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What can the US do to help war torn countries? Create 10 years sunctuary States!

May 9, 2017

You and I watch a lot of TV lately because 8 years of Obama at the US helm has created failed states and war-torn countries where children suffer and die. So far, no one seem to have the answer how to bring peace and prosperity that works. Let me as a psychologist who taught “conflict resolution” try:

First of all, whether you like my answer or not, every reader must realize a few things, 1) Obama and all the other leaders selected or elected or self-appointed were never trained well enough to make the right decisions and solve big national war-peace problems. Obama, Netanyahu, Trump, Abbas, Assad, Putin, Kim Jun Un, Clinton or any other person could not possibly analyse world situations enough to know how to bring peace., 2) To bring peace and prosperity to a place that never had one requires a few special rules, a) Stop discussing “blame,” it endless, saps your energy and does not a thing except feel anger, fear and righteousness, b) Stop forcing enemies to cooperate or live together, fake peace is not the answer, c) Don’t send money to the combatants or their NGO’s, it perpetuates the conflict and people die, d) Don’t have peace conferences, they will end bad anyway, and e) You can defeat a country in a protracted war and set up democracy. You did that In Nazi Germany and imperial Japan, but it was too costly, although it worked. 3) The perfect answer is right in front of your eyes! At home! But to realize that, you have to know that the best parents (US or UN or EU) will send 2 rowdy kids that fight bad, each to his room for the rest of the day and enforce new rules of behavior for a month! That’s the answer!!



Last nudge to elect Trump president for peace sake!

August 1, 2016

Peace between nations is hard to come by. Peace between leftist nations is almost impossible to achieve. Hillary as a leftist president may cause a proxy war with Russia by falsely accusing Putin of being a fascist (he is not). Trump as president  may bring peace to Syria working with Putin. Israel had leftist governments for 30 years and couldn’t make peace. Begin became the first right-wing prime minister in 1977. Sadat became the right-wing president of Egypt in 1970. Two right-wing governments made peace. They made peace and got the Nobel price. Begin wrote, “This is a very great moral victory. The Egyptian ruler who was at his side, added emphatically, “We agreed that the war of 1973 was the last war between us.”  (Begin: A portrait, 1994, p. 127). The moral of the story: Peace between rightist nations is more likely to be achieved than peace with leftist nations. Vote for Trump for peace and prosperity (ignore his lack of manners). Save lives.

What to do when your friend does something you don’t like?

May 9, 2016

One of the reasons I became a psychologist besides my desire to make more money than my dad, was my desire to avoid and “fix” difficult situations with family members or friends. I dreaded living a life of quiet desperation as poet Thorough would say. For many years of practicing psychology, counseling and teaching I enjoyed being an island of Joy in a sea of human social discomfort. I brought it up this morning to benefit those of you who want peace. I just dismissed a friend for good!

I will not mention names and I will not describe the problem behavior because the problems are generic and universal, applicable to most situations, let’s us say that you want him/her out of your life. Specifically, What is the best way to behave when that person you befriended and expected fun started to behave in a way that generated resentment in you and conflicting thoughts. The unacceptable behavior “hooked your mind” on it and you did not like or approve it to the point that you want him/her to leave permanently!

  1. Make sure you really don’t want him/her around anymore.
  2. Be polite, assertive and short, say please, and find a neutral sentence, don’t tell your truth!
  3. Great sentences are: “Please leave, it’s time for you to go.” Repeat the sentence if necessary, don’t explain when they ask Why? You may say “It’s my final decision, thank you for going, I wish you the best.” “Please respect my desire for peace.”  ” Thank you for leaving.”  “I insist on having my privacy back. Respect my wishes.”  The things not to do is get physical or critical or explaining, etc. Focus on your need only! Don’t make the other person feel guilty, having less self-esteem, rejected, “it’s time to go” is a great closure. “I need my privacy” is great too. Don’t open up a possibility of staying or returning. Be resolute with your voice, repeat, be on the cool side, not warm, I know, it’s the art of salesperson! “Time to depart,” is good too. I think you got it, don’t drag it on. the worse you can do when they ask Why? is to tell them, they will disagree and react and all hell will get loose…

The rift between diaspora Jews and Israeli Jews is growing.

