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Here is why you never have enough money, health and love!

December 4, 2014

Yes, I will tell you the truth, may be cite the studies and swear by my profession that life works better when you focus your energies on behavioral truth, so what? If you are a racist, forget it if you think it is easy to change your belief because I say the truth is really simple or a shrink you don’t know tells you about it. I wish you would change because I care and I want to see you have more money, health and love. Well, we shall see:

*A young black man kicks a white police officer who shoots him dead on the spot. Is it racism or a behavioral disorder?

*A young white man kicks a black police officer who shoots him dead on the spot. Is it racism or a behavioral disorder?

*A son puts his 92-year-old mother in an old age home and she is abused by a staff member, is it ageism or a behavioral disorder by the staff member taking advantage of a weak person?

*You are a CEO of a company and you hired or promoted 4 men to executive positions, is it sexism or a preference for certain behavioral skills?

*You are a wife and you start avoiding the company of your  nice husband, is it marital-ism, love-ism, sex-ism or you have a behavioral disorder?

If you see racism, sexism, ageism, marital-ism or all the other isms in your relationships it will hold you back from having enough money, health and love. Time to change to Behaviorism. Behavior is much more truthful than belief. Focusing on a behavior advances a person much better than expressing an attitude!

Ukraine: The human mind.

April 19, 2014

They are cousins but they can’t live together in peace, some of them are brothers and they fight, some of them are Europeans highly educated, unlike fighters in Syria, and they still fight each other. After 42 years as a psychologist (Professor of Psychology, Rio Hondo College, 1972) I think it’s time for me to tell you about the human mind. It isn’t what you think it is:

Some people believe the human mind is God, deciding who lives and who dies. Some are even more wrong than that, inflicted by their Freudian ego, thinking their mind is them, themselves, as if they were born with it! But, worse of all, some people, even the educated, believe that all their decisions are made in their minds, all the risks they take in life are mind born, even their free-will is mental, even their spirituality is mental, even their soul resides in their mind. How ridiculous it is that people let their mind decide their reality. Buddha said, “The human mind is the slayer of the truth.” People believe their “stuff” is the truth. His solution was to meditate to quiet your mind to find the truth.” Freud said, “Mind is ego, the mediator between you and reality. Children who are raised to mediate their lives work.” Dr. Gordon Allport said, “The human mind becomes functionally autonomous with growth of neural complexity.” This notion is a similar idea to Hal 9000, the robot telling his creator that he is now the boss. By the way, Allport idea of functional autonomy of the human mind is true when people collapse the distinction between themselves and their mind when they say, “I think….,” instead of, “My mind thinks…..”  Now, let’s find out what the human mind really is (you may not like the truth because your mind won’t let you accept it):

There is no word for “Mind” in the Bible. Mind does not exist in scriptures. What exists is the word Machshava which is Calculator or Computer in English. The mind is actually the Software in your head, all the apps in the brain, which is an evolved super, super, super hardware. Most of the software in the human mind are obsolete or dysfunctional apps, but these apps are being slowly replaced by better ones. I predict that people in the 23rd century will understand this “stuff” by having better apps. I told you won’t like it became your mind won’t accept it, but those of you who accept the truth about the mind it will blows your mind away! Have a good day.

What is perfection?

August 4, 2013

I met this nice fellow at the hospital support group meeting in 2008. I decided to mention in my book a few characters I met during the years fighting cancer to victory. George was a C-Personality.  George as a cancer patient was the implosive type who “attached” himself silently to our “clique” of three patients. George hardly said a word in two years of meetings! When I became cancer-free and he was still struggling to survive, he looked at me sheepishly and uttered.

“Do you have a “secret” for recovery from cancer, Mr. Eli?”

“I have a few, George. They are kind of “hidden” in my website,,”

“Can you share your best “secret” with me, I have been watching you. I want to improve my chances of survivor.”

“George, you have to become perfect to survive cancer.”

He seemed kind of shuttered. ” How do you do that?”

“Very simple, George, you replace the false definition of “perfection” that appears in almost all dictionaries with the true definition of the word and follow it diligently in your behavior.”

“OK, Eli, What do you think perfection is?”

“You are perfect when you are aware of the ins and outs of your cancer situation.”

“Is that means that being perfect is not the absence of cancer?”

“That is correct, George, the social definition of perfection as the absence of problems harms a lot of people. It’s incorrect. The Universe is full of imperfections by any cultural definition, yet it is perfect. Are you aware of it?”

“I am not sure. I have a to think about it. This is the longest conversation that I have had ever had with anyone since my diagnosis.”

“Good luck, George, there are a few Webster definitions about health, wealth and happiness that need to be replaced in your life before you can create cancer-free great life!

