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What can the US do to help war torn countries? Create 10 years sunctuary States!

May 9, 2017

You and I watch a lot of TV lately because 8 years of Obama at the US helm has created failed states and war-torn countries where children suffer and die. So far, no one seem to have the answer how to bring peace and prosperity that works. Let me as a psychologist who taught “conflict resolution” try:

First of all, whether you like my answer or not, every reader must realize a few things, 1) Obama and all the other leaders selected or elected or self-appointed were never trained well enough to make the right decisions and solve big national war-peace problems. Obama, Netanyahu, Trump, Abbas, Assad, Putin, Kim Jun Un, Clinton or any other person could not possibly analyse world situations enough to know how to bring peace., 2) To bring peace and prosperity to a place that never had one requires a few special rules, a) Stop discussing “blame,” it endless, saps your energy and does not a thing except feel anger, fear and righteousness, b) Stop forcing enemies to cooperate or live together, fake peace is not the answer, c) Don’t send money to the combatants or their NGO’s, it perpetuates the conflict and people die, d) Don’t have peace conferences, they will end bad anyway, and e) You can defeat a country in a protracted war and set up democracy. You did that In Nazi Germany and imperial Japan, but it was too costly, although it worked. 3) The perfect answer is right in front of your eyes! At home! But to realize that, you have to know that the best parents (US or UN or EU) will send 2 rowdy kids that fight bad, each to his room for the rest of the day and enforce new rules of behavior for a month! That’s the answer!!



Psychoanalysis of voters: Hillary vs. Trump for “Mama” vs. “Papa.”

September 28, 2016

2016 voters analysis show that about 55% of white voters vote for Trump, about 45% vote for Hillary, about 10% of black voters vote for Trump and 90% vote for Hillary and about 25% of Latin voters vote for Trump while 75% vote for Hillary. Why? Hillary promises to be a “big mama” while Trump does not promise to be a “big papa.” Minority voters are more prone to be dependent personalities than white voters. They were not raised as children to emphasize independence and achievement. Their hope as dependent adults is to have Hillary at the helm as a “mama” president and give out free tuition education and government jobs. Minorities accept the terrible cost of dependency. They seem to fail to understand that a “Mama” leader will keep them children to satisfy white men paternalism. Sure, Papa Trump is better for minorities’ growth and independence but he acts wobbly and they worry about voting for him. The verdict is clear, if Hillary becomes president the US will lose its bill of rights and constitutional spirit forever. It will become like a second rate EU country dependent on the “village” for its income from savings accounts. Hillary is not a product of American freedom and prosperity. Most of her decisions for 30 years were socialist, not capitalist. As a black or Latin voter you need to think twice before you decide that to stay dependent and not be as successful as you could be is the best you can get. This is not all you can get our of life. Vote for Trump despite of him being an idiot as a politician. He can make America great but his personality will never be great. He will not make America feel secure. But, for God’s sake, it’s better to have stupid Papa T than phony Mama H at the helm. Don’t you think so?


May 2, 2011

As you thread your way through life as the Obama campaign picks up momentum in the coming elections in the United States, you will discuss with your friends, relatives and co-workers the implications to the world of Obama killing Osama. I don’t want you to just talk about this momentous event. I want you to talk intelligently about it along the following probably outcomes:

1. The probability that Obama will be reelected as president of the United States in 2012 has doubled. He will not be perceived anymore as a commander-in-chief who prefers counterinsurgency over counterterrorism, as Bush was. The Pentagon lost, the CIA won. Donald Trump who wrote a book  Think big and Kick Ass will have a hard time defeating Obama. Running for president of the United States shows already that he thinks big, and you have seen what some perceive as his mean-spirited ass kicking skill on TV – but you ain’t seen nothing yet – The 2012 election will be the “War of the Political Titans” as the psychological impact of Obama triumph over Osama fades away.

