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Has Science Discovered God?

July 20, 2016

By definition, my reaction to this title above circling on the internet today would always be laughter. God has been identified scientifically in 1648 (Leibnitz) and had not been recognized by religious leaders ever since lest they lose their power and money. I read the articles…God was not been discovered in 2016! I wrote on my blog the truth about the discovery of God. Read it for yourself somewhere in my blog, but it would be very difficult for you to accept the truth because your mind will deny HIM. If by miracle you do accept the scientific truth of God your life would instantly change for the better. Mine has!! G(o)od luck dude.

Scientific and objective response to articles circulating about the demise of Israel!

December 15, 2015

The title of our political meeting soon will be, Where would Israel be in 50 years? Is it valid and reliable topic to discuss by everyone? I will not explain the difference between validity and reliability and other scientific terms in this posting – please educate yourself on your computer.  The probability can be obtained by using probability theory. The theory says that on the average about 90% of the variance of truth can be obtained by a thought experiment based on reality (Einstein did that), a process that can be achieved by about 10% of the people, usually individuals that can make 4 times more successful decisions in life than others. So far so good? The thought experiment can generate the 4 required variables each covering about 25% of the variance of predictability. So far so good?  Now, let’s get to work:

  1. Factor 1: Israel has an atomic bomb. If Israel know how to handle that deference, its 25%, if not, it’s less. I won’t tell you what my thought experiment found out but it’s more than 10%
  2. Factor 2: Israel’s government policies in Israel and in the world is a factor. Policies of the Right have more deference than policies of the Left. I won’t tell you what my thought experiment found out, but the surprising psychological fact that the Right studies the consequences of their behavior more than the Left does, the difference is more than 20%.
  3. Factor 3: Israel has a strong economy. The fact that they could manufacture or buy any kind of weapon they need would have given them 25% for this factor, but after a thought analysis they got only 15% for poor management of the defence of the country.
  4. Attitude of nationalism: Israel attitude of nationalism is 5%. To analyse this low attitude I looked at 3 anchor states: Israel 100% nationalism in 1948 and Russia 100% nationalism in 1994 and the US 100% in 1776. All 3 states have become less nationalistic and more Internationalist, Israel at 50% (12.5% on the scale), Russia 90% and the US 25%).
  5. Calculation: 10% +20% + 15% + 12.5% = 57.5%. The probability that Israel will survive is higher than average.  The error variance of this probability because of God, the Bible, history, miracles, etc cannot be assessed but my feeling is that Israel will over come its difficulties as the Israeli people become stronger. Peace comes in history to the strong. For example, America won, Japan and Germany have peace and prosperity. Good luck, dudes!

Some of your friends are stupid, what would you do?

November 8, 2015

He is almost a 100 years old. He prolonged his life by jogging 3 miles a day and eating the right food and vitamines. He looks about 70 YO. He is a smart fellow, but stupid when it comes to knowing what is waiting for him after death. The irony is that I lectured on death and dying at universities in both the US and Canada…and he says, “Let me tell you what my Rabbi says about death.” I have listened to stupidities as a psychologist at least 10 times a day for 40 years now, but this was enough for me so I said, “let me tell you what science found out about NDE and life after death.” For the next 2 hours walking he wouldn’t leave me alone, “it’s even better than what my Rabbi said, ” he said!

I won’t tell you the truth because you will b confused. Let m just tell you about an exponential EEG electronic machine that detected brain waves in the grave area 2 days after a person died (it depends on other factors).  What does it mean? That means that most graves emit thoughts and feelings days and years after death depending on the sophistication of your EEG and what consciousness is doing at that moment. I could tell you about 100 scientific facts about life after death but what the point? The students that took my classes for 27 years forgot the truth about life after death and listened to their priest or Rabbi within a semester or 2. The weird truth was out of the Zeitgeist and out of the box. Sure, the truth makes you free but your mind won’t let you be free anyway lest it loses control, unless you dedicate your life to your life and to God and very few people do that! I got a feeling, though, that my 92-year-old friend is close enough to the “switch point” to take science seriously and learn the truth that no Rabbi or priest can describe.

