, but politics is withholding the information from health professionals and the public. I need you!

2. WEALTH: We do know how to eradicate poverty, even how to become wealthy, but government, culture, religion and politics withhold information from business people and the general public. I want you to respond to this posting if you got what it takes to learn to do it right!

3. HAPPINESS: We do now know what it takes to be happy, even all the time, but those who don’t know tend to make a living writing and conducting classes and workshops how to make you happy. I want you to respond to this posting if you have what it takes to learn the right way to be happy.

4. YOU: Do you want to try? Start by inventing an ideal name that fits you and you want to go by if selected. I will respond only to those of you who really-really-really want to do something good, useful and new about our planet. You must have a genuine personality, not negative, argumentative or have an ax to grind. I am a “life coach” and I will train you for free. All I want in return is a personal committment to yourself, your family, your friends, your country, religion, culture,humanity and to continue my work at “Tikun Olam.”

What drives a human being?

February 5, 2011

I want your help in making my blog live up to its name THE PEACEFUL REVOLUTION –  more and more every day, OK?  As a well-known wealthy psychologist in California, I don’t need this blog to make money or get me famous. At 75, my happiness depends on seeing YOU happy, my fellow human beings! I mean it! This planet can provide prosperity and peace for all of us, including Egypt, India, China and the USA.  All YOU need is new EDUCATION, to know the truth about you. Unfortunately, you will not get it “doogree” (to the point) from other blogs because they are too political, like to write a lot, explain a lot, but are short on the two most important aspects of true education : UNDERSTANDING AND ACTION.

What drives a human being are 3 forces: Your powerful HORMONES, your powerful BELIEFS and your sweet SPIRIT. All the other forces are so secondary that if you concentrate on improving these three, you will start doubling your wealth, health and happiness within a DAY! You will FEEL it within an hour!

Let me explain it in a less academic way: Let’s start with your SPIRIT. Do you remember the day your life changed for the BETTER or WORSE over night? I know it happened.  Very few researchers know the fact that a new SPIRIT (a swarm of electromagnetic particles called Monads) has entered your forehead and Pineal gland. Ruth Montgomery and other researchers who studied this monad phenomenon  are right about the process, but only I have developed the hypnosis process that can show you HOW to invite an incredible SPIRIT to enter you that will instantly change your life for the BETTER. No book or study has ever demonstrated how it works. Even myself, a college professor of parapsychology with 30 years experience has done this unusual hypnotic process only 10 times in 30 years!

The second force that drives a human being is well-studied in organic chemistry – HORMONES. They regulate EVERYTHING in your BODY and MIND. Here is the “shocker” that we all have to live with (or die with): HORMONE THERAPY CAN CURE EVERYTHING through an intravenous CHELATION that may take an hour or so, if caught in time. The only reason that medical lab research does not design and produce HORMONES that CURE CANCER or other diseases is that MEDICAL AUTHORITIES do not want to CURE anything and lose payments for maintenance treatments! Medicine today IS CAPABLE of “scanning” the body, find the missing hormones due to genetics or environmental reasons, design the missing hormones in a lab, administering them to people by CHELATION and cure the condition. But, this blessing will never be available to YOU unless YOU make GOVERNMENT legislate the RIGHT laws about it!

The last force that drive a human being is BELIEF. YOU act upon your belief. Where do beliefs come from? IT DOESN’T MATTER! What matters is that there is an educational system called C-MOR that if implemented in our schools, the next generation will grow up with beliefs that WORK BEST for accumulating WEALTH, maintaining HEALTH and creating HAPPINESS! C-MOR is an educational system created by great minds such as Dr. Jean Piaget, Dr. Zigmund Freud and Dr. B.F.  Skinner, the most criticized and least acknowledged psychologists on earth. We suffer!

