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Psychological analysis: How strong is the psychological motivation for a Two-States solution

March 15, 2017

US president have invested 40 years and billions of tax payer dollars to help create a Palestinian democratic state to live in peace alongside the State of Israel. They all failed. Trump saw the failure signs all over recent history and decided not to try a Two States Solution (TSS) and behave like an ideot, like previous blind presidents. Then something happened – Trump fell into the LH pit!  This week he gave Abbas $250,000,000.00 to start a new TSS and a promise to try the Two States Solution for the last time. Why? Well, a president like Trump that won the election against all odds thinks that he can solve the problem in the middle east against all odds. Wrong! The Vegas odds of winning the presidency were 1/3 against Trump, the Cosmic odds of successful Two States Solution (TSS) is 1/infinity, against Trump! It is much less than zero! Why?

Let’s start from the beginning:

In 1948 the probability of TSS success was 50%, the Jews accepted a TSS and the Arabs did not. In 1967 the Jews won more territory from the Arabs. The probability of success became 0%. The Arabs wanted now the TSS that was there in 1966. Time marched. Before the 2016 election the probability of TSS success was again 50% when the Jews accepted a TSS of 1968. The Arabs now wanted a TSS of 1948! The Jews said no to all TSS’s. Israel got a right-wing government.  They feel strong enough to say no to the Arabs – but not to Trump. He wanted to have the last word about Judea and Samaria, the last try to try the last TSS try! Poor Trump, got caught in the stink web! The man  won all his battles except this TSS one. Poor Trump, he doesn’t know it yet!!! It may cost him the second term as president in 2020! Well, he has got  Jewish advisers, can someone in the WH tell him that the Arabs will never accept a Jewish state in “their midst” of “their” area of the world? They can’t, it says in the Quran that they should rule the world – except Israel, but they “forgot” about that Sura that would dissolve the last TSS!

Thus, TSS has no solution. The Hindu Veda calls it the Bahagavad Gita! What is is and what isn’t isn’t. The Italians call it “Key Sera Sera.” Let’s name the La Brea Pits in California where dinosaurs sank throughout history the Palestine pits where US presidents sank throughout history!


Israel and the United States: How the Left is trying to destroy these 2 great democracies.

March 15, 2017

If you browse in my previous postings you’d find one where I analyse the true foundations of left and right thinking. If you find the article you’d discover there  the number one fundamental difference between a left thinking personality and a right thinking personality. It is the ideas of withering of the state, by Carl Marx.  Originally, this lofty goal of the left came from Das Capital, a stupid book by Carl Marx where the end of the world is a prediction of doom.  Marx says, “Because Capitalistic States exploit the workers,  the good news for your future is that humanity will wither these bad states.”  The historical process according to Marx is done slowly, first the weakening of boundaries between States, than the melting of all  boundaries:

In the US and Israel the left is active in smashing of boundaries of all kinds, let’s examine a few, 1) The US Marines under Obama accepted women into fighting units disregarding the fact that a woman and a man in a tank in the middle of a tank battle or in training is detrimental to battle communication and focus on victory. Obama, instead, will be happy with borderless mixing of  sexes for good free sex hollywood style – in a tank!  Things that shouldn’t mix today because of nature – mix anyway in bathrooms, tanks, Boardrooms, kitchens, space shuttles and operating rooms – as patients! A tank becomes a bedroom, million mixing like this and the world becomes an amoeba trying to find its skin and fix that (as the 4 star general implied)!  You, the future Hillary voter, will then ask, “Where did I go wrong, honey, sweet, are you my opposite sex partner aren’t you?’ The answer is “You went wrong, honey dude, in the ballot box, too many Bill and Hillary dudes.” But apparently to Obama and the Israeli leftist generals it is what they want – no borders!!  It is now happening all over Europe, Israel and the USA. The democrats in Congress want to integrate women into the armed forces even more! In Israel it is even worse. 90% of all the generals of the army are leftists and they recently decided that girl  draftees can “men” battle tanks and kill others without hesitation just as easily as men! (not true). The borders of Israel and the US are porous, most terrorists can sneak in through easily (They already killed many innocent people).  The leftists in both parliaments love countries without borders. It leads closer to Marx’s dream ideas. Both governments support “Doctors without borders” taking chances with more spread of disease around (viruses don’t like borders either) the world. The examples of borderless living are many. Hollywood’s movies are mostly fancy borderless propaganda (HFBP); Mixing everything!!! Men are women or half-women, animals and humans are interchangeable in face and body on TV, anthropomorphism is king of the left! (I had a stupid patient once who claimed that his dog had feelings like he did!) The chaos of identities is growing, never mind that God has created defined cells, humans are now mixing every biological entity. Between hollywood and liberals soon you will have a global amoeba looking for its skin!!