January 3, 2016

There were many commentaries in 2015 in the media, academia and in books about the differences between the attitude of Jews who live outside Israel and Jews who live inside Israel. I read so many of them that when I finally felt “saturated” with false reporting this morning, first Sunday morning of 2016, after watching left biased CNN commentator Farid Zakaria, I decided to set the record straight about the relationship between Jews and Israel from the perspective of psychology.

There are many perceptions in the world of reporting about the rift, which is actually more like a Biblical divorce than just a rift, and most of the reporters each cover about 1% of the rift variance (although each reporter thinks that his views covers the whole variance, including myself). I thought about a sentence that would condense it all: The Jews of the diaspora are asking Israel to not retaliate against its enemies so hard because the consequences mean that the Jews in the diaspora suffer more than the Jews in Israel. Psychologically, they prefer that Israel don’t retaliate to attacks by its enemy so harshly so the world won’t be so angry at Israel and displace its anger at the Jews outside Israel who are more vulnerable. In other words, the Jews outside Israel are saying, We rather see you more vulnerable to antisemitic attacks than us because you have an army and can take it while our protection dependents on the gentiles who care less about our lives.

My readers know me that I do not write or speak in a “politically correct” way. I tell it like it is. It is human nature to say, “I rather be more protected than my brother.” Cain in Genesis said to God after killing his brother out of Jealousy, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” This attitude of indifference toward relatives more than indifference toward friends prevails in humanity today also and no family or cultural or religious connections will change it. What will happen in 2016 is that there will be more attacks on Israel and Israel will use harsher means to protect itself and more Jews in the diaspora will be attacked as “scape goats,” thus will be more angry with Israel, while some of them will migrate to Israel for safety (French Jews have doubled their “Aliya” in 2015, already). That is why I predict that the rift of 2015 will become a divorce in 2016. There is not much that humans can do about influencing their history because, as Freud and Maslow said 100 years ago, “To take charge of your history you need the higher state of consciousness than the one available in your educational system.”  As a college professor of psychology, I can attest to that, most students do not get good grades in psychology and it is especially hard to hire PhD’s in psychology among minorities! Yet, I am an optimist because human behavior as a whole is becoming less cruel than in past centuries!

Scientific and objective response to articles circulating about the demise of Israel!

December 15, 2015

The title of our political meeting soon will be, Where would Israel be in 50 years? Is it valid and reliable topic to discuss by everyone? I will not explain the difference between validity and reliability and other scientific terms in this posting – please educate yourself on your computer.  The probability can be obtained by using probability theory. The theory says that on the average about 90% of the variance of truth can be obtained by a thought experiment based on reality (Einstein did that), a process that can be achieved by about 10% of the people, usually individuals that can make 4 times more successful decisions in life than others. So far so good? The thought experiment can generate the 4 required variables each covering about 25% of the variance of predictability. So far so good?  Now, let’s get to work:

  1. Factor 1: Israel has an atomic bomb. If Israel know how to handle that deference, its 25%, if not, it’s less. I won’t tell you what my thought experiment found out but it’s more than 10%
  2. Factor 2: Israel’s government policies in Israel and in the world is a factor. Policies of the Right have more deference than policies of the Left. I won’t tell you what my thought experiment found out, but the surprising psychological fact that the Right studies the consequences of their behavior more than the Left does, the difference is more than 20%.
  3. Factor 3: Israel has a strong economy. The fact that they could manufacture or buy any kind of weapon they need would have given them 25% for this factor, but after a thought analysis they got only 15% for poor management of the defence of the country.
  4. Attitude of nationalism: Israel attitude of nationalism is 5%. To analyse this low attitude I looked at 3 anchor states: Israel 100% nationalism in 1948 and Russia 100% nationalism in 1994 and the US 100% in 1776. All 3 states have become less nationalistic and more Internationalist, Israel at 50% (12.5% on the scale), Russia 90% and the US 25%).
  5. Calculation: 10% +20% + 15% + 12.5% = 57.5%. The probability that Israel will survive is higher than average.  The error variance of this probability because of God, the Bible, history, miracles, etc cannot be assessed but my feeling is that Israel will over come its difficulties as the Israeli people become stronger. Peace comes in history to the strong. For example, America won, Japan and Germany have peace and prosperity. Good luck, dudes!

Did Obama bomb a hospital building? Did Putin bomb an ISIS building?

