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Last nudge to elect Trump president for peace sake!

August 1, 2016

Peace between nations is hard to come by. Peace between leftist nations is almost impossible to achieve. Hillary as a leftist president may cause a proxy war with Russia by falsely accusing Putin of being a fascist (he is not). Trump as president  may bring peace to Syria working with Putin. Israel had leftist governments for 30 years and couldn’t make peace. Begin became the first right-wing prime minister in 1977. Sadat became the right-wing president of Egypt in 1970. Two right-wing governments made peace. They made peace and got the Nobel price. Begin wrote, “This is a very great moral victory. The Egyptian ruler who was at his side, added emphatically, “We agreed that the war of 1973 was the last war between us.”  (Begin: A portrait, 1994, p. 127). The moral of the story: Peace between rightist nations is more likely to be achieved than peace with leftist nations. Vote for Trump for peace and prosperity (ignore his lack of manners). Save lives.


Can your religion fullfil for you the vision and mission of God as intended?

March 21, 2016

This posting on the peaceful revolution blog was inspired by Steve Rose’s analysis of the delicate issue of war and suicide. I have always wanted to write about what can religion really do in our daily lives and now I found the “stimulus” to start. It may take a few segments of very difficult knowledge to digest through the censure mechanism of culture and religion. Here is the first one: What is God, really?

SEGMENT ONE:  I will not describe or explain what people believe is God. My blog is not about repeating beliefs or tradition or what people already think they know about. I am a scientist par excellence (not very humble). If I did describe what my Rabbi thought God was it would not be more valuable to you than asking you what you thought my Rabbi was, or minister or priest were? You can hear that nonsense or  grand opinions in any religious service of any denomination!  God is a “father in heaven” only in the remote chance that Neanderthal females were impregnated by alien males from Alpha Centauri, planet B!  God is scientifically an Energy form of Universal Consciousness. You want me to be more technical about it? OK, God is all the “love energy” in the a Universe called Monadic manifestation of creation (“big Bang,” ) described by by Leibnitz (1675 AD), the father of Calculus, who was destroyed by Newton! A Monad is a unit of consciousness with its own veracity and purposiveness, a Monad is a link in Steven Hawking “String Theory.” Strings (closed and open loops) occur when Monads “hold hands.” A portion of High Monads, about 100 Sextilion units of them make up your Soul in your frontal lobe and neocortex, emanating from your pineal gland (Descartes, 1700 Ad). The soul gives you awareness of higher truths, the mind is just a glorified “software” that elevated itself to “protector” and “controller.” If you understand what I just described you may acquire the cosmic ability to develop “free will,” in time. And, if you are an authentic person, your may develop a relationship with God in your head instead of having to pretend that you have one with “father in heaven” because you are ordained. Knowing that God lives as Monads in your healing soul in your brain and not in your depressed mind in your skull is step one toward the prevention of suicide! SEGMENT TWO soon when I am ready.

The rift between diaspora Jews and Israeli Jews is growing.

January 3, 2016

There were many commentaries in 2015 in the media, academia and in books about the differences between the attitude of Jews who live outside Israel and Jews who live inside Israel. I read so many of them that when I finally felt “saturated” with false reporting this morning, first Sunday morning of 2016, after watching left biased CNN commentator Farid Zakaria, I decided to set the record straight about the relationship between Jews and Israel from the perspective of psychology.

There are many perceptions in the world of reporting about the rift, which is actually more like a Biblical divorce than just a rift, and most of the reporters each cover about 1% of the rift variance (although each reporter thinks that his views covers the whole variance, including myself). I thought about a sentence that would condense it all: The Jews of the diaspora are asking Israel to not retaliate against its enemies so hard because the consequences mean that the Jews in the diaspora suffer more than the Jews in Israel. Psychologically, they prefer that Israel don’t retaliate to attacks by its enemy so harshly so the world won’t be so angry at Israel and displace its anger at the Jews outside Israel who are more vulnerable. In other words, the Jews outside Israel are saying, We rather see you more vulnerable to antisemitic attacks than us because you have an army and can take it while our protection dependents on the gentiles who care less about our lives.

