How to dispose of Syria’s chemical weapons?

I thought my last two postings on Syria were enough to enlighten some of you who watch CNN too much, but based on reactive apathy may be not. As I once explained, most individuals you like and vote for who win elections, like Putin and Obama, or are appointed to office, like Kerry and Levrov, immediately shift from a mode of intelligent and perceptive behavior to a mode of office and position preservation. They want to look good taking no risk with their public, in other words, brownies gathering showmanship is the name of the game. In Syria this stand may lead to war because these leaders can’t think about what works and doesn’t work in extreme situations..

Take the pile of chemicals and dump it half a mile underground, it’s less a problem than disposing of nuclear waste. Dump the stuff in a small valley between 2 mountains or dig a large deep pit. Why can’t they do it in Syria? It is easy to do! You move all the toxic material into one pit place half a mile deep and cover it with earth. Syria has a lot o suitable f dumping places to choose from! Why can man land of the moon but he can’t dump toxic materials of earth in the safe way? Why? Politics is the answer, my friend, well, this time politics may get us all into a big war – too many crazy players! Is Biblical prophecy unfolding after all? Life is a mystery.

Have a great day before they start bombing each other big time, those mindful dudes!


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