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Did Obama bomb a hospital building? Did Putin bomb an ISIS building?

October 7, 2015

The news media says that Putin bombed the free Syrian army base, not an ISIS terrorists camp. The same media says that Obama bombed an Afghan hospital full of doctors without borders staff by mistake, not negligence. Are we ever going to know the truth? Probably not. Is it important? Probably not. What is important to know? That we are where we should not be and that we fight who we should not fight. The psychological facts: The free Syrian army fights Assad, if they win we don’t benefit the Middle East will continue to have wars! Assad is bad but that is the best they have got! Obama loves the organization called doctors without borders, they are his political brothers, it’s definitely a ‘mistake’ that he bombed them. He must be very very upset. These doctors save lives, but  while saving lives they spread a Marxist ideology of creating chaos by melting borders between countries (they believe a multiculturalism utopia will save lives).

2017: A blessed year for peace in the world, Obama is gone, ‘mistakes of war’ diminish,  Trump is in, works well with Putin and Netanyahu, Syria gets a participatory election, the Afghans get what they deserve –  the Taliban, Iran must give back the money and stop killing Americans, Mexico get back their illegals, Germany can breath again, Iraq get democracy, the US gets peace and freedom again, and the democrats… they democrats get Hillary and her husband to make bad decisions again (but they can’t bomb people again), America becomes again the greatest feared country on earth, while the idiots still think they are the smart ones, oh well…

Here are the psychological FACTS how Obama screwed up Iraq!

June 19, 2014

Obama brought the American troops back from Iraq in 2011 like he promised on his first election day in 2008. He will bring the American troops back from Afghanistan in 2015 like he promised on his second election day in 2012. Obama will be considered a “good” president for 8 years because he kept his promises. Don’t hold him to it, he did not promise that Iraq will stay a peaceful Shia dictatorship “democracy.” He knew it won’t but he didn’t care. He got elected. He did not promise that Saddam’s Sunnis from Tikrit will not join ISIS and run Bagdad and kill Al Maliki. They will try. He did not promise that the Taliban will not take over Afghanistan when the American leave. They will. Let us be clear. Obama kept his promises. He brought the troops back. He is not stupid. He knew that the Sunnis will come back in both places. He knows right this moment that the Taliban will come back to Kabul. Obama cares only that he got elected twice on promises that he kept. He knew that the American voters believed in his leadership that Iraq and Afghanistan were prepared by Obama for great democracy with American blood. CEO Obama deserved our stupid votes of gratitude. He accomplished his mission (like Bush did). He keeps his promises, doesn’t he? It’s like you bought a million shares in HIS company, the US, and they are worthless now. You lost your self-respect but kept your gullibility. Will you vote Republican in 2016? Hell no, they are worse. You will vote for Hilary Clinton for president because she will make the next generation of stupid promises to pacify Iraq and Afghanistan in 2016 and you will believe her like you believed Obama.  She won’t do right, but her looks, sex and eloquence will prevail as if she did – while millions will continue to die around the world because of our votes (I don’t vote for jerks). After all you want your vote for these 2 jerks to count for more than death and destruction around the world. Listen voters, you made your decisions wrong when it counts, something akin to what Dr. Kahneman the Nobel price winner calls System 1 heuristic error (feeling right when you vote). I don’t want you to just suffer untill one day you get it. Get it now! Buy Kahneman’s book this week. System 2 is the only way to make correct life and death decisions. Americans die on foreign battlefields and in domestic hospital beds because the American people elect jerks for presidents and appoint medical school doctors not well-trained to make the right decisions. At least I hope you made the right decisions in your life when you married and invested your money. If not,  get Kahneman’s book this week. Time to move to the right!

Shallow news reporting in the US can harm Americans.

August 8, 2011

Let’s tell the truth for a change before the US is hurt more and more. News reporting is false, harmful and politically correct bul… The irony is that some of these navy seals who died, their relatives or friends voted for inexperienced Obama for president in 2008. He made a mistake and sent the navy “seals” to Afghanistan without a strategic plan and 31 well-trained commandos were killed by the Taliban. CNN reports that the president responded to our loss the way he was supposed to respond (show his sadness, sent condolences, make caring speeches, etc.), not a word about changing policy, regret, admitting error, firing the commander, new thinking, etc.  He makes a mistake by using a speech about the loss of super trained American fighters to improve his political rating (more people now tend to vote for Obama for another 4 years of economic and military pain).  Obama is smart but it is not good for the country because the news media does not tell the fact. Here is a bigger case in point.