2. Forgive the poor analogy, but when John Wooden left the scene when I was a student at UCLA, the Bruins couldn’t win another national championship with a succession of basket ball coaches. An ace leader, whether evil of good, is not replaceable. If the attempted assassination of Hitler succeeded, WW2 would have ended sooner than 1945. Here is what will happen:  Al Qaeda will get smaller, lose momentum, shrink in recruiting success, but increase in radicalism. Many splinter units will perpetrate many more small but vicious attacks on Western target. The year 2012 will see the beginning of a “War of the Political, Economic, Military, Media, Internet, and terror Titans” as the clash of civilizations intensify before it subsides and peace comes to the world with democracy.

3. It is going to get worse before it gets better, contrary to wishful thinking of CNN. The birth trauma of a more free, peaceful and prosperous civilization is upon us. Welcome to the Armageddon process!

Obama can save lives in Libya!

March 8, 2011

Obama is waiting. He wants to help the Libyan people but he doesn’t know what to do. He wants to help save lives but he hesitates because there is no clear picture coming out of Libya. He doesn’t want to end on the wrong side of history. I suggest that he start reading blogs like mine. Some bloggers have better ideas than government secretaries, his official advisers. Some blogs are written by very smart people who refuse to be in government.

Obama can save lives in Libya if he stops thinking like a politician and start thinking like a human being. He will never end on the wrong side of history if he supports DEMOCRACY in Libya.  He and his friends in Europe must decide right now to actively support democracy in Libya.

How do you do that? You go on TV and say it! Emphatically!  They will hear you, Obama. You tell the people of Libya that if they show strong signs that they are fighting for true democracy in their country, free elections in 6 months, etc. you will help them. Can you imagine what will happen if they carry a million signs “US, please help us get Democracy.” The US is reluctant to help only because it isn’t sure that the rebels want Democracy in Lybia. As soon as signs go up, “We Want Democracy,” “We want jobs,” “We want a free election,” “Fight corruption,” “We love America.” My God, the help will come. The West will help any people who are literally dying to get Democracy. We know that as a fact! We know the millions in Europe and America care! The pressure on Obama will be too big not to act, not to get active and send troops for democracy. He will have to give Gaddafy a decent way out. The goal is not to punish one man but to get this oil rich country on our side. You, drivers, are hurt at the pump. Now you know why. Obama needs democratic ideas. Obama needs committment to democracy around the world. Obama needs you to tell it strongly!! American is great! Hey, dude, stop acting as if the only super power on earth is just another country!

Psychologist Muzafer Sherif and the “Robbers Cave” Experiment.

April 15, 2010

Jon, you deserve a comprehensive response to your important question about posting #7. Peace and prosperity would have existed on Earth today, instead of the endless media debates how to bring it about, if people, governments or psychologists had listened seriously during the 20th Century to a group of six maverick “shrinks” (please forgive everyone for not listening to them because, as Jesus put it, people know not know what they do). The magnificent six whose findings were rejected by humanity were Muzafer Sherif, the amazing Turkish social psychologist, graduate of Harvard University, Jean Piaget, the amazing Swiss psychologist, B.F. Skinner, the incredible Harvard University Behaviorist,  Zigi Freud, the genius Austrian psychiatrist,  Thomas Szasz, the maverick Czechoslovakian psychologist, and Dr. Laing, the famous British psychiatrist. If their findings were implemented by governments or people, life of earth today would be peaceful and prosperous!

Posting #7 was about replacing words with action. Muzafer Sherif and his wife discovered the key to effective conflict resolution between “enemies.” Their finding was so unconventional that no one in government or academia wanted to take action that would “kill” the exciting political debate about peace and prosperity! Muzafer’s amazing findings that to get the “Rattlers” and the “Eagles” to move from enmity to friendship the authorities had to create a “mutually exclusive contingency management” situation was never implemented!

My dear listeners,  in 30 years of work as a psychologist and a college professor, I have yet to meet a person who would take B.F. Skinner’s “contingency behaviorism” seriously, Muzafer Sherif’s “contingency social relationships” seriously, Zigmund Freud’s “contingency personality conflicts” seriously, or  Thomas Szasz’s “contingency ‘abnormal’ relationships” seriously. People love endless debates, not solutions, or in the words of Dr. Freud, “Humanity’s desire for endless debate is a neurotic preoccupation with the concept of progress.” Have a great day.

By the way, Jon, my whole life works within a  contingent management of relationships!  Take a hint, son! Enjoy!