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Today is the vote on Trumpcare.

March 24, 2017

Trump will probably win the “Yes” vote by one or two votes today. It’s in his book, “The Art of the Deal.” I voted for him and I don’t regret it – yet? I had cancer and I was scheduled for chemotherapy. I went to Germany instead and paid for private immunotherapy. Today I am cured of 2 Stage IV cancers. What if I couldn’t afford to pay for my immunotherapy there? I’d be probably dead because my California teacher insurance or my Canada wife insurance probably wouldn’t cover immunotherapy because immunotherapy is natural-holistic, too fancy to be covered by insurance companies in most countries (The 10% Rule). The democrats and the republicans in Congress do not have a clue or a clause in their today’s Trumpcare bill that should say, “This bill provides the best treatment available for cancer patients at the best price possible.” If they wrote that into the bill I would be surprised. Politicians by definition are not capable of passing any A+ bill.

Plan B says, “Pass the Trumpcare and get to work on improving it by 2020.”  If that is what Trump is aiming to do, then my vote for him was not wasted. I have to think and care about all the people who do not have the money to pay for immunotherapy in Germany. You see, the US treasury owes 20 trillion dollars debt because of Obama’s Socialism bug for 8 years and Bush Iraq bug for his 8 years. A quarter of the 20 trillion bucks could have given us the best Trumpcare in the world – wishful thinking! The US Constitution doesn’t guarantee an A+ CEO for the country. Trump is better than Bush and Obama but he is not the best. The best never run for office, who likes to deal with C+ colleagues who can’t come up with at least a B+ Bill?

This one is for those of you who REALLY want to understand why your happiness, wealth and health are stalling?

November 6, 2015

If you are luck to pick up this posting on the internet, if you get to read this posting, you’d be the luckiest person on earth! You see, there are a million postings aiming at you by the social and professional media, you’d have to be very smart or psychic to know that my message can REALLY make a difference in your life. I am one of those psychologists who can make the truth of life easy to understand. Let’s start:

Human beings can be divided into 2 groups: Rich and poor, smart and stupid, sick and healthy, good and bad, good-looking and ugly, happy and depressed, and so on. These dichotomies are the sign of media banality. There is one dichotomy, thought, that can explain it all – and very few, even psychologists, get it – LEFT and RIGHT personalities! TRUMP vs. SANDERS, NETANYAHU vs. OBAMA, HILLARY vs CARSON, and so on. Here is the grand rule: Everything that you do, all your decisions in life that work or don’t work, everything, how to live with others, business relations, and everything about others in your life are made in your mind. If you are a right-wing person (RWP) about 60% of your decisions work and about 40% of your decisions don’t work. If you are a left-wing person (LWP) about 40% of your decisions work and about 60% of your decisions don’t work. LWP’s tend to be poorer, less healthy and more often divorced or in disagreement, but RWP’s are not that “hot” either.

Now, how do we identify RWP and LWP? (there are exceptions). RWP personalities believe that if you break the law you should be punished (The Skinnerian Approach) (Saudi Arabia is extreme in that regard). LWP believe that if you break the law you should not be punished (if possible) because you have had a hard life (The Freudian Approach). RWP are NATIONALISTIC, believe that borders, boundaries, frame-work, peripheries, homes, etc. are sacred and must be protected. RWP come into seeing life from being ANGRY. LWP is INTERNATIONALISTIC,  believe that borders, boundaries, frameworks, peripheries, homes, etc. are not sacred and belong to everyone less selectively (there are gradations. For example. Doctors Without Borders (DWB, are extreme LWP). LWP comes into life from being FEAR oriented. RWP are anti-paternalistic (helping other ONLY for them to learn how to help themselves). LWP are strongly paternalistic (helping other and take care of them. In psychology they are called The Freudian Left). I think I have given you enough to make identifications. Lets have examples and rules:

the European Union is LWP, their wealth level is low, immigrants are welcome, the society is corrupt and except for Hungary that is RWP, life is not happy and is full of conflict. The Unitied Nation is LWP, it is an inept organization, corrupt and is paid for by the USA which is a LWP society. Israel was LWP and is now moving to the RWP camp which created a conflict with the LWP which is still strong in the country. The split between Israeli society (RWP) and Diaspora Judaism which is strong LWP is increasing! The American election: The Democrats are LWP and the Republican are RWP. If Clinton become president, crime in the USA will affect everyone, socialism will be dominant, the Constitution and the economy will suffer. Wars around the world will increase. With Trudow , LWP, replacing Harper (RWP), Canada will be marginalized, the economy will suffer but closeness to the UN and the EU will increase. If Trump (RWP) becomes president in the USA, closeness with Canada (LWP) and Mexico (LWP) will suffer.

I have given you enough a tool to identify people’s personalities and a way to organize your daily life better in business, politics and relationships. Good luck.

Ukraine: Human rights vs. political rights.