Obama tells Assad of Syria that he must stop killing his countrymen. CNN reports it in a shallow way. I don’t know whether Obama is misinformed, stupid, speaks without a strategy or chooses to ignore reality. Since CNN will not tell you the truth, let me do it so you can say “Wow, I didn’t know that!” Assad is a Shia Muslim (Alawite), only one out of every five Syrians is (all commanders are Alawites). Four out of every five Syrians in the street is a Suni Muslim (Saudi Wahabi). The two groups have fought bitter wars for a 1000 years.  The war in Syria is “systemic.” Assad cannot stop without being killed! There is a solution and I will include it in my next posting if Obama asked!

A psychological exit strategy from Afghanistan.

June 29, 2010

The background: President Obama decided to pull out American troops from Afghanistan by July 2011, against the advice of the military brass. Who is right and who is wrong?

1. The president is right: A date (July 2011) for a pull out of forces from Afghanistan will force the Afghan government to speed up taking over the war against the Taliban.

2. The president is wrong: Hamid Karzai government is weak and corrupt and will never be able to take on the Taliban by itself.

3. Obama is right: A withdrawal date will raise troop morale, and provides families a goal to look forward to in getting their loved ones home.

4. Orama is wrong: Announcing July 2011 as the date of withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan gives the enemy an opportunity to wait it out and try to topple the Afghan government after July 2011.

5. Psychological conclusion: Everyone is playing politics with American lives, wasting tax payers money in a losing strategy in Afghanistan. A much better strategy would be for the United States to pull out its 100,000 troops right now, and send instead 10,000 specially trained “007” type Afghan savvy allied “insurgents”  ready to take on the Taliban, while at the same time give all Afghans (including the Taliban) an opportunity to apply for cheap loans for housing, job training, business expansion, or agricultural development, to win over the hearts and minds of the Afghan people with direct economic assistance to families in exchange for cessation of hostilities against Americans and against each other. No Afghan in his right mind will choose to fight and die instead of grab the financial opportunity to protect and improve the lives of his wife and kids. Ignore Karzai’s government, the people will take care of him the moment the US gives the average Afghan hope for a better life.

I would like to know what you think will be the obstacles to implementing the above strategy for ending the Afghan war?

PWS and the war in Afghanistan.

June 24, 2010

I believe that after 911 if President Bush consulted psychologists (PWS, Psychotronic Warfare Specialists) instead of army generals as to how to handle further threats to the US mainland from Afghanistan, the place would have been pacified by now! At a cost of 300 billion dollars and 1100 GI’s dead, any PWS psychologist would have done better than any 4-star General. We still expect to win because we live in the illusion that Afghanistan is a conventional war between 2 armies.

The “politically correct” way President Obama handled his problem with McChrystal and the US change in command in Afghanistan will get him reelected at a cost to the American people of another 300 billion dollars and countless  dead. Obama looks good and he knows it! If you want to know what a PWS would have recommended to do with Afghanistan after 911, you’d have to ask.

What’s an EPA?

December 16, 2009

No, no, not the Environmental Protection Agency. I am talking about Effective Plan of Action, something that covers everything. Let’s simulate the White House meeting about sending more troops to Afghanistan.

“Mr President, I need 60,000 more troops to get the job done.”

“I can’t give you 60 without the American people getting pissed off.”

“Why would they?”

“Because your plan of action does not guarantee success.”

“We are not talking about victory, sir, only containment.”

“I’ll give you 30, OK?”

“You get what you pay for.”

This ticket to disaster in Afghanistan can be averted by an EPA. You are the doctor in the White House. The first rule is: You do not treat a systemic problem with surgery, stupid!

Reader, if you understand the above, vote him out. If you don’t, ask me on Facebook or Twitter what I meant. Bingo!

The military road to hell is paved with good intentions!

December 2, 2009

President Barack Obama has made a decision: He is sending more regular army troops to Afghanistan to fight suicide bombers, road-side bombs and ingrained corruption. The democratic peace maker has fallen to his generals and acquired his own war, like Bush, Clinton, and most presidents before him. The psychological question that impacts your life is: Do you create your position in life or does the position create you? Does the man shapes the presidency or does the presidency shapes the man? And, in a broader sense that would  give insight to every one of you who hold a position somewhere, whether it’s a quarterback on the playing field, a CEO of a company you have your money in, or a husband who works in a stressful job: Are you strong enough to recreate your position in your own image?

George Jordan was my best friend among the faculty until he got elected president of the college. I went to see him and he hardly spared  any time for me – the first time ever. He acted formal trying not to… I acted friendly trying to act formal. I just came from my teaching assignment. My son Jon who was taking the class approached me, “dad?” but what came out was “Professor Kinarthy,” neither sounded convincing. In short, research in psychology states, “You become your position unless you are a very strong personality.” Mr Obama is a ‘social schmoozer,’ a good personality for domestic affairs but not for facing a hostile world.  The power of the presidency would beat any man short of Teddy Roosevelt. It’s our loss.