My readers know me that I do not write or speak in a “politically correct” way. I tell it like it is. It is human nature to say, “I rather be more protected than my brother.” Cain in Genesis said to God after killing his brother out of Jealousy, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” This attitude of indifference toward relatives more than indifference toward friends prevails in humanity today also and no family or cultural or religious connections will change it. What will happen in 2016 is that there will be more attacks on Israel and Israel will use harsher means to protect itself and more Jews in the diaspora will be attacked as “scape goats,” thus will be more angry with Israel, while some of them will migrate to Israel for safety (French Jews have doubled their “Aliya” in 2015, already). That is why I predict that the rift of 2015 will become a divorce in 2016. There is not much that humans can do about influencing their history because, as Freud and Maslow said 100 years ago, “To take charge of your history you need the higher state of consciousness than the one available in your educational system.”  As a college professor of psychology, I can attest to that, most students do not get good grades in psychology and it is especially hard to hire PhD’s in psychology among minorities! Yet, I am an optimist because human behavior as a whole is becoming less cruel than in past centuries!

The media is biased, no kidding, it’s really bad, you wait and see.

November 26, 2015

non-I am writing a book on the psychological differences between the left and the right. I have discovered something not good that is not psychological. There are brain structure differences between left thinking and right thinking individuals that may (I hope not) affect life badly in the United States for generations! The L and R behavior manifests itself mostly in the love of media. Left thinking is more complex and highly social and these people seek jobs as reporters, teachers and media people more often than any other job in the world. They dominate the media field and tend to malign good people. Most reporters and other media people are left thinking oriented. They hate the right more passionately than the right hate them and they won’t hesitate to use the media to disrupt a nation’s business. I don’t mean causing another Russian or French revolutions, modern life won’t allow for that. But, causing more fights within the United States directly stimulated by the media are expected. Life in my country will not be as beautiful as it was when I immigrated to LA in 1960 to go to UCLA.  I feel alarmed in 2015, alarmed because the leftist media is activated and it affect every facet of life. I will have to stop watching CNN because it is full of false “war” between police and black communities and between false groups in Syria and elsewhere. It is sad because the American people and especially president Obama is not aware that his speeches cause the world to slowly fall apart. The road to hell is paved with the good intentions of Obama and CNN and the NYT and the BBC! Expect life in the USA to become more painful as the election 2016 is approaching. I am finally for strong media regulation so truth in reporting is enforced, but it won’t happen and the other choice is more problems between the left and the right, big problems orchestrated by the media that can’t help itself but be biased, and has to report  the leftist “truth.” And, all that mess is even without the Social Media effect. Add that to the quagmire and living in fear may become the main emotion in life in America. I am sad but I am still an optimist because we have a great Constitution that will prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming our next president that make life even more fearful!

Did Obama bomb a hospital building? Did Putin bomb an ISIS building?

October 7, 2015

The news media says that Putin bombed the free Syrian army base, not an ISIS terrorists camp. The same media says that Obama bombed an Afghan hospital full of doctors without borders staff by mistake, not negligence. Are we ever going to know the truth? Probably not. Is it important? Probably not. What is important to know? That we are where we should not be and that we fight who we should not fight. The psychological facts: The free Syrian army fights Assad, if they win we don’t benefit the Middle East will continue to have wars! Assad is bad but that is the best they have got! Obama loves the organization called doctors without borders, they are his political brothers, it’s definitely a ‘mistake’ that he bombed them. He must be very very upset. These doctors save lives, but  while saving lives they spread a Marxist ideology of creating chaos by melting borders between countries (they believe a multiculturalism utopia will save lives).

2017: A blessed year for peace in the world, Obama is gone, ‘mistakes of war’ diminish,  Trump is in, works well with Putin and Netanyahu, Syria gets a participatory election, the Afghans get what they deserve –  the Taliban, Iran must give back the money and stop killing Americans, Mexico get back their illegals, Germany can breath again, Iraq get democracy, the US gets peace and freedom again, and the democrats… they democrats get Hillary and her husband to make bad decisions again (but they can’t bomb people again), America becomes again the greatest feared country on earth, while the idiots still think they are the smart ones, oh well…

Caroline Glick: The nuclear agreement between Obama and Iran may cause war!

