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This one is for those of you who REALLY want to understand why your happiness, wealth and health are stalling?

November 6, 2015

If you are luck to pick up this posting on the internet, if you get to read this posting, you’d be the luckiest person on earth! You see, there are a million postings aiming at you by the social and professional media, you’d have to be very smart or psychic to know that my message can REALLY make a difference in your life. I am one of those psychologists who can make the truth of life easy to understand. Let’s start:

Human beings can be divided into 2 groups: Rich and poor, smart and stupid, sick and healthy, good and bad, good-looking and ugly, happy and depressed, and so on. These dichotomies are the sign of media banality. There is one dichotomy, thought, that can explain it all – and very few, even psychologists, get it – LEFT and RIGHT personalities! TRUMP vs. SANDERS, NETANYAHU vs. OBAMA, HILLARY vs CARSON, and so on. Here is the grand rule: Everything that you do, all your decisions in life that work or don’t work, everything, how to live with others, business relations, and everything about others in your life are made in your mind. If you are a right-wing person (RWP) about 60% of your decisions work and about 40% of your decisions don’t work. If you are a left-wing person (LWP) about 40% of your decisions work and about 60% of your decisions don’t work. LWP’s tend to be poorer, less healthy and more often divorced or in disagreement, but RWP’s are not that “hot” either.

Now, how do we identify RWP and LWP? (there are exceptions). RWP personalities believe that if you break the law you should be punished (The Skinnerian Approach) (Saudi Arabia is extreme in that regard). LWP believe that if you break the law you should not be punished (if possible) because you have had a hard life (The Freudian Approach). RWP are NATIONALISTIC, believe that borders, boundaries, frame-work, peripheries, homes, etc. are sacred and must be protected. RWP come into seeing life from being ANGRY. LWP is INTERNATIONALISTIC,  believe that borders, boundaries, frameworks, peripheries, homes, etc. are not sacred and belong to everyone less selectively (there are gradations. For example. Doctors Without Borders (DWB, are extreme LWP). LWP comes into life from being FEAR oriented. RWP are anti-paternalistic (helping other ONLY for them to learn how to help themselves). LWP are strongly paternalistic (helping other and take care of them. In psychology they are called The Freudian Left). I think I have given you enough to make identifications. Lets have examples and rules:

the European Union is LWP, their wealth level is low, immigrants are welcome, the society is corrupt and except for Hungary that is RWP, life is not happy and is full of conflict. The Unitied Nation is LWP, it is an inept organization, corrupt and is paid for by the USA which is a LWP society. Israel was LWP and is now moving to the RWP camp which created a conflict with the LWP which is still strong in the country. The split between Israeli society (RWP) and Diaspora Judaism which is strong LWP is increasing! The American election: The Democrats are LWP and the Republican are RWP. If Clinton become president, crime in the USA will affect everyone, socialism will be dominant, the Constitution and the economy will suffer. Wars around the world will increase. With Trudow , LWP, replacing Harper (RWP), Canada will be marginalized, the economy will suffer but closeness to the UN and the EU will increase. If Trump (RWP) becomes president in the USA, closeness with Canada (LWP) and Mexico (LWP) will suffer.

I have given you enough a tool to identify people’s personalities and a way to organize your daily life better in business, politics and relationships. Good luck.


“I will slaughter every single blonde s**t I see,” said Eliott Rodger.

May 31, 2014

This 22-year-old good-looking man filmed a chilling short personal YouTube video expressing his extreme jealousy at men who are successful at having sex with pretty blonds. Also, he showed his extreme anger (hate) at the blond girls who chose to sleep with less good-looking men than he was. apparently, still a virgin at 22 because of his hostile attitude toward woman and a being a loner harbouring extreme envy at men, Eliott decided to go to counseling for a decade, a psychological practice that has no track record in preventing the development of an attitude of a mass murderer. His chief psychiatrist said, “I am sorry, but it is impossible for psychiatry to predict a murderous behavior.”  A panel of “experts” assembled by CNN concurred, discussing theories and reasoning about Eliott’s motives and sanity. Why would a young man without a police record go and purchase guns and murder 6 young men his age and a young woman and then take his own life?