Read ALL my postings! Now that you know what drives a human being, drop all the “clutter” theories, stop reading all the “junk” explanations of why most humans don’t develop their full potential and concentrate on driving YOURSELF to Health, Wealth and Happiness on MY road map! (TBC).

A must read for all the visitors to my blogs or websites!

December 8, 2010

Hi visitors,

I am 74, retired, but I will continue to inform people with the best knowledge how to be happy, healthy and wealthy, as I have done all my life. The only difference is that instead of teaching 30,000 students over the years in classrooms, I will teach millions through the Net!

Recently, the volume of responses that I am getting from you is increasing and I do not have the time to respond to each one of you as I would like to do because I love people. I will continue to respond only to those of you who ask aquestion related to a posting (30%) and who make a comment regarding a posting (50%). I will respond only to your messages in English (90%) unless I can detect a few words in your language that I can understand. I will absolutely not respond to writings that I don’t understand or do not apply to my work as a psychologist or parapsychologist.

My presence on the Internet is strictly a labor of love for humanity (I don’t care if that sounds Korney). My goal is to educate people to improve their relationships –  the way relationships were intended to be before religion and culture messed them up. I believe only in the positive aspects of religion and culture, i.e., getting together to create happy feelings and getting together to give support when feelings are sad .


The story that everyone ignores.

November 28, 2010

These creatures come in the middle of the might and steal your energy. Oh, I forgot to tell you that life is a struggle between invaders and defenders, that what happens inside mimics what happens outside, that everything except the truth is relative and that it all gets reversed. You are as high as you are low, that’s the law!

Who are the defenders? These creatures don’t let the other creatures steal your energy. They know that the bad guys feed on your energy and that the good guys can’t kill all the bad guys. So, what do they do? They do what is in their nature; they feed the bad guys energy so the bad guys like lions in Africa after a meal – go to sleep. Wow! Why can’t we mimic nature and put the bad guys to sleep happy? Well, you can’t because you developed weapons to kill them, not feed them, you live in religion and culture, not nature. You can’t even tell the good creatures from the bad guys. You live in a la-la land.

My Russian friend who had prostate cancer like me 10 years ago went for prostatectomy. The creatures came in the middle of the night while he was in the hospital and stole his energy. A growing fight ensued in his groin, his tumor returned and he became incontinent before he died. I looked up the defenders on Google. They came and fed the invaders a sumptuous electronic dinner. The invaders went to sleep happy. The inflammation was gone. I got up in the morning with so much energy that I could spare some for my friend, but he was already gone!

Sure, my story is only a “Dimui,” an analogy, not real, only a story. I couldn’t tell you the truth as is because it’s too painful. My friend is dead and I am alive because we went our separate medical ways when we came to Frost’s fork in the road. The famous poet got it right, the road not taken is the one that leads to Health, Wealth and Happiness! Vladimir, please take it next time!!!!!

Shana Tova: Follow my blogs to health, wealth and happiness!

September 20, 2010

Today is the birthday of the second of the two very caring live-in care givers from Nepal that I hired for my 21-year-old disabled son. I take all 6 people who live in my 6,500 s/f home in the woods to town for a fancy dinner at a French-Cuban restaurant with original South American wall paintings and exotic atmosphere. Today, my stock investing doubled in a year. Today, my cancer is in total remission. Today I celebrate 28 years of perfect second marriage. Today I plan a vacation to Israel and California. Today is the first day of the rest of the life of this immigrant who spoke no English when he arrived in New york with $100 in his pocket in 1961. I bless and renew my wonderful life every day. How do I do it? More importantly, can you achieve the good life by following my blogs?

The answer is a qualified “Yes” if you can read, discover, understand, write down and follow the unchanging rules described in more than 77 postings on my Psychology of Investing blog. “Yes” if you can incorporate these unchanging rules into a new “life Style” for yourself. “Yes” if you can get  the “flavor” of how people feel about what they read in my blogs by reading their 46+ comments. As you can see, I am not popular, but what I blog for you works! And, “Yes” if you can incorporate into your new “life style” the ideas presented in 137 postings (and 124 responses) on my Peaceful Revolution blog.

