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A psychologist believes in Trump!

November 25, 2015

I usually go for coffee once a week in the beautiful Marina watching the wild seals with 3-5 “thinking” friends. Two years ago I did my analysis that Trudeau will be the next prime minister of Canada. I was congratulated over coffee for my ‘wisdom’ accurate prediction last week. A few months ago I also did my analysis of Trump’s chances. I predicted that he will be the next president of the United States (with Cruz as VP) unless he decided to quit or go independent or get killed. A month ago I bet $125 with my friends who felt the opposite. They didn’t think that Trump will win. It was easy to get all my 5 friends to bet me because they think trump is not electable because of his rude behavior in public and because they don’t know that Hillary is her worse enemy and Trump could devastate her in a debate.. I am really enjoy the 2016 election. I love the way Americans do it. The American people  understand that most presidents main job is to distribute the people’s money to their cronies and friends and Trump will not do that. I won’t tell you how I came to the conclusion that Trump is our next president except to say that a few months ago I got it that security will best economics as a reason to vote around election time. It is almost like saying that ISIS’s behavior in the US and France will get Trump elected president. It is a terrific irony because trump is the best man for the WH for many other reasons than security. I guess America is blessed despite of her people’s socialist attitude in 2016. God loves America!


How to dispose of Syria’s chemical weapons?

September 12, 2013

I thought my last two postings on Syria were enough to enlighten some of you who watch CNN too much, but based on reactive apathy may be not. As I once explained, most individuals you like and vote for who win elections, like Putin and Obama, or are appointed to office, like Kerry and Levrov, immediately shift from a mode of intelligent and perceptive behavior to a mode of office and position preservation. They want to look good taking no risk with their public, in other words, brownies gathering showmanship is the name of the game. In Syria this stand may lead to war because these leaders can’t think about what works and doesn’t work in extreme situations..

Take the pile of chemicals and dump it half a mile underground, it’s less a problem than disposing of nuclear waste. Dump the stuff in a small valley between 2 mountains or dig a large deep pit. Why can’t they do it in Syria? It is easy to do! You move all the toxic material into one pit place half a mile deep and cover it with earth. Syria has a lot o suitable f dumping places to choose from! Why can man land of the moon but he can’t dump toxic materials of earth in the safe way? Why? Politics is the answer, my friend, well, this time politics may get us all into a big war – too many crazy players! Is Biblical prophecy unfolding after all? Life is a mystery.

Have a great day before they start bombing each other big time, those mindful dudes!

To understand Syria’s civil war you must go back to 661 AD.

August 29, 2013

Muhammad died in 632. Two rivals were chosen as Caliph and Imam by the first generation believers, Abu Baker, a close friend of the prophet as the first Caliph and Ali, Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law as the first Imam. Ali was assassinated in 661 AD which started the bitter historical feud between Sunnis and Shia to this day. In Syria, 20% are Shia Alawites and 80% are Sunnis. Assad is a Shia. If he loses the civil war his 20% Shia Syrians will be in danger of a massacre. If Assad wins, the Sunnis will be oppressed, have no voice and some will die. No one knows 100% if Assad used the Chemical weapons on the Sunnis, only 99% that he did, but that is not the ultimate issue here. The West doesn’t understand that the feud between the Sunnis and the Shia in Syria is fundamental – no group will give in to the other without being defeated in battle! Here is the solution:

To avoid more civilian deaths, especially innocent women and children, Syria should be temporarily divided into Shia and Sunni autonomous zones (like in Cyprus) for 5 years or untill they learn to relate as Syrians while things quiet down. That will give the UN, the people and western powers time to build a democracy so people can live in peace and prosperity. Would that happen? Probably not, you see, politicians have many misconceptions about human relationships and are too lazy to think straight. Their value system is off from the moment they get selected or elected or appoint themselves!

Americans will lose the “good life” if they…

July 15, 2013

Let me quote for you what my favorite contemporary historian Niall Ferguson says in his new book The Great Degeneration of America (page 84). “Few truths are today universally acknowledged more than the rule of law – particularly as so far as it restrains the “grabbing hand” of the rapacious state – is conducive to economic growth. According to Douglass North, “The inability of societies to develop effective, low-cost enforcement of contract is the most important source of both historical stagnation and contemporary underdevelopment.”

Let me write all this verbosity in a simple most understandable psychological sentence without losing meaning. The rule of law means that the law must be behavioral to be highly understood without need for lawyers or interpretations. You get a description of  what you did and the punitive consequences for it. Americans will lose the “good life” if they do not punish people who break the law with fixed punishments without the need to have many discretion studied in court to get you off/on the crime. Judge for yourself, is America a country of laws or a country of lawyers? Have you lost the “good life” already? Can you change your attitude before the next election? Soon it may be too late.

Ryan vs. Biden! Tonight!

October 11, 2012

Why the exclamation marks in the title? For me as a psychologist, this across generation debate tonight is an opportunity (for you too) to observe in-action what one of the greatest psychologists in history said about what happens when a young man faces an older man who could be his father. Freud said, “The antagonism is fundamental, a part of the Oedipus Complex. It is especially intense in politics when throughout history older men had sent younger men to die in battle.”  Well, I don’t expect Biden to slaughter Ryan, afer all they are both civilized and tonight have a higher calling in politics that could backfire only if Biden’s ID overwhelms his EGO or SUPEREGO. Here are my predictions:

1. Biden will act more emotional than Ryan.

2. Ryan will be better with facts, numbers and statistics.

3. Their values differences will show a great contrast. Their expressions will be even more diverse than Obama and Romney!

4. Biden will talk a lot about the past, Ryan more about the future.

5. Ryan may help Romney by a percent or two with the young, Biden will not help or hurt Obama with the old.

6. Biden will appeal to older people but not bring them to vote more than expected.

7. Ryan will appeal to younger voters but not bring then to vote more than expected.

8. The debate tonight will not be polite.

9. Psychologists watching the body language and verbal expressions tonight – bring your note-pad with you for a classic Freudian observation.

10. For you, lay people, the best part of watching the debate tonight will be watching a great political movie drama. Enjoy!

911: What nobody analyses!

September 12, 2012

Let’s recreate 911 psychologically. The US president is not George Bush but Teddy Roosevelt, the most assertive or aggressive one term US president ever! He sits in the oval office and hears rumors about increasing terror against Americans in Europe and Africa. He picks up the phone and calls the heads of the CIA and FBI to his oval office.

“Gentlemen, you have investigated Saudi students who enrolled in US private Flight schools since 2000. What did you find out?”

“Mr. President, flight schools instructors reported to local FBI officers in 2001 that they found it odd that these Arabian students concentrated on learning how to fly 747 passenger jets, skipping classes on landing.”

“Arrest and interrogate them.”

“But, Mr. President, we have no evidence that this odd behaviour is related to planning attacks in the US.”

Teddy gave them a stern look, “Arrest them!”

The 911 plot was nipped in the bud, 911 did not happen, instead, Teddy Roosevelt lost his reelection to the Democrats in 2004. He was depicted as an aggressive, punitive, dictatorial, paranoid president. People in the twin towers voted overwhelmingly democrat. Sweet Kerry was elected in a landslide. Many times in America psychological reality  of threat from abroad clashes with political reality at home. Americans hate preemptive strikes against enemies. Can you imagine if Osama Bin Laden stayed a trivial terrorism organizer? Can you imagine how many lives would have been saved if what Hitler did in 1938 was good enough as evident for Teddy’s cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt (a Democrat) to take him out? But Franklin would not have been elected to a third term! 4000 innocent people would not have died in Pearl Harbor or collapsing towers and planes on 911  – but Bush would have been defeated on November 3, 2000. Americans hate leaders who rush to bloody good judgment. It is the price they are willing to pay for a bit longer peace and presidents who get elected and reelected know that mentality of waiting to the last-minute. 911 happened 11 years ago. This may be a numerology sign or other psycho-babble, but, as in Pearl Harbor 1941 under sweet Franklin Delano Roosevelt or 2012 under Obama, the game is still the same. No one is a Teddy (Roosevelt) bear anymore who says, “Walk softly but carry a big stick.” Today they say, “Walk very softly and carry a foreign aid bag of money.” Obama will be reelected and will try to avoid war with Al Queda till he has no choice but to fight. History always repeats itself with sweet Presidents than with tough ones!

New York: Ban on smoking in public areas.

February 3, 2011

Let’s get this problem solved ones and for all. cigaret smoke, nicotine and tar kills people. A complete ban on smoking kills democracy. In light of the fact that people killing are killing each other in countries that are not democratic,  we want both! We want people not to die from cigarets or street riots. Here is how you regulate smoking and save democracy:

A human being has the RIGHT TO BREATH CLEAN AIR. His not smoking does not affect the health of the one that smokes. Another human being HAS THE RIGHT TO SMOKE. His smoking does affect the health of the person who doesn’t smoke. Therefore, an intelligent community that cares about its citizens must ban smoking from areas where nonsmoker are! Therefore, you can smoke in the public park but not next to a person who doesn’t smoke and you can smoke in your car as long as there is no child in your car or a person that doesn’t smoke. If you adhere to the principle, every situation can be solved! Every smoking behavior can be guided! We can solve both democracy and the human right to smoke cigarets!

There is one more issue here. A smoker require more medical care in life than a nonsmoker, therefore, to pay for it, the federal tax on cigarets should be triple the generic price of a pack!

Do you want an enlightened and caring society, there you have it. Now, vote for it on the next election, or keep fighting over the issue making everyone confused or miserable.

The “killing fields” of politics.

March 26, 2010

In life, you either lose, win or draw, and that is how it should be. If you lose you try to win the next time and if you win you try not to lose the next time. A draw is a compromise, both win less but both win something better than losing. Sometimes a draw in called an armistice, as in real war. Armistice is like a temporary compromise until one of the parties feels strong enough to challenge the other. When a fight is for a trophy, land, triumph, etc. a duel called ‘shoot out’ occurs, as in a sports when we must have a gold medal winning team.

Life is like a soccer game, and that is good. I win a lot so I like it, but some of my victories are taken away by courts, judges and lawyers, that is like having biased referees and line’s men on a soccer field. When that happens too often sport become like politics, the game is over, the “killing fields” begin.

The amazing conclusion of my story this evening is that if you run a country like a sport, you will have less problems, while if you run a sport like a country, you will have more problems. The solution, I am serious, is to replace politicians, lawyers, judges and courts with trained sports referees in the field!

I once suggested to have such a referee in every financial institution in Wall Street. I don’t understand why those folks that lost money the most during the recession laughed at my suggestion the most?