You can already see  what is wrong with our mental health system. Here the professionals really sunk the Titanic of life and death. Do you want to understand why? Do you want to be the lucky one in your relationships? Go to my postings on jealousy and mental health, starting with why Caine murdered his only brother Able in Genesis. I want you to get it quickly. It is an easy one and can help you in your relationships. Jealousy is the reason behind every bad behavior, yes, behind every bad behavior. The psychiatrist can’t understand it, the psychologist doubt my statement, and CNN can’t get it either, my God, if you (billions) can’t get it either there is no hope for  creating wholesome satisfying human relationships!!! (more…)

Emotion that kills!

January 5, 2014

I Don’t know how you feel about the first murder in Genesis and the explanation of it in Psychology, but in both of these profound human expressions jealousy appears to kill, the grand destroyer of the good life. This finding of research certainly reinforces  your desire to have a better life by staying away from making emotional comparisons between you and others – if you are aware of them.  The bad new is that making comparisons between those above you and those below you on any human scale is a sublime mental state and the hardest thing in life to repress its expression, even harder than repressing sexual desire or hiding unhappiness, anything!

Now that I told you the most awesome truth of the relationships trade, the only reason you are not jumping with “Aha!” off your seat screaming “My God,” thank you, Dr. Kinarthy for solving my problem! is that you didn’t get the full impact of this truth on your life. I really want you to get it right because if you do you would know within a short time why a bad thing happen! Example, a woman left her husband after 7 years, no kids. Her best friend said “it’s your 7 years itch, Mary.”  Having read this article, they went out for coffee and dug deeper into the split and found the jealousy (you fill in the rest, who, where, what, when, why, etc.).

Let’s say that half of you got/agreed with what I am saying about jealousy and half of you didn’t. Those that got it and happened to be fired from your job recently or even 5 years ago, now know why! Those divorced recently or even 10 years ago now have the insight, those who hurt someone or were hurt by someone now understand it, jealousy of a person, a race, a religion, a country, a neighbor you deeply dislike, Americans, First Nation people, Jews, Blacks, the wealthy, the titled, and so on,  know now that the culprit for all your resentful feelings in life is jealousy, it’s a cobra with a thousand heads. You can drop all your “theories” that are not “fed” by jealousy. Now you know not only why Cain killed his brother Abel, why almost everyone on earth has been Antisemitic for 2000 years until they got a decent job,  and why psychologists urge you to accept those you see as better off than you and be careful how you help those you perceive as worse off than you (stump guilt out). Kill them or feed them…is that the best you can do? May be personal resourcefulness is better for the future of humanity than death or dependency.  Start teaching in K-12 how to raise your kids without jealousy if you want the human race to succeed.

Type 1 & 2 errors in cancer.

June 14, 2013

Based on my knowledge and experience as a psychologist, parapsychologist and behavioral economist this blog should have thousands of visitors. Based on the special, scientific, free, unique, simple a practical advise that I am giving out this blog should have millions of visitors. My blog has  no more than a 1000 lucky followers, individuals who can tolerate the wait between postings. Sorry guys. I work harder now than when I was a hired professor. Little time to spare.

Today, I will give you a treat, the story of Type One and Type Two errors. Why? Because knowing this information helped save my life from cancer and I may include this information in my 2014 presentation in Rome. My health deteriorated in the last 10 years after age 67, first a ruptured appendix, than prostate cancer and finally bone cancer. I remember the first time that I used Type 2 Error to refuse an X-Ray. The physician in the hospital asked, “Are you a doctor?” I said, “No, I am a psychologist.’ The next day, the laparoscopic doctor came by and said, “I will discharge you today, I assume that the tiny pus particles left in your abdominal cavity would be taken care of by the antibiotics.” You don’t need the extra X-Ray. You see, Type 2 error is when research, studies, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan, or even an analysis by a physician, government or any authority says, “Let’s protect ourselves by ordering more “stuff” than is needed in case there are problems, shortages, etc.. In treating me it translated to ordering 10% more tests and treatment in case my cancer was the worse kind. It wasn’t. You need to know that Type 2 error expects your doctor to say, “You may have cancer,” than to say, “I don’t think you have cancer.” If he says that you have cancer when you don’t (Type 2) everyone is happy. If he says that you don’t have cancer when you do (Type 1), everyone is sad and may be accusatory. Type 1 error is more suitable for counseling psychologists, social workers, the sunny side kind, since the patient’s belief and placebo both heal.