April 16, 2014

If you agree with US president Obama that the Russians who make up 60% of Eastern Ukraine should be a silent majority and accept to live in the part of Ukraine where 40% of the people who are Ukrainians control their destiny, you are with Obama who believes that the political rights of the Ukrainian majority in the whole country (70%) should determine who runs Eastern Ukraine. If you agree with Russian president Putin that the Russians who make up 60% of Eastern Ukraine should be the active majority and not accept to be governed by the 40% Ukrainian minority just because they are a part of the 70% Ukrainian majority in the whole country, you are with Putin who believes that the human rights of the Russian majority in Eastern Ukraine supersedes the political rights of the Ukrainian majority in the whole country to govern them.

As a social psychologist I believe that the life of a people is happier and better expressed when they get to vote for their own representatives to govern them. Human rights are 60% important and political rights are only 40% important. Therefore, Ukraine should vote for a new Constitution called Federal where each province that has a 51% majority of one ethnic group get to have a separate election of its government. English Canada and French Canada living in peace and prosperity together is a good example. My God, people, you can have both your human rights and political rights, a federal system to having your cake and eating it too!

Is culture everything?

August 11, 2012

The Olympics are coming to an end. The democratic USA culture with 300 million people dominates the life of Americans with freedom of self expression and big monetary rewards for  desirable expressions. The US athletes won about 100 medals (1medal=3m). The organized and centralized Chinese culture with 1.3 billion people dominates the life of the Chinese people with love for the motherland and personal accolade for desirable achievements but little monetary rewards. Chinese athletes won about 90 medals (1medal=14m). The disorganized Indian culture dominates the life of 1.1 billion Indians with love for peace of mind and the hereafter. India won 2 medals (1medal=550m). Wonderful egalitarian easy going outdoor oriented Canadian culture with 30 million people dominates the life of Canadians with strong freedom of expression but almost no nationalistic financial reward or accolade for achievements. Canada won about 20 medals (1medal=1.5m).  To all the other countries participating in the 2012 Olympics I would say: Look at the number of medals your culture has produced in the 2012 Olympics and guess, (1) Your national pride, (2) Government support, (3) importance of standard of living, (4) cultural organization or chaos, and (5) level of personal satisfaction in living. As with all sociological analyses, this one will be ignored by “loser” cultures blaming “winner” cultures of exploitation of athletic resources.

I would give a “losing” culture one generation (25 years) of good education (yourself and your children) rather than “picking” on other people to become a winning culture. go for it!

This one is for Canadians!

May 14, 2011

I am an American who lives in your wonderful country. You just elected Harper as prime minister and gave him a majority mandate in parliament to govern effectively, but it is not enough. He is the best of the bunch of leaders you selected, but it is not enough. You need to continuously feed him new ideas, otherwise, the limited thoughts he has in his head is all you’ll get. Sure, he has better ideas than the liberals or the NDP guys, but it is your job as a citizen to make his improve over them and himself, and Harper is the kind of guy who listens to better ideas because he is the least ideologically incline of the 3 choices you had in last month election.

Why is this one for Canadians? Because your Gasoline price per liter is approaching $1.50. If you exchange that $1.50 CAN south of the border, you’ll get $1.59 US. You can fill your tank in the US and save close to half the cost in Canada!

Read the newspapers. Harper is arranging for oil executives to see him. He will lash out at them in his effective civilized low-key soothing voice. After a low-key argument where they will “pass the buck” to the Saudis not pumping enough oil affecting speculation, middle-men, supply and demand and market conditions, all legitimate politico-babble, the nice oil executives will promise the Canadian public that they will do their best to stop or at least slow down the rise in oil price. They will never come down to the price at the American pump, but they will never the less be appreciated by the Canadian public.

Mr. Harper, there is a better way to lower gasoline price in Canada, making almost everyone happy, including the oil executives because a healthy competition brings out the best thinking in CEOs (off course, the NDP and the Liberals will attack it as an American Intellectual invasion). Steve, the Canadian public gave you the majority in parliament: PASS AN OIL ANTI-TRUST LAW THAT OIL COMPANIES OPERATING IN CANADA, OIL TRADERS, AND GAS STATION OWNERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO FIX PRICES, THAT’S ALL! Any two oil company that sells crude at the same price will be fined. Any two middlemen that buy and then sell oil at the same price will be investigated. Any two gas stations at the same intersection that sell gas at a fix price (as it is today) will have to pay a fine. Mr. Harper, set up a committee to analyse the tax structure as it applies to oil companies, including a possible cap on earnings, fed and local taxes applied, oil quality, additives, the whole business. They WILL listen, reprimand is not enough. Good luck!

Canada has a “language police”!

June 30, 2010

How is the integrity of Canadian democracy doing? In Saudi-Arabia you have a “religious police.” In Canada you have a “language police.” These public employees, paid by the tax payers, are supposed to make sure that products are labeled in English and French, unless the “language police” inspectors decide to overlook infractions. The situation is so arbitrary that sometimes you will find products on the shelves with only English, only French, only Chinese, only “Esperanto,” all of the above, or none of the above. It all depends on the whim of the “language police” inspectors. No wonder no one in Canada dares to criticize the “religious police” of Saudi-Arabia. Canadians seem to like our own!