April 4, 2015

She writes, “Americans apparently believe they are immune from the consequences of their leaders’ policies. This is not the case for Israel or for our neighbors. We lack the luxury of ignoring the fact that Obama’s disastrous diplomacy has brought war upon us. Deal or no deal, we are again about to be forced to pay a price to maintain our freedom.” (Caroline Glick).

If it wasn’t for the veracity of her prediction I wouldn’t post my analysis today. I want my readers to calm down, it isn’t going to be a third world war. It may be the shortest significant historical mini-war ever.  Sure, let’s pray for peace, but almost any experienced political psychologist could point out that Israel may be tempted 100% to attack Iran nuclear facilities the day a Republican gets elected president of the United States. Mark on your calendar the “Ideas of March” and the holiday of Purim as the symbol trigger of that attack. Blame small cog Obama for the war but it wouldn’t really be him, it’s Iran’s Martyrdom urge. Iran wants Israel to attack her (to bring in the Mahdi). Iran is a weak populous country that thinks she is strong. It hates Israel so much (for what the Jews did to Haman, it’s absurd but true) that it can’t but underestimate the military power of Israel. Iran’s oilfields are vulnerable. Also, Iran doesn’t understand the Jewish happy trigger preoccupation with “never again.”  Let me give you a clue so you can ask me later, How did you know?”  PM Chamberlain is a brother of BH Obama, they both overestimated the strength of their crazy opponents!

Seriously, how would the nuclear agreement between Obama and Iran in 2015 cause war in 2017? Very predictably based on 2 conditions 1) Iran will be caught cheating (probability 95%), crossing the Israeli red line in 2017 (100%), and 2) A right-wing coalition under Netanyahu in Jerusalem (100%) and a right-wing Republican president, vice president and chairman of the senate’s foreign relations committee (80%) (the Latino Trio) in Washington, and 3) 2017 will be 100 years since the Balfour declaration (I am not superstitious, but my specialty is Numerology).

Let us all pray for peace but my psychological analysis (75% probability) is that Caroline Glick is right. There is no birth of a peaceful world order without pain.

The real reason nations fight nations!

September 28, 2014

Forget what the Darwinians tell you that war is a form of the “survival of the fittest.” Forget what the economists tell you that war is a fight for resources. Forget what they all tell you except the Sociologists, although their reasons we have wars are a bit more sophisticated. Nations fight nations because they were artificially created. After the first and second world wars the victorious French and British governments appointed jerks (uneducated and unqualified low IQ politicians) to commissions to decide on a whim how to divide the world into countries. Boundaries were decided on the basis of the personal preferences of powerful commission members (Sykes, Picot, Clemenceau, Wilson, Churchill, Atlee, Bevin, others). These individuals had no idea what the word ethnic affiliation meant, Sunni affinity, Shia loyalty, Jewish aspiration, Arab tenacity, cultural imperatives, social cohesiveness, political beliefs, economic conditions, natural resources, all they could think of was how to settle political favors by one group to another after two awful wars.

Nationalism, designed to prevent wars (a fence makes for good neighbors) became a maligned word after Hitler. Let’s bring it back. Nationalism  is a powerful belief a person has that his country (born or adopted) represent his emotional and social identity. Nationalism is a cultural attachment to one’s homeland, its values, norms, mores, language, ethnicity, national religion, expected behaviors economically, politically and internationally. Nationalism is a willingness to fight for your country without reservation when threatened by others.

Something happened in 1939 that defines our unjustified bad attitude toward Nationalism, our basic identity without which we are prone to fight each other on the battle field more than in the sports area. Germany took Nationalism to the bad extreme. Nazi means National Socialism and in a survey in 39 the Germans scored 5 on the Likert scale in favor of Nationalism. Then Hitler lost the war and the last survey in 1997 the Germans scored 1.37, the lowest score on Nationalism of all the nations on earth! Today, if you are a right-winger nationalist like me you are called a fascist. Take away these 2 fundamental evils that cause wars (artificial boundaries of countries and anti Nationalism and you prevent Armageddon wars. The solution is to give each ethnic group within a country in every country an ethnic nationalist identity (States, provinces, etc.). Promote nationalism. You can erase wars within less than a generation!

