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The rift between diaspora Jews and Israeli Jews is growing.

January 3, 2016

There were many commentaries in 2015 in the media, academia and in books about the differences between the attitude of Jews who live outside Israel and Jews who live inside Israel. I read so many of them that when I finally felt “saturated” with false reporting this morning, first Sunday morning of 2016, after watching left biased CNN commentator Farid Zakaria, I decided to set the record straight about the relationship between Jews and Israel from the perspective of psychology.

There are many perceptions in the world of reporting about the rift, which is actually more like a Biblical divorce than just a rift, and most of the reporters each cover about 1% of the rift variance (although each reporter thinks that his views covers the whole variance, including myself). I thought about a sentence that would condense it all: The Jews of the diaspora are asking Israel to not retaliate against its enemies so hard because the consequences mean that the Jews in the diaspora suffer more than the Jews in Israel. Psychologically, they prefer that Israel don’t retaliate to attacks by its enemy so harshly so the world won’t be so angry at Israel and displace its anger at the Jews outside Israel who are more vulnerable. In other words, the Jews outside Israel are saying, We rather see you more vulnerable to antisemitic attacks than us because you have an army and can take it while our protection dependents on the gentiles who care less about our lives.

My readers know me that I do not write or speak in a “politically correct” way. I tell it like it is. It is human nature to say, “I rather be more protected than my brother.” Cain in Genesis said to God after killing his brother out of Jealousy, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” This attitude of indifference toward relatives more than indifference toward friends prevails in humanity today also and no family or cultural or religious connections will change it. What will happen in 2016 is that there will be more attacks on Israel and Israel will use harsher means to protect itself and more Jews in the diaspora will be attacked as “scape goats,” thus will be more angry with Israel, while some of them will migrate to Israel for safety (French Jews have doubled their “Aliya” in 2015, already). That is why I predict that the rift of 2015 will become a divorce in 2016. There is not much that humans can do about influencing their history because, as Freud and Maslow said 100 years ago, “To take charge of your history you need the higher state of consciousness than the one available in your educational system.”  As a college professor of psychology, I can attest to that, most students do not get good grades in psychology and it is especially hard to hire PhD’s in psychology among minorities! Yet, I am an optimist because human behavior as a whole is becoming less cruel than in past centuries!

A psychologist believes in Trump!

November 25, 2015

I usually go for coffee once a week in the beautiful Marina watching the wild seals with 3-5 “thinking” friends. Two years ago I did my analysis that Trudeau will be the next prime minister of Canada. I was congratulated over coffee for my ‘wisdom’ accurate prediction last week. A few months ago I also did my analysis of Trump’s chances. I predicted that he will be the next president of the United States (with Cruz as VP) unless he decided to quit or go independent or get killed. A month ago I bet $125 with my friends who felt the opposite. They didn’t think that Trump will win. It was easy to get all my 5 friends to bet me because they think trump is not electable because of his rude behavior in public and because they don’t know that Hillary is her worse enemy and Trump could devastate her in a debate.. I am really enjoy the 2016 election. I love the way Americans do it. The American people  understand that most presidents main job is to distribute the people’s money to their cronies and friends and Trump will not do that. I won’t tell you how I came to the conclusion that Trump is our next president except to say that a few months ago I got it that security will best economics as a reason to vote around election time. It is almost like saying that ISIS’s behavior in the US and France will get Trump elected president. It is a terrific irony because trump is the best man for the WH for many other reasons than security. I guess America is blessed despite of her people’s socialist attitude in 2016. God loves America!

Thanksgiving: The difference between Trump and Obama!

November 25, 2015

President Obama just made a charismatic short speech trying to convince the American people his administration is doing the best possible job of protecting the American people during this flying holiday, “We are doing everything possible to keep us safe and protect the American people during this festive holiday.”  People travel a lot to  be together with loved ones. Most people who travel had voted for this president twice, for 8 years in office, he owes them safety!  Are they really as safe as their vote of confidence in him showed? Or, are they as safe as the people in New York City were under president Bush? The real question in: Are the heads of departments of homeland security, FBI and CIA, appointed by Obama, are the best appointed leaders? Is Susan Rice the best appointed leader for her skills in protecting the American people? What was the skilled background of Obama’s appointees?

Presidential aspirant Trump said, “I will appoint the most skilled leaders to protect the American people.” Did Obama say that 8 years ago? 4 years ago? Are all his appointees the best security experts or are they like Mr. Bremer who made the pivotal mistake in Iraq? I’m sure you remember him? If the American people get attacked this season, I hope Obama doesn’t say, ‘We can’t guarantee everything 100%. Or, if I am “dreaming” he might say, like Socrates, “Decisions reviewed is worth living.” “Where did I go wrong with my appointees? You are fired!” Or, will he give another eloquent speech that explains the circumstances so he could look good no matter what!? As a boss, would you fire a crony who didn’t deliver your orders but had perfect circumstances to explain why?

