Last nudge to elect Trump president for peace sake!

Peace between nations is hard to come by. Peace between leftist nations is almost impossible to achieve. Hillary as a leftist president may cause a proxy war with Russia by falsely accusing Putin of being a fascist (he is not). Trump as president  may bring peace to Syria working with Putin. Israel had leftist governments for 30 years and couldn’t make peace. Begin became the first right-wing prime minister in 1977. Sadat became the right-wing president of Egypt in 1970. Two right-wing governments made peace. They made peace and got the Nobel price. Begin wrote, “This is a very great moral victory. The Egyptian ruler who was at his side, added emphatically, “We agreed that the war of 1973 was the last war between us.”  (Begin: A portrait, 1994, p. 127). The moral of the story: Peace between rightist nations is more likely to be achieved than peace with leftist nations. Vote for Trump for peace and prosperity (ignore his lack of manners). Save lives.


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