How did Type 2 Error saved my life? Today, I am cured of prostate cancer Stage 4! Today my bone cancer is down to a one millimeter tumor size that had shrunk 50% this year! In the last few yours I have refused X-rays, bone density tests and all treatments that I considered emanating from Type 2 psyche. People say that I take a chance with my life. Yes, I am healthy, my PhD allow me to do research that my physicians don’t do. I must say, though, if you are an average dude, don’t challenge medicine. Don’t do what I did with my healing. For you, knowing about Type 1 and 2 errors is useful mostly in business and relationships. Always allocate more resources when you don’t think that you would need them. Always test and detest a new relationship, especially when you think it’s perfect. Be an optimist.

An American life.

March 28, 2012

This posting isn’t about the exceptions. it is about the rule: A baby born in the United States today is likely to face parents with “chips” on their shoulders, schools where teachers teach with less concern for students’ deployable knowledge or violent behavior, where school administrators are “lifers” acting “politically correct.”  You are young, you have excellent health, meaningless social life (you don’t know it) and no money. You grow up, most get married, have kids and save money while losing their health to a medical system that pretends to care. Then you are old, you have more money but you are now preoccupied with health issues and relatives. What about happiness and love? You are lonely and your family is not that wonderful to you. You go to counseling and the social worker has no answers (she is part of the system too). Then you die and the next generation continue the pretended meaningless life.

I know that you want to have more money, respect, love, better relationships, then what’s the problem? The problem is that you don’t want to give up the behavior you believe in… just because it isn’t working. You really believe that your values somehow will lead to a good life, it’s “Just around the corner” you say.  Do you know what’s wrong with you? Nothing! You are simply a product of an educational system that shapes a life of deprivation. The US Constitution not withstanding, those of you who run things pay only lip service to the pursuit of happiness. Is there something simple that you can do to change? Yes, say and do positive things from this moment on!!!! You’ll see the results within a month! Behave positive, be nonviolent, move to a better neighborhood. Hey dude, think of yourself for a change. You can do it. I did it, you can too!

Do you control life or life controls you?

August 23, 2011

Here is a quick true-false test:

1. Often I do not answer the phone right away when it rings.

2. I do not react  to criticism most of the time.

3. I resist food that is not good for me most of the time.

4. I do not buy lottery tickets or play slot machine.

5. I do play poker or Black Jack sometimes.

6. I am assertive (not shippish) when I refuse to do something people ask me to do.

7. When I say  no I feel that I should explain it but often I don’t.

8. When I am in a relationship I do not let others control me.

9. When I meet people I know,  I am usually the first one who say hello.

10. When someone does me wrong I do not shy away from bringing it up when I see him/her again.

Key: The higher the score the more you are in control (each T is 10 points).


August 13, 2011

Listening to people on CNN, BBC and other media discussing how to make your country, city or community a great place to live in makes me frustrated because no one really states the obvious: You can make your community great only by changing the educational system from what it is now to what I call the C-MOR system. Meantime until this lost generation passes on you can train your community leaders and police in the C-MOR system. You will probably notice the difference with a week if you do the C-MOR right!

Go for it. If you don’t know the C-MOR system because you haven’t read my blogs, get to work. When you have accumulated the information you may post questions to perfect your understanding of the C-MOR approach!

A must read for all the visitors to my blogs or websites!

December 8, 2010

Hi visitors,

I am 74, retired, but I will continue to inform people with the best knowledge how to be happy, healthy and wealthy, as I have done all my life. The only difference is that instead of teaching 30,000 students over the years in classrooms, I will teach millions through the Net!

Recently, the volume of responses that I am getting from you is increasing and I do not have the time to respond to each one of you as I would like to do because I love people. I will continue to respond only to those of you who ask aquestion related to a posting (30%) and who make a comment regarding a posting (50%). I will respond only to your messages in English (90%) unless I can detect a few words in your language that I can understand. I will absolutely not respond to writings that I don’t understand or do not apply to my work as a psychologist or parapsychologist.