The difference between Obama and Trump is in who they would appoint to head important departments of government and fire them if they don’t do the best job possible for the American people. That’s it! Bush was known to fire no one no matter what, that was Bush. Obama is known to keep poor appointees on for as long as possible and then ask them to tell the American people that they leave for personal reasons because their family need them home. Trump as president will hire the best people. Why? Because these people will know that they will be fired if they come up only with the best explanation why they couldn’t do their job as well as president Trump would do his! Only Obama can get reelected to a second term when the world and America are falling apart! He has a gift: Eloquent speech.

Have a happy holiday, my nice friend.

Ukraine: A message for Americans, Canadians and Europeans.

April 18, 2014

Ukrainians do not have a history of harmony between different ethnic groups, all Ukrainians, living in peace and prosperity within a defined boundary. None of the Eastern European countries born of the Soviet Union do 100%. They were all provinces of Russia or other countries at one time or another. In Ukraine, the situation is aggravated because the Ukrainians are poor and the Russians are rich, the Ukrainians are passive and the Russians are proactive and more assertive (one reason they are richer). What the West and Europe need to do is help Ukraine change its educational system emphasizing  multiculturalism, human rights and nationalism. You are all Ukrainians and you need to build a country to be successful, like Russia did for itself under Putin. Ukraine needs a Ukrainian Putin, not a Merkel or an Obama. The European Union will not give you an identity, the Americans will give you money but will take away your national identity, and Canada, a well-meaning friend, Harper does not understand that if French-Canadians have learned to live together with Anglo-Canadians then Russian-Ukrainians and Ukrainian-Ukrainians can learn to live together too. The world had its say today as the BBC says, you are all in it together, and if you can’t live as a family of ethnic cousins yet at least you can become a political Federation! Stop fighting!

Ukraine, don’t sell your nationality for American money or replace your own security for Russian or European security or sell your diversity for an unhappy future! Get smart!

Behavioral Profiling: The case of the disappearing 777 II

March 15, 2014

The authorities investigating the disappearance of the 777 are inching toward looking at the behavior of the pilot. This is 1% of what they need to do about checking behavior of people to get at the truth!  BP, thanks God, is here! They are visiting the pilots’ homes, checking what they do and did recently and they are checking the pre-boarding behavior of suspicious passengers. But the problem remains and will remain until YOU the so-called “educated” people of the world start learning how important is to study the mind that triggers the behaviors of pilots. This subject is not taught in schools or academies except in Israel. The stability of the minds of Israeli pilots is checked regularly and corrected. Sure, the 2 pilots of the 777 had a through physical check up, we know that, but nothing, zilch, nada, zero about their mental state and behavior. People on airplanes die because it is unconstitutional to discriminate in hiring the mentally unstable. Employment on the basis of checking mental states is prohibited. Anyone who passes a physical check up and a pilot school can be hired to fly 235 passengers at risk. No one checks out behavioral risk. Humanity is still primitive. Teachers who hate students are hired in schools because you are not legally allowed to ask mental questions. A rich man can buy a TV station and tell lies to the public and he is protected by the first amendment (free speech). Ladies and gentleman, your life is at risk because the people you vote appoint people in Aviation and pass laws that the people who fly you around the glob are immune from psychological tests! How farce safety and security had become! How gullible you have become to believe in lip service to how safe and secure you are. All these will continue untill you learn how important is BP to your safety and security and risk reduction in all areas of life.

A psychological observation of a congressmen.

October 10, 2012

I took it easy this morning, Wednesday, October 10, 2012, getting up at 11 AM. I turned on the TV and there was a stupid CNN commercial insulting my intelligence, something about a duck. Usually, I switch channels because I consider CNN commercials childish and too long. Who wants to trade a minute of silly quacks for a minute of silly CNN socializing  masquerading as new? That kind of trade is not my cup of tea…. but, wait a minute, who is that handsome man staring at a witness, “No, you answer my question, Mr Smith, and stop posturing!”

Before I analyse the personality of congressman Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, I have to tell you something about legal immigrants, as an assertive immigrant myself who made it big in the US, I consider most born Americans social push-overs, especially when facing slick government officials who can never-never admit making mistakes. Most congressmen do not  face their responsibilities to the American people. “Mr. Chairman, we at the State Department did our best to protect the life of our deceased ambassador to Libya.” “No, you didn’t, Mr. Smith.” I stared at the TV screen, Who is that Darrell Issa? How dare he pronounce the naked  truth in public, how dare he be himself, direct, not letting those that I pay their salaries get away with banalities! Darrell is a Lebanese-American Christian. His mother a Mormon and his father is Eastern Orthodox, a great combination for religious flexibility. He grew up in a Jewish neighborhood and worked for a Rabbi, a great combination for multicultural understanding. He was an officer in the US military,  served for 10 years and was cited for leadership,  a great way to shed off that terrible American civilian trait of no back bone social deference. He is self-made millionaire, the wealthiest man in congress, and, in his youth he got in trouble with he law, what an opportunity to learn about justice and forgiveness. All in all, in my analysis, if you had a few more congressmen like Darrell Issa, America would get more respect at home and abroad!