Back to the Marine testimony in Congress about the abuse of the naked female Marine phenomena. A 4 star Marine general was so frustrated with liberal senators that he repeated, ‘We’ll fix it, ma’am, senator, we’ll fix it, ma’am.”  Well, everyone knew that he won’t fix it! He couldn’t fix it unless Freud was wrong and sex was less powerful than sharing a tank! The senator (male and female) has to fix it because they started it by supporting a democratic bill in congress to mix men and women in combat units. The answer is in the hands of legislators the voters elected in both countries: you want hell of a life without borders, vote for liberals, socialists, democrats, NDP, labor, Pelosi, Herzog, Obama, Hillary, Bill and the rest of the leftists. Soon abortion will be fine act, sex – no age limit, Mexico – no border, drugs – fine, etc. and squatters will be welcome in your home and apartment (it’s already a ordenance in Irvine, California)! By 2036 I’ll be a 100, may be by then some democrats will vote republican – to fix borders!

Breitbart at “war” with Kellogg.

December 2, 2016

The top three stories leading Breitbart’s homepage on Thursday morning were about its declared war with Kellogg’s, including one entitled: “#DumpKelloggs: Far-Left Cereal Giant Kellogg’s Warns of ‘Racial Privilege.’”  Conservative right-winger Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. A “war” just started between Breitbart and Kellogg, the first fight between a right-wing White House elect and a most left-wing American company. Of all the millions of pieces of news that I could choose for my blog this morning, this one has a special meaning to me. You see, in the 70tis while a psychology major student at UCLA I went to dinner at my parents in LA. In a conversation around the dining table I said that I liked McGovern, Humphrey and Carter to lead the country, 3 democrats-socialists who were running for president. My dad, a Goldwater republican “lectured” to me how dishonest and corrupt and anti-American were the democrats. We had a fight and we didn’t see each other for the next 5 years! Today, at 80, after voting for Trump for president in 2016, I want to apologize to my dad, who died in 1991: “Dad, I am sorry for not realizing your wisdom in the 70tis. I can see already how much better for America are the republicans than the democrats.”

I support Breitbart over Kellogg any time. I stopped eating corn flakes for breakfast this morning. Kellogg is racist, not Breitbart and not Trump. I also want to thank Harvard’s attorney Dershowich for helping me realize something about racism. The democrats and socialist call everyone who disagree with them – racist!  They project their own racism on everyone on the right. Freud called it  “projecting on others your own unacceptable traits.” I have been called a racist and arrogant often during my career as a psychologist and a college professor. Thank you, dad, Dershowich and Breitbart for showing me who is the real racist – the democrats of Hillary Clinton, not the republicans of Donald Trump. I hope my posting helped you sharpen your own observation. If it doesn’t, I still forgive you. Who wants to be a hypocrite? I didn’t listen to my dad in  the 70tis!

President Trump or President Clinton? Who is worse?