October 7, 2015

The news media says that Putin bombed the free Syrian army base, not an ISIS terrorists camp. The same media says that Obama bombed an Afghan hospital full of doctors without borders staff by mistake, not negligence. Are we ever going to know the truth? Probably not. Is it important? Probably not. What is important to know? That we are where we should not be and that we fight who we should not fight. The psychological facts: The free Syrian army fights Assad, if they win we don’t benefit the Middle East will continue to have wars! Assad is bad but that is the best they have got! Obama loves the organization called doctors without borders, they are his political brothers, it’s definitely a ‘mistake’ that he bombed them. He must be very very upset. These doctors save lives, but  while saving lives they spread a Marxist ideology of creating chaos by melting borders between countries (they believe a multiculturalism utopia will save lives).

2017: A blessed year for peace in the world, Obama is gone, ‘mistakes of war’ diminish,  Trump is in, works well with Putin and Netanyahu, Syria gets a participatory election, the Afghans get what they deserve –  the Taliban, Iran must give back the money and stop killing Americans, Mexico get back their illegals, Germany can breath again, Iraq get democracy, the US gets peace and freedom again, and the democrats… they democrats get Hillary and her husband to make bad decisions again (but they can’t bomb people again), America becomes again the greatest feared country on earth, while the idiots still think they are the smart ones, oh well…

Ferguson revisited: The Devil is in the Details.

November 29, 2014

Reading through my 400 or so postings you will find research by Muzafar Sheriff that show how he designed a model of peace between 2 fighting L.A. gangs 60 years ago. Actually any 2 groups that fight each other can benefit. Now, if you are dreaming expecting the blacks community in Ferguson and the white police department to make peace and trust each other you’d have to kill the devil first – and that is impossible to do without changing high school education. You see, the devil is the chairman of the board and he decided a long time ago that he will not allow K-12 students to learn about moral behavior, respect for others, true friendships, environmentalism, and so on. Imagine for a moment a Ferguson community where every able body male and female has a decent education and interesting  job making between $50,000.00 and $100,000.00 per year, kids go to great kindergartens, citizens get free medical coverage like in Canada and the police are as polite as the Dutch in Amsterdam, what life in Ferguson could be like. Wealthy, educated entrepreneurs will move into the community, property values will go up, the police department will have enough polite black officers and Wal-Mart will not be afraid to open its doors in the morning for you to pick up great bargains. looting will die with the devil!

Well, I know you want to hear God saying, “I am happy, Fergusonians, because you are finally fulfilling the reason I have created humans – to be happy and smile and not be dead before their time.” Start the process of building a great community by firing the devil, the chairman of the board. Salvation, dudes, is in the details of what you learn in K-12! Here is a little example, you know what a devil-teacher in an elementary classroom, where it all starts,  would say when she sees jimmy kicks little Julie? “It’ OK, he is just a kid.” You know what an angel-teacher in the same classroom would say to Jimmy after she sees him kicks Julie and takes her cookie? “Jimmy, give Julie back her cookie, apologize to her in from of the class, and I will call your mom and dad and tell them that you said to the girl you were sorry.”  This is not just Ferguson revisited. The devil is in the details in every K-12 school in American! Get to work, people, turn your peaceful demonstrations in every America city into a slogan that will work to change our schools, “Fire Mr. D. the chairman of the board.”

The real reason nations fight nations!

September 28, 2014

Forget what the Darwinians tell you that war is a form of the “survival of the fittest.” Forget what the economists tell you that war is a fight for resources. Forget what they all tell you except the Sociologists, although their reasons we have wars are a bit more sophisticated. Nations fight nations because they were artificially created. After the first and second world wars the victorious French and British governments appointed jerks (uneducated and unqualified low IQ politicians) to commissions to decide on a whim how to divide the world into countries. Boundaries were decided on the basis of the personal preferences of powerful commission members (Sykes, Picot, Clemenceau, Wilson, Churchill, Atlee, Bevin, others). These individuals had no idea what the word ethnic affiliation meant, Sunni affinity, Shia loyalty, Jewish aspiration, Arab tenacity, cultural imperatives, social cohesiveness, political beliefs, economic conditions, natural resources, all they could think of was how to settle political favors by one group to another after two awful wars.