A Christmas gift from God

December 27, 2013

Dear humans,

I am God. I created you in my image, as it says in Genesis. You got that one right. You liked my image so much that you tried to recreate me in your image in your church. If you succeeded your religion would have been perfect. You see, you created me in your cultural image. You left out the most divine gift that I gave you, your divine ability to distinguish between a sign that I sent you and common signs that you pick up from your environment. Real sad!



Dear students,

My name is Dr. Elior Kinarthy. I taught psychology and parapsychology at a California college for 26 years. My specialty was to teach students how to identify the difference between a signal directed to you from the Universal consciousness and a more common signal that you pick up from the environment. Today I will give you a scientific Christmas gift from Universal Consciousness (UC):  “Dear students, God designed your lungs to breathe about 10 deep breaths per minute of clean natural air. He knew that you’d forget to do so and end breathing 15-20 shallow breaths per minute of polluted air resulting in ill-health, so He gave you a mask and consciousness to remind you.” Start breathing right and let me know within a month how you fee so I can give you God’s second gift. You see, God sent me a signal right now, “Don’t waste my gifts of those that won’t use them.’

Dr. Daniel Kahneman’s System 2: Making sense of perceiving something, observing it, agreeing/disagreeing, point of viewing, having a position and experiencing.

September 9, 2012

Dr. Daniel Kahneman is the only behavioural psychologist that ever received the Nobel prise in economics, triggering jealousy, anxiety, rejection of psychological research and out right animosity among most classical economists.  He received the Nobel prize in economics for his research finding that humans do not usually make logical or rational decisions in business and investing, even court decisions are flawed! Humans are emotional. Most of their decisions are heuristic (System 1), but those who make decisions based on science and statistics (System 2) are usually more moral, fair and successful.

I drove home an hour ago from my usual Sunday meeting discussing the Jewish world. My friend John and I disagreed on a political issue. Our friend  Jerry turned to us and said, “This is the first time that I see you two disagree on anything.” I decided to post the scientific and statistical truth about human disagreements. For 10,000 years people went to war with each other because of disagreements. Today, friends split and families break up because of disagreements. I hope that after you read this important scientific posting, you will understand what geneticists call the evolutionary flaw of human perception, ie., that each mind’s hardware thinks that its observation is the observation. I am guilty of it, you are guilty of it, we all are guilty of it. We can’t help it (its genetic), but once we understand perception mathematically we become more tolerant of other points of viewing a phenomenon.

Let us begin to understand Kahneman behavioural genius:

Draw a perfect circle and count the equal number of degrees of freedom on the curved line: 360 degrees? 385%? 34%? How many degrees? Each of these 360 equal positions on the circle line has an equal distance to the center of the circle where you place a phenomenon to be observed and judged (if your life is 100% heuristic you lose perspective of mathematical reality. The extreme manifestation of distorted perception of reality is when a weak person or nation declares war on a strong person or nation with the hope to win (watch the play the mouse that roared), knowing that he is going to lose. A mild manifestation of distorted perception of reality is when a husband picks up a verbal fight with his wife believing he would win…ha, ha, ha). Here is an example from my life: My Catholic friend believes that abortion is murder. I don’t. System 2 would say that he observes the phenomenon from one side of the circle and I observe it from the opposite side. If he convinces me that he is right…I will have to move on the circle, replace the dude and take his position (a degree cannot be split. You can’t have 361 degrees unless you are heuristic). My response to people on the other side of the circle from me is usually, “Would you like a cup of coffee or tea? How is your mom? Hey, what’s happening in Timbuktu?” (called the inappropriate response in psychology). Try it you’d like it. It will keep you out of trouble, free your time  and keep you living in the truth (System 2). The only way to know the center of the circle is not to argue about it but to move in and experience it. 1980: an EST workshop with Werner Erhard in San Francisco, a participant asked  “What’s a tree.” Werner took him by the hand and they walked outside and hugged a tree. It blew my mind away when they returned and he opened a book and said, “and now let’s learn the concept “tree.” I have been hugging a lot of things ever since, ha, ha, ha.

Stop screwing up the Monad!