How to dispose of Syria’s chemical weapons?

September 12, 2013

I thought my last two postings on Syria were enough to enlighten some of you who watch CNN too much, but based on reactive apathy may be not. As I once explained, most individuals you like and vote for who win elections, like Putin and Obama, or are appointed to office, like Kerry and Levrov, immediately shift from a mode of intelligent and perceptive behavior to a mode of office and position preservation. They want to look good taking no risk with their public, in other words, brownies gathering showmanship is the name of the game. In Syria this stand may lead to war because these leaders can’t think about what works and doesn’t work in extreme situations..

Take the pile of chemicals and dump it half a mile underground, it’s less a problem than disposing of nuclear waste. Dump the stuff in a small valley between 2 mountains or dig a large deep pit. Why can’t they do it in Syria? It is easy to do! You move all the toxic material into one pit place half a mile deep and cover it with earth. Syria has a lot o suitable f dumping places to choose from! Why can man land of the moon but he can’t dump toxic materials of earth in the safe way? Why? Politics is the answer, my friend, well, this time politics may get us all into a big war – too many crazy players! Is Biblical prophecy unfolding after all? Life is a mystery.

Have a great day before they start bombing each other big time, those mindful dudes!

To understand Syria’s civil war you must go back to 661 AD.

August 29, 2013

Muhammad died in 632. Two rivals were chosen as Caliph and Imam by the first generation believers, Abu Baker, a close friend of the prophet as the first Caliph and Ali, Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law as the first Imam. Ali was assassinated in 661 AD which started the bitter historical feud between Sunnis and Shia to this day. In Syria, 20% are Shia Alawites and 80% are Sunnis. Assad is a Shia. If he loses the civil war his 20% Shia Syrians will be in danger of a massacre. If Assad wins, the Sunnis will be oppressed, have no voice and some will die. No one knows 100% if Assad used the Chemical weapons on the Sunnis, only 99% that he did, but that is not the ultimate issue here. The West doesn’t understand that the feud between the Sunnis and the Shia in Syria is fundamental – no group will give in to the other without being defeated in battle! Here is the solution:

To avoid more civilian deaths, especially innocent women and children, Syria should be temporarily divided into Shia and Sunni autonomous zones (like in Cyprus) for 5 years or untill they learn to relate as Syrians while things quiet down. That will give the UN, the people and western powers time to build a democracy so people can live in peace and prosperity. Would that happen? Probably not, you see, politicians have many misconceptions about human relationships and are too lazy to think straight. Their value system is off from the moment they get selected or elected or appoint themselves!

The clash of civilization

September 21, 2012


if you had a bird’s-eye looking at people right now from  a mile above, what would you see? Ants.  You fly a bit closer and you realize that these ants are aunts and uncles that can talk running around like ants. You land and see that they are males that smash property and eat their territorial enemies. That is what ants do to secure food and holes. That is what humans do to secure culture and religion, not that much different from ants, except that humans have lofty terms to use. The clash of civilization is really a war between two powerful global groups of a billion or two nuts each. Anyone who argues who is right or wrong is an idiot because ultimately it isn’t a bout that, it’s about might, in history it’s always about might, power, military power! In this world might make right no matter what you or CNN wish that right makes might. Talk about freedom of speech is just talk. The world is in the middle of a clash between 100 Islamic cultures and 100 western cultures. And it isn’t difficult to know that only the United States has a sacred almost unlimited freedom of speech guaranteed in the US Constitution. That is the trigger of the war. So, there is a clash between the United States and Muslim groups that take on the American giant, one will win and the other will lose. If Iran gets the bomb it’s a draw, if the US gets really pissed off, even the feeble  western culture will win. Taking sides is ridiculous, as Werner Erhard says, sit relax and observe the biggest clash in human history between two global belief systems that don’t share anything in common except on CNN. I wish humans got along like Rodney King wanted, but they don’t and there is nothing you can do about it. ultimately the issue is not who is right but who is mightier. Human beings have never resolve their differences sitting around a table. If they did there would be no human civilization. War has shaped all human cultures, science and best inventions. War is stupid but so is a toilet seat. So what?, Get it, that is the way nasty things pass through.