November 7, 2016

The stock market is up by 300 points today a day before the presidential election of 2016. The smart analysis why is seeing a factor that probably covers 50% of the variance – need for stability. Hillary’s polls are up significantly and investors expect her to be elected president tomorrow. Investors win! Hillary’s policies are well-known, she and her husband have been running things in the US government for 30 years. The results were that almost every achievement for the American people Obama or the Clintons wanted didn’t happened. Their socialist decision-making skills killed progress! What they tried to accomplish – was not accomplished!

Investors are usually wealthy people in the first place. They are much wealthier today because of the Clinton’s and Obama’s decisions. Ten trillion dollars out of the 20 trillion the US owes (your poor kids) to China and others is today in  the pockets of rich and powerful people (Clinton’s global friends) who manufactured and provided services all over the world that were not beneficial to hard-working American voters at all (you were manipulated). The rich got richer and the poor got poorer on the backs of the American middle and lower classes! The only reason women,  Blacks and Latinos would still vote for Hillary as president is that they don’t connect the dots about Trump or Hillary. Why don’t they connect the dots? They can’t understand that Hillary would destroy hope for a better life for people who already have less because of her poor skill in making the right decisions for the country. She wants more than anything to improve poor people’s lives but she can’t! She is a socialist and as such she must keep minorities poor so they would need her paternalism and it makes her feel good as a benefactor! If blacks and Latinos were all middle class and didn’t need her she would lose their support. They will all go to Community colleges and learn a trade that would pay much better than government checks! She would lose all the power. Further, if she stopped being a “globalist” and put all her energy to improved American lives instead, she would lose all her friends in the EU, God forbids! Tomorrow is the day she is crowned by poor people who don’t understand that they would put their foot in their month by voting for her. Yet, they won’t vote for Trump because he instills fear in people (he can’t speak as eloquently as Obama). Who wants risk? He may make a great president only on his 4th year in office but not on the first 3 because the country is a mess and needs drastic measures to heal! Would be hell for a while, like a storm before sunshine. The market will go down, the world will be pissed off, who wants all that? We rather have Hillary in the WH without taking the Trump risk. We Americans are used to suffering, after all we grew up during Vietnam, Korean war, Iraq, etc, wars and assassinations. Our young like chaos, look how they are dressed, who likes borders, green hair, etc. We will put Obama and the Clinton’s in charge again to get more of the same leftist crap!

2016 is damn if you do and damn if you don’t!

Kelly vs. Gingrich on her statement “If Trump is a sexual predator.”

October 27, 2016

Trump said repeatedly that the Media was biased against him and may cost him the presidency. Let’s find out if it’s possibly true? I selected one statement about Trump by anchorwoman Magen Kelly from right-wing Fox News, out of about a million statements from left-wing CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. I selected Magen’s statement aired on Fox News today because people have said that Fox News would be the least biased against a right-wing nominee for president. And, if Fox News turned out to be biased against Trump, the left-wing news stations would certainly be totally biased and devastating to Trump’s presidency.

If you say that a million statements like Kelly’s to Gingrich about Trump will definitely reduce the number of women voters and some men voters for Trump, you are absolutely right. It already happened.  If you say that some of these voters were going to vote for Trump because his program for the future of the US  was better than Hillary’s program, you are right again. And, if you say that Magen Kelly’s statement was one of the many unethical utterances that undermined Trump’s presidency chances, you are dead right!

Ladies and gentlemen, as a psychologist I can assure you  that psychologically speaking… in the mind of the average voter who was listening to Kelly today the word “if” was deleted instantly from  Kelly’s statement. The average voted heard  her saying “Trump is a sexual predator,” not as saying “If Trump was a sexual predator.”  Some women voters who had painful sexual experiences in their past would really repress the “if” word that Kelley based her news reporting on. The Media bias against Trump is psychological more than a left-wing conspiracy. That is why 99% of the leftist editors and reporters don’t see their devastating bias against Trump (They also hurt themselves in the process of personal decision makings). Kelly was not aware that she gave ten women who accused a great family man, who probably raised nicer kids than they did, enormous power to shape the presidency! Ten women who wanted a moment of fame will indirectly decide who the judges on the Supreme Court will be – socialist or capitalist!

