Did Obama bomb a hospital building? Did Putin bomb an ISIS building?

The news media says that Putin bombed the free Syrian army base, not an ISIS terrorists camp. The same media says that Obama bombed an Afghan hospital full of doctors without borders staff by mistake, not negligence. Are we ever going to know the truth? Probably not. Is it important? Probably not. What is important to know? That we are where we should not be and that we fight who we should not fight. The psychological facts: The free Syrian army fights Assad, if they win we don’t benefit the Middle East will continue to have wars! Assad is bad but that is the best they have got! Obama loves the organization called doctors without borders, they are his political brothers, it’s definitely a ‘mistake’ that he bombed them. He must be very very upset. These doctors save lives, but  while saving lives they spread a Marxist ideology of creating chaos by melting borders between countries (they believe a multiculturalism utopia will save lives).

2017: A blessed year for peace in the world, Obama is gone, ‘mistakes of war’ diminish,  Trump is in, works well with Putin and Netanyahu, Syria gets a participatory election, the Afghans get what they deserve –  the Taliban, Iran must give back the money and stop killing Americans, Mexico get back their illegals, Germany can breath again, Iraq get democracy, the US gets peace and freedom again, and the democrats… they democrats get Hillary and her husband to make bad decisions again (but they can’t bomb people again), America becomes again the greatest feared country on earth, while the idiots still think they are the smart ones, oh well…


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