The distance from Higgs Boson to God’s particle!

August 1, 2012

My background is Science, Psychology and Parapsychology. I think it would  be supportive of me to enlighten you with my knowledge about the universe we live in. Some of you reading these lines may think of me as arrogant. I welcome your point of view. All authentic perceptions of another person are valid from the position of the perceiver. Someone once said to me “Go to hell.” I responded, “Lead the way, you are the expert on that road map.” The enlightened ones will use my knowledge to start forming a more loving, authentic and useful relationship with God.  Keep your wonderful religious beliefs as they are – based on faith.  They are beautiful to the beholder. We all live with two identities: as believers we recreate the world to fit our beliefs and as scientists we observe the world trying to live in the Bahagavad Gita way, “as is,” in the truth.

Start your journey to Truth from the mirror at home: Most of you see a body you accept but would like to improve, let’s hope all the sounds you hear you like, all your odours are pleasant smells, you touch without pain and taste without indulgence. Now, look inside the body and watch your organs doing their nature’s assigned job with a smile. Get a microscope and zero in on  a cell. Watch how its nucleus divides and study its biochemical structure. Take out a molecule and enlarge it under an electron microscope. Zero in on a hydrogen atom, not only because you want to simplify Quantum Mechanics for better understanding, but also because having an atom in the palm of your hand with one electron orbiting one proton bring you the closest to – Higgs Boson!

Take two protons and collide them in a 27 miles circular Collider. Imagine what would have happened if you collided two cars at the speed of light? You wouldn’t have cars, you’d have tiny particles. The protons disintegrated into Bosons, Quarks, Leptons and a bunch of other subatomic particles. You are a physicist. You study the Higgs Boson and find out that it is about a sextillion of a millimeter in size and it’s job is to create mass for the atom. You get excited because you know that mass (physical universe, your body, etc.) matters to your life. You get even more  excited because a famous physicist jumped the gun and called the Higgs Boson a particle of God.

That is where I come in to clean up the beginning of a mess in Physics moving too fast on the road map to understanding Singularity. The distance from Higgs Boson to a God’s particle is much longer than the distance from a tiny cell to a huge body. Here is the road map: Start reducing the Higgs Boson by a factor of 1 over 270 zeros to get to Strings (theory). Strings are open and closed loops made of free and bound Monads. Monads are units of consciousness studied in Parapsychology (Leibnitz, 1675) (I have been a college professor of parapsychology for 25 years). Monads have self-veracity, purposive life and free will. Monads are the real particles of God, not the Higgs Boson. Free Monads live in your Pineal gland and frontal lobe. They constitute what you call the soul. Bound Monads are conscious constituents of matter. low bound monads are related to dark matter and have something to do with gravity. The important thing for you is to try to be on good terms with your soul and especially consciousness. Don’t get overwhelmed by this information. Have a good life. Wow, this one was a tough one for me to write. God bless!


May 31, 2011

Yes, that is what the father of Buddhism said about the human mind. Add to that the sayings by the father of Psychoanalysis, Freud, “The mind is the beast in the cellar,” or Aristotle, the great philosopher,  “The mind is the genie in your head,” or Gordon Allport, the great psychologist, “The mind is functionally independent of you,” or the Bible, “The mind always calculates,” or the myriad of other statements about the human mind such as “The disowned Self, the mind that can do anything it wants,’ and you get the picture: YOUR MIND GENERATES ALL THE DECISIONS IN YOUR LIFE, AND THOSE DECISIONS THAT DON’T WORK YOU BLAME –  ON YOURSELF OR OTHERS. YOUR  MIND  CAN RUIN YOUR LIFE AND GET AWAY WITH IT. IF ANYONE EVER DID TO YOU WHAT YOUR MIND DOES TO YOU, YOU WILL DISAVOW YOURSELF FROM THAT PERSON!

Now, the irony of that truth above is that it is so easy to change for the better, to become more wealthy, healthy and happy. Forget Neuro-linguistic Programing (NLP), counseling, psychotherapy, confession, all programs to change the mind. All you need to do is SAY AND DO GOOD THINGS NO MATTER WHAT’S IN YOUR HEAD! You see, there is no way you can change your negative thoughts and feelings except by contrary verbal or nonverbal action! There is no other way.

I am a 75-year-old retired psychologist. Thirty years ago I decided to quit smoking. How did I do it? I changed what I was saying to people, my behavior changed, not my cravings. The cravings disappeared after a week when my MIND realized that I chose to “lie in the service of the truth” as Dr. Brunner, the great psychologist would call it. On the first day without a cigaret, a fried asked me, “Would you like a cigaret?” I said, “No, I have no craving for a cigaret, no desire to smoke, in fact I can’t even smell the smoke in the room anymore.” A week later I said, “Quitting smoking is the easiest thing to do in life.” Everyone turned to look at me (you know the look) because they didn’t know that I was “lying in the service of the truth.” Only my MIND knew that I finally decided to pick up the only psychological tool that is always stronger than the MIND – lying in the service of the truth! My mind changed and became my ally!