My presence on the Internet is strictly a labor of love for humanity (I don’t care if that sounds Korney). My goal is to educate people to improve their relationships –  the way relationships were intended to be before religion and culture messed them up. I believe only in the positive aspects of religion and culture, i.e., getting together to create happy feelings and getting together to give support when feelings are sad .


The panda and her feuding twins.

October 18, 2010

Hey, you know who I mean by P, and there is the grown up twin, SK, that P admires, likes to do business with, and uses as a rep to make friends in the neighborhood, but then there is this dummy twin-born holding his brother’s Achilles heel, that twin is a disgrace to his mother in the neighborhood , always getting in trouble and embarrassing her. Why doesn’t P send NK to rehab? Good question, maybe because NK looks like mommy Panda with his red sickle stripes on white fur and a star around the eyes. Well, you guessed it, the P is C, the NK is North K and the SK is South K. Are you confused? I am sure not, after all NK is well-known, proudly wearing a suicide belt while his smarter brother is churning out cars, appliances and TVs. China loves both North Korea and South Korea, but I think one of these days mom will get sick and tired of its unruly twin boy and send him to rehab. There will be a celebration in the neighborhood 🙂

This posting was triggered by the fact that South Korea and China are in the news this week as the strongest trading partners in Asia, to illustrate the findings in psychological research that economic necessity makes for strange bed (bad) fellows. Hey, let’s make this posting even more interesting. Who is the democratic strategist (male) in Washington happily married to a republican strategist (female)? Can you think of a few more strange bed fellows?

The most “politically incorrect” statement that I will ever make as a psychologist!

September 22, 2010

As all my listeners know I have a dream life, I have it all, but what you don’t know is that on my way up in America I was a high-school drop out in Israel, I ran away from home in Tel-Aviv, a bum in L.A. till 35! I tell you all this to encourage you – if I could make it big so can you! As my lucky listener, throughout my blogging you got some awesome guidance, great rules of conduct from a well-known psychologist from California – free! But now I will tell you my secret that will help your self-confidence a lot. Follow this rule and your self-esteem will soar. My psychological secret is definitely not “politically correct” to say in public. I have never said it before and I probably shouldn’t say it now – but I want to help you like Werner’s EST helped me.

Did you know that most people you meet are dummies? You look at the conditions they live in and their relationships and you know it’s true, no excuses! Most people you meet are jerks, messing up the world around them – no excuses!  You know that what I am saying is true, and that includes you and used to include me. Look at your friends or relatives, they always miss something in life, don’t they? The “big fish” always gets away, the business isn’t moving, the job “sucks” or is gone, the kids misbehave, the vacation was less fun than you expected, the list of disappointments in your life goes on and on till you die. The number of personal disappointments is as great as the number of shanty towns on this Earth, as upsetting as a visit to the homeless in Calcutta, as dangerous as a walk in the mine fields of Cambodia or Laos or Vietnam. So you say: What’s you point, doc?

The point is that in most of your associations with various individuals in your life you are really dealing – with losers that sometimes only look like winners! Jerks! You are interacting with dummies and you still don’t feel self-confidence?? What’s the matter with you? Wake up! You have relationships with people who you can easily know how to do things better than they do – just about everything, anything, the whole darned two balls of wax! So, stop selling yourself short, stop acting weak, meek, or submissive. It isn’t difficult at all to feel smarter than most people you meet, just look at how they do things!!!! Don’t tell them, though. Keep it to yourself, this truth is designed only to get you off your submissiveness or false deference to other people. The reason that I am telling you this incredibly “politically incorrect” truth is that I want you to be like me, to assert yourself, get a high self-esteem, confidence. Don’t act as if you are better than they are, that is not the point, the point is to feel being in charge and do better because when they are in charge things don’t get done well, that is the point. Now, feeling great is not enough, you have to learn to do things well. Follow my blogs with diligence, dedication, and good memorizing. I am your “guru” in India, I am your mentor is America, I am your friend in the world. Remember, to gain self-confidence, when you meet people think how much they mess up their relationships, health, wealth and happiness, and you WILL feel more self-confidence around these people. Study hard and the day will come that you can become a leader that makes things happen and not someone on the receiving line who makes the world we live is as it is today, the jerks!