August 16, 2012

I had a feeling that since the American physicist Dr. Leon M Lederman described Higgs Boson as a “God particle,” every Dick Tom and Harry in Science would hitch a ride on the new bridge between “Science” and “Religion.” I surfed to Google and sure enough I found the start of an intellectual mess.  Monadology and a host of other “stuff” sprang like mushrooms after rain  to carry the “experts” unknowingly light years away from Dr. Wilhelm, Gottfried Leibnitz discovery of the Monad as a cosmic unit of consciousness!.

Dr. Lederman was the director of the Fermi National Accelerator in Batavia, Illinois when he earned the Nobel price in Physics in 1988 for his work on the Neutrino (a neutron particle). He coined the term “God’s particle” to describe the Higgs Boson. If he studied  the size difference between the Higgs Boson (proton particle, physical matter)) and the Monad  (consciousness particle), he would have know that a true “God particle” is a few sextillion times smaller.

Forget Monadology and the other “mushrooming” theories about the Monad and let’s walk to the original source. The Monad is a unit of consciousness that preexisted the “Big Bang” according to Leibnitz, Metaphysics and Parapsychology. The Monad is a spiritual particle if you want to use that term. Monads exist in two qualities, all have self-veracity and purpose. High Monads are the older and flow freely in the universe as Spirits between and within physical particles. What you call Soul is an area in your Frontal Lobe in your brain with meridians to your Pineal gland (Descartes) full with High Monads that give you mental consciousness (animals have only sensory consciousness). Bound Monads are the younger Monads and are subsumed in physical matter (your body, planets, stars, what is “freed” when a person dies).

I salute you if you understood what  I wrote. If you can keep an open mind about this very advanced knowledge, I salute you twice. Living in the year 2012 with knowledge from the 22nd century would not be easy on your social life or perceived academic integrity.

Today’s message is profound yet simple: Practice CMI and avoid suffering!

June 11, 2010

Although this posting on my blog is the most important posting that I could ever make as a psychologist, I doubt that I would get enough questions from strangers to make a difference in their lives. This posting was triggered by a phone call from a dear female student who was dying from cancer at 40. “I wish I listened to your lectures more attentively when I was 20,” she said.

Most of the medical, psychological, political and financial problems that people have are caused by believing misinformation that isn’t true and doesn’t work! “But my doctor said…” or “I don’t believe you,” or “You cannot secure 50% profit per year on your investment,” or “My dad knows better,” or the mother of all false beliefs, “It’s very difficult to create peace between nations or people in this world.”

“Yes, we can, with the right information.” Get up tomorrow morning and “hit” Google and other sources. Spend an hour per day for a year studying Contingency Management of Information.” That’ll do it, but here is a catch, CMI is easy to learn, easy to apply, and it works fast, but it’s “scientific, alien to culture.” To be able to use it you need to be mature, adult, motivated and serious – and engage your consciousness!

Take the challenge. I lectured on this “stuff” in my college psychology classes for 27 years and very few students “practiced CMI then when they were young and healthy. ” I remember the dear student that had cancer at 40. She was a straight “A” student at 20!

Anna Nicole Smith Seance.

February 10, 2010

My Peaceful Revolution blog is designed to clarify human relationships before we depart, but this one is unique. When you see a discussion of a celebrated Ouija Board Seance on CNN, it is even more unnerving than Larry King interviewing Stanton Friedman on UFOs! As a college parapsychology professor who has done research on much more successful seances than the Ouija Board, I must say that I am happy that communication with human spirits is finally in the public eye, but I am not happy that it is sensationalized by a Ouija Board. You see, with a Ouija Board you can never know for sure if the “element” is not moved by the participants rather than by the spirit you are trying to contact.

The problem is the Zeitgeist. Spirits do exist and you can contact them scientifically, but that fact cannot be accepted by the public in 2010. I suppose we as a species need to grow up. Can you imagine how routine will be communication with the dead in the year 2510? I taught a few people how to do it – now! Anna Nicole Smith is now a spirit, a 3 dimensional hologram devoid of Chi, or life force, willing to show up in some ways to some authentic people. 🙂 🙂