Nationalism, designed to prevent wars (a fence makes for good neighbors) became a maligned word after Hitler. Let’s bring it back. Nationalism  is a powerful belief a person has that his country (born or adopted) represent his emotional and social identity. Nationalism is a cultural attachment to one’s homeland, its values, norms, mores, language, ethnicity, national religion, expected behaviors economically, politically and internationally. Nationalism is a willingness to fight for your country without reservation when threatened by others.

Something happened in 1939 that defines our unjustified bad attitude toward Nationalism, our basic identity without which we are prone to fight each other on the battle field more than in the sports area. Germany took Nationalism to the bad extreme. Nazi means National Socialism and in a survey in 39 the Germans scored 5 on the Likert scale in favor of Nationalism. Then Hitler lost the war and the last survey in 1997 the Germans scored 1.37, the lowest score on Nationalism of all the nations on earth! Today, if you are a right-winger nationalist like me you are called a fascist. Take away these 2 fundamental evils that cause wars (artificial boundaries of countries and anti Nationalism and you prevent Armageddon wars. The solution is to give each ethnic group within a country in every country an ethnic nationalist identity (States, provinces, etc.). Promote nationalism. You can erase wars within less than a generation!

Ukraine: My dad came from there.

May 4, 2014

My family from Kiev were rich Jewish merchants. Many came to America after repeated pogroms in Ukraine. You can find many successful Kolchinsky people in American cities today. Yaakov was my grandfather. He employed 30 garment workers in Kiev. My father David was 14 when they left Ukraine in 1922. They told me as I was growing up me that Ukrainians hate Jews and that’s why they left Kiev. My dad used to say “Ukrainians revere their historical leader Kamelnitzky who murdered Jews with the zeal of the Nazis.” My dad passed away in 1991. He used to say, “Any country that would kill its Jews will suffer the consequences of a culture preoccupied with hate of minorities instead of being occupied with building a just and vibrant society.”  I live in Canada today, a flourishing country with very little antisemitism. I read about  the Ukrainians still killing each other in 2014 instead of building an economy. I wonder if my father was right in what he believed? Why did Kamelnitzky have to murder Jewish children? Why did Ukrainians erect a statue for him on a horse in Kiev as if he was a good man hero? You know, readers, I feel lucky that the Kolchinsky clan were driven out of the Ukraine by antisemitism? I live in Canada. Ukrainian generals tortured strangers who lived peacefully in their midst  for a 1000 years! Something is wrong. I really don’t fully understand why Ukraine suffers so much.  I wish them peace. As a social psychologist, I wish they realize that Ukrainian nationalism should be nurtured to benefit all the Ukrainian people: Ukrainian, Russian, Jew, Tartar and others. Nationalism, yes, nationalism, that is what’s missing there, the sense that Ukrainians can come in different colors, religions and ethnicities and still be 100% Ukrainians. I still feel some affinity for the country of my grandfather Yaakov. Kolchinsky, the Kiev clan, why did you have to kick them out because they were successful Jews? Jealousy? They were good for your economy. My grandfather employed 30 people who lost their jobs. No wonder the economy is still struggling in the Ukraine. Please, shed off your hate for each other, get productive and live in peace! You need to learn to believe more in God and less in your version of Him!

How to dispose of Syria’s chemical weapons?

September 12, 2013

I thought my last two postings on Syria were enough to enlighten some of you who watch CNN too much, but based on reactive apathy may be not. As I once explained, most individuals you like and vote for who win elections, like Putin and Obama, or are appointed to office, like Kerry and Levrov, immediately shift from a mode of intelligent and perceptive behavior to a mode of office and position preservation. They want to look good taking no risk with their public, in other words, brownies gathering showmanship is the name of the game. In Syria this stand may lead to war because these leaders can’t think about what works and doesn’t work in extreme situations..

Take the pile of chemicals and dump it half a mile underground, it’s less a problem than disposing of nuclear waste. Dump the stuff in a small valley between 2 mountains or dig a large deep pit. Why can’t they do it in Syria? It is easy to do! You move all the toxic material into one pit place half a mile deep and cover it with earth. Syria has a lot o suitable f dumping places to choose from! Why can man land of the moon but he can’t dump toxic materials of earth in the safe way? Why? Politics is the answer, my friend, well, this time politics may get us all into a big war – too many crazy players! Is Biblical prophecy unfolding after all? Life is a mystery.

Have a great day before they start bombing each other big time, those mindful dudes!