There are 2 kinds of visitors to sources of information on the Internet, those that follow ideas because of a person and those that follow ideas because of the ideas. 10% of the visitors follow my ideas because they discovered who I am, believe in my knowledge and learn to trust and respect me, and 90% of the visitors follow my ideas because they “surf” the WWW and find ideas from 1000 other blogs.  They follow commonsense ideas, not “gurus.” Well, here is more ideas that work for the “lucky” 10% !

This time it is about wealth: Let’s say you stopped putting money into an IRA in 1990 to get a Fed tax deduction, and decided to put your max of $4,000 per year into a smart Roth IRA instead. Capish? Let’s say that you put all your Roth IRAs for the next 20 years into AAPL. Do you know that today you will be sitting on more than $5,000,000.00 tax-free! You didn’t diversify like they told you. You didn’t keep your money liquid like they told you. You didn’t buy Mining companies with your Roth IRA like they told you. You bought a piece of Steven Jobs! I know, it is not politically correct to tell you, but did you know that Warren Buffett didn’t think diversifying assets is necessary if you are smart! Did you know that keeping your money liquid is good for the economy – not for you as an investor. The list of misguided rules is as long as history! You now know why you always get less in life than what you expect or deserve to get.

Think about it, my blogs do not sell you anything that is not in libraries and I don’t make a penny if you follow my blogs or not, the gain is all yours, the only reason I want you to type “Dr. Elior Kinarthy” on Google and start following my ideas is that I care about you as a fellow human being who finds life difficult and in return makes the lives of others difficult. I want back the good planet as God intended it to be! Type my name on Google and get to work on a better “life Style” for yourself.  As Jack Rosenberg from Philadelphia once said, “I know that you know that I love you, What I want you to know is that I know you love me.”

Psychologist Muzafer Sherif and the “Robbers Cave” Experiment.

April 15, 2010

Jon, you deserve a comprehensive response to your important question about posting #7. Peace and prosperity would have existed on Earth today, instead of the endless media debates how to bring it about, if people, governments or psychologists had listened seriously during the 20th Century to a group of six maverick “shrinks” (please forgive everyone for not listening to them because, as Jesus put it, people know not know what they do). The magnificent six whose findings were rejected by humanity were Muzafer Sherif, the amazing Turkish social psychologist, graduate of Harvard University, Jean Piaget, the amazing Swiss psychologist, B.F. Skinner, the incredible Harvard University Behaviorist,  Zigi Freud, the genius Austrian psychiatrist,  Thomas Szasz, the maverick Czechoslovakian psychologist, and Dr. Laing, the famous British psychiatrist. If their findings were implemented by governments or people, life of earth today would be peaceful and prosperous!

Posting #7 was about replacing words with action. Muzafer Sherif and his wife discovered the key to effective conflict resolution between “enemies.” Their finding was so unconventional that no one in government or academia wanted to take action that would “kill” the exciting political debate about peace and prosperity! Muzafer’s amazing findings that to get the “Rattlers” and the “Eagles” to move from enmity to friendship the authorities had to create a “mutually exclusive contingency management” situation was never implemented!

My dear listeners,  in 30 years of work as a psychologist and a college professor, I have yet to meet a person who would take B.F. Skinner’s “contingency behaviorism” seriously, Muzafer Sherif’s “contingency social relationships” seriously, Zigmund Freud’s “contingency personality conflicts” seriously, or  Thomas Szasz’s “contingency ‘abnormal’ relationships” seriously. People love endless debates, not solutions, or in the words of Dr. Freud, “Humanity’s desire for endless debate is a neurotic preoccupation with the concept of progress.” Have a great day.

By the way, Jon, my whole life works within a  contingent management of relationships!  Take a hint, son! Enjoy!