The rift between diaspora Jews and Israeli Jews is growing.

There were many commentaries in 2015 in the media, academia and in books about the differences between the attitude of Jews who live outside Israel and Jews who live inside Israel. I read so many of them that when I finally felt “saturated” with false reporting this morning, first Sunday morning of 2016, after watching left biased CNN commentator Farid Zakaria, I decided to set the record straight about the relationship between Jews and Israel from the perspective of psychology.

There are many perceptions in the world of reporting about the rift, which is actually more like a Biblical divorce than just a rift, and most of the reporters each cover about 1% of the rift variance (although each reporter thinks that his views covers the whole variance, including myself). I thought about a sentence that would condense it all: The Jews of the diaspora are asking Israel to not retaliate against its enemies so hard because the consequences mean that the Jews in the diaspora suffer more than the Jews in Israel. Psychologically, they prefer that Israel don’t retaliate to attacks by its enemy so harshly so the world won’t be so angry at Israel and displace its anger at the Jews outside Israel who are more vulnerable. In other words, the Jews outside Israel are saying, We rather see you more vulnerable to antisemitic attacks than us because you have an army and can take it while our protection dependents on the gentiles who care less about our lives.

My readers know me that I do not write or speak in a “politically correct” way. I tell it like it is. It is human nature to say, “I rather be more protected than my brother.” Cain in Genesis said to God after killing his brother out of Jealousy, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” This attitude of indifference toward relatives more than indifference toward friends prevails in humanity today also and no family or cultural or religious connections will change it. What will happen in 2016 is that there will be more attacks on Israel and Israel will use harsher means to protect itself and more Jews in the diaspora will be attacked as “scape goats,” thus will be more angry with Israel, while some of them will migrate to Israel for safety (French Jews have doubled their “Aliya” in 2015, already). That is why I predict that the rift of 2015 will become a divorce in 2016. There is not much that humans can do about influencing their history because, as Freud and Maslow said 100 years ago, “To take charge of your history you need the higher state of consciousness than the one available in your educational system.”  As a college professor of psychology, I can attest to that, most students do not get good grades in psychology and it is especially hard to hire PhD’s in psychology among minorities! Yet, I am an optimist because human behavior as a whole is becoming less cruel than in past centuries!


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