Shame on you Magen Kelley for exercising the power to influence voters with impunity and show lack of fair judgment, sensitivity or understanding how should sexual matters be aired on the News. Anyone who thinks that Trump might be a sexual predator, even 1%, need his/her head examined. Bragging about sexual matters by males (and some females) in a show business context is as far from “sexual predation” as Hillary Clinton is from planet Venus!


Still voting for Trump?

October 8, 2016

Americans are living between the rock and the hard place. Poor voters, what a choice for prez? If you vote for Hillary president we know that most of her decisions will come to hunt you. They will harm the economy and security of Americans all over the world, as she has done in the past. Her decisions in the White House may as well cause the final Armageddon war!

If you vote for Trump president most of his decisions will come to hunt the Chinese, UN, EU, OPEC, NATO, the DNC, the lefties, illegals, fascists, Islamists, abortionists and communists. I do not think that he would hurt women, gays or other minorities at all. You may hate him for his personality and bad taste because he has a foul language and doesn’t act presidential, but you will benefit from his smart decision-making ability.

At the end of the day of November 8 when you enter the booth you’d have 2 choices: To vote for the person that has the wrong personality but makes the right decisions or  vote for the person that has the right personality but makes the wrong decisions.

Life is not perfect, dude. Don’t suspend your wisdom!

The nature of the human mind.

September 26, 2016

The nature of the human mind is to doubt 9 out of 10 good decisions that you make that would bring good results, “Oh boy, am I surprised but I am pleased.”  The nature of the human mind is to feel certain that your decision was right 9 out of 10 times before your decision brough poor result, “Oh well, I am not surprised, I didn’t think enough about what I was doing, sorry.”

Examples our of millions: If you are Christian and you vote for Trump and he gets in you’d probably say, “Oh boy, I am surprised twice. He is also doing well as president for my church and my business…but I still have doubt about his style of leadership, it’s scary.” If you are a Jew you are certain to vote for Hillary. She gets in and you’d probably say, “Nine times out of ten we Jews make poor political decisions and we suffer the results. I should have voted for Trump regardless of his unspeakable style because as president he said that he would secure Jerusalem for my people, oh well, forget the Passover “Next year in Jerusalem,” my leftist views are more important.

If you are socratic in your mind you reflect, you’d probably make 9 out 10 decisions in your life that work. For you to vote for Trump this time would be easy. Trump earned his money by building sky scrapers, Hillary earned her money by taxing you and “stealing’ your cash legally. I know I am harsh but just think of: The government take your hard-earned money and spend it on projects and entitlements that Hillary and Obama – not you – think are good for you! They play ‘Mama” with your growth and maturity. Do they think you are a child that need help or do they think that you are a person that could use a reasonable loan at low-interest to get started? Caveat Emptor!

Who will win the debate on Monday, September 26, 2016?

September 25, 2016

100 million American will watch the debate between Hillary and Donald, a world record. This is more spectators that will watch Monday night football! Let’s analyse together who will win the debate on purely psychological principles:

At this point Hillary poll is 42% to Donald’s 39%, who will prevail?

Hillary has got to win or else… she lived in the White House for 8 years with her charming dude. She liked the place very much but not the company. She wanted to be as powerful as her husband Bill, but for that she had to get hungry for power. She waited around, first as Senator from New York, then as Secretary of State. Then in 2008 she ran against Obama and lost. This Monday her motivation to win the debate with T is not 100%, it may be 1000% to keep her self-esteem and because she fears that Christie as Attorney General for Trump will send her to jail! She’s got to win or else…

Trump, on the other hand,  if he wins, great, he believes he will make America great, if not he will go and play golf for free in Scotland. His motivation to win at most may be 80%, his perform is not a “do or die” like hers. He has plans to do many things in life, 4 kids, many grandkids at 70, tons of money, private 757 jet, trump has got it made either way…

There is a psychological law that says, “When you want something too badly chances are that you won’t get it.” We have all experience that when the committee said after the interview, “We will let you know.”  The 100 million people who can give Hillary the presidency will look at her behavior on stage tomorrow and if they find that she is too “hungry,” for the WH sandwich, ready to “Kidnap” the presidency like it was food to eat or air to breath for her, they won’t give it to her. They will become too scared to open the candy store for a “sweet tooth” kid with Saudi money. To make them give it to her, I say,  “Hillary, play it cool for your own sake or you won’t get the power….