I have given you today the most powerful psychological tool to change your life, make more money, have better health and happiness. Remember, what you say can change your life. Telling the truth if its negative will ruin your life (you’ll always wonder but you’ll never know why things don’t work for you). Go for lying but do it the correct way, not your mind’s way. Be careful, your mind will try to take over the process and slay the truth that Buddha just gave you through me. Good luck!

The good life: True or false?

March 13, 2011

“When the struggle to get what you don’t have interferes with enjoying what you do have, it’s time to change the way you think about life. You are doomed if you don’t.” Dr. Kinarthy.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Do it right and your health improves a lot. Do it wrong and your health will deteriorate a lot. Guess what? Most people do it wrong!” Dr. Kinarthy.

“If Catholic priests took  Zoladex, their celibacy would be guaranteed because the Z drug eliminates libido.” Dr. Kinarthy.

“The Bhagavad Gita means “Truth as it is.” Truth is what is, your truth is what isn’t; keep repeating the truth as it is and what isn’t will disappear in time.” Dr. Kinarthy.

“Reality and truth are like oil and water, they don’t mix unless you use a blender. Shake them up together and you get something delicious.” Dr. Kinarthy.

“If you got five out of the above five T-F statements right as they are, your life is improving as it is – did you notice?”  Dr. Kinarthy.

Gautama Buddha: “The mind is the slayer of the truth” (450 BC).

December 11, 2010

This posting was triggered by my wife who said an hour ago, “Parents complimented me today for being a good swimming instructor for their kids. I know that I am good but I don’t feel it.” My antenna as a psychologist popped up. “It’s natural,” I said, “not to feel it. Most human beings know that they can do things well but don’t feel that they can do them that well.” Excited, I excused myself and rushed to my Blog to try to enlighten those of you out there who posses a terrible thinking fallacy that you are your mind!  You are not! The mind is the “slayer of the truth.”

But it is not that simple.

This discovery by Gautama Buddha 25 centuries ago sprouted many versions of it by psychologists today. You can probably find them all on Google if you type Freud’s “The mind is the beast in the cellar,” or a host of other titles by psychologists who “accuse” the mind as acting independent of you, not in your interests, disowning your Self, or being so powerful that it can do “anything it wants to do.” The psychological consensus of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Silva Mind Control, Erhard Seminar Training and other programs is that if you can tame your mind and make it your “friend” together you will have an opportunity to become happy, wealthy and healthy.

Who was that enlightened Buddha that discovered this profound truth about the human mind that is denied to this day by most human cultures or religions?  Gautama the “awakened one” was born in Nepal around 500 BC to a king and a queen of the Shakaya people of Nepal who believed 1000 years before Judaism that “no man should have more than one wife”!

Mary was a PhD candidate in Psychology when she came for counseling after her divorce from Jim. “My marriage to Jim should have lasted forever,” she said, “I thought we were compatible. I even made a list of pluses and minuses before I married him.” On the third session it became clear to me that her mind was involved in the decision to marry Jim no less than her heart.

Woh do you blame for your divorce?”

“Myself,” she said.

On my way home I tried to apply what Buddha said – to myself. Who was responsible for the mistake of buying GM shares last year?  My mind was responsible: it was clearly a fallacy of thinking! It will not happen again! Why did Mary blame herself for the divorce? Do psychologists also blame themselves when something they do doesn’t work? How can the mind get away with slaying the truth that all bad ideas come from its thinking? I found the answers in the Bhagavad Gita (page 492-3, plate 23).


Watch Dustin Hoffman’s movie Hero and learn about your gullibility!

October 6, 2010

When I was a college professor of psychology before I retired I assign Dustin Hoffman’s movie Hero to my students to watch for extra credit. Take five minutes to guess why? Stop reading, come back in five minutes and check your answer against mine. You will find out how perceptive you are about life! 🙂

1. Most of us are heroes deep inside, but it takes a situation to translate it out action.

2. When people reflect on their verbal or nonverbal action they think they are searching for a true explanation, but in reality they create a story that fits their belief system.

3. When enough people deceive themselves by creating fiction in their lives, they enhance false expectations, reinforce biases, and make damaging perceptions part of their culture and religion.

4. What you can learn from watching the movie Hero is to doubt everything you read or hear people tell you (especially psychologists, ha!) and test it out for yourself. Facts are hidden behind mental translