Ferguson revisited: The Devil is in the Details.

Reading through my 400 or so postings you will find research by Muzafar Sheriff that show how he designed a model of peace between 2 fighting L.A. gangs 60 years ago. Actually any 2 groups that fight each other can benefit. Now, if you are dreaming expecting the blacks community in Ferguson and the white police department to make peace and trust each other you’d have to kill the devil first – and that is impossible to do without changing high school education. You see, the devil is the chairman of the board and he decided a long time ago that he will not allow K-12 students to learn about moral behavior, respect for others, true friendships, environmentalism, and so on. Imagine for a moment a Ferguson community where every able body male and female has a decent education and interesting  job making between $50,000.00 and $100,000.00 per year, kids go to great kindergartens, citizens get free medical coverage like in Canada and the police are as polite as the Dutch in Amsterdam, what life in Ferguson could be like. Wealthy, educated entrepreneurs will move into the community, property values will go up, the police department will have enough polite black officers and Wal-Mart will not be afraid to open its doors in the morning for you to pick up great bargains. looting will die with the devil!

Well, I know you want to hear God saying, “I am happy, Fergusonians, because you are finally fulfilling the reason I have created humans – to be happy and smile and not be dead before their time.” Start the process of building a great community by firing the devil, the chairman of the board. Salvation, dudes, is in the details of what you learn in K-12! Here is a little example, you know what a devil-teacher in an elementary classroom, where it all starts,  would say when she sees jimmy kicks little Julie? “It’ OK, he is just a kid.” You know what an angel-teacher in the same classroom would say to Jimmy after she sees him kicks Julie and takes her cookie? “Jimmy, give Julie back her cookie, apologize to her in from of the class, and I will call your mom and dad and tell them that you said to the girl you were sorry.”  This is not just Ferguson revisited. The devil is in the details in every K-12 school in American! Get to work, people, turn your peaceful demonstrations in every America city into a slogan that will work to change our schools, “Fire Mr. D. the chairman of the board.”


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