Trump can win this debate for the simple reason that he (and the blacks he wants to represent) have nothing to lose. He can play it hot in the debate but she can’t afford to be too emotional. It’s funny, Bill’s VP showed that he didn’t care enough to win so he lost to Bush, Hillary tomorrow may show that she care to win too much so she may lose to Trump.

American elections are fun. Enjoy the American experience, the best fight in the world’s arena is coming. The tickets are free, the best seat in the home is yours. Get your partner and the beer and if it’s boring switch channel to football!!!!!!!!!

Trump must articulate his position about illegal immigrants.

August 22, 2016

Let’s talk about facts and reality, not slogans. Illegal immigrants broke the law. If you give them amnesty you are rewarding braking the law. If you reward breaking the law you increase crime and chaos. Obama and Hillary already done this. Trump wants to reverse the trend but he doesn’t know how to articulate it. Here, Donald, listen:

  1. People who break the law must serve time, pay a fine or make it up to society.
  2. Illegal immigrants who want to make it up to the American society must quit their American job, go back to Mexico, register at an American consulate and file for immigration to the US the legal way. Trump as president will personally approve their immigration request if they make it up to American society the real way. They can volunteer to join the arm forces of the United States and fight for her.  They can work for free in a Latin-American Services department, private or public (LAS). They can work for free in agriculture for a year.  They can serve their new legal host country in some way that I can’t think of right now (legal immigrants who work hard raise the Gros Domestic Product, for example).
  3. Illegal immigrants can also choose to serve time in jail, labor camp or pay a fine. A judge can help with that choice.
  4. Illegal immigrants can volunteer to help end illegal immigration, something akin to ex-drug addicts volunteering in drug rehab clinics.
  5. What Hillary is suggesting is not ethical and may be breaking the law: Asking illegal immigrants to talk to legal immigrants to vote for her in return for amnesty. With that kind of thinking she should never be a president of the United States.

In defence of Hillary Clinton.

August 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama were the “founders” of ISIS, said Trump today. Well, not exactly. Let’s correct the historical record: The Founder of ISIS was Abu Baker. President George Bush only “helped him.”  How? The American president conquered Iraq because he thought his father didn’t finish the job (see Freud for explanation of One upmanship). He released Baghdadi Abu Baker from prison who went on to Found ISIS in northern Iraq. He looked all around the Middle East for Arab generals to command the ISIS volunteers and found them in Tikrit. President George Bush “helped” again. He appointed Bremer to run Iraq and told him to fake an election where a Shia PM won and took over. But this Bush’s stupidity in the name of fake democracy wasn’t enough stupidity, he has to do a bigger stupidity. He told Bremer to fired the 100 Sunni generals of Saddam Hussein’s army who were now out of the only work they knew how to do. Abu Baker recruited the generals and offered them the job – to run IRIS. Bush’s stupidity was that he didn’t understand that the Sunnis and Shia in Iraq didn’t get along, after all Bush was only an owner of a baseball team in Texas before becoming president.

Thus, Hillary Clinton was not the Found ISIS, as Trump claimed today. She had only enlarged the power of ISIS 100 times over because Obama told her not to worry about ISIS when he appointed her Secretary of State of the United States , “Don’t worry about ISIS, Hillary, it’s going to be fine, they are only JVT fighters!”

The crucial statement today is only: Is something wrong with the American voter decision process? They seem not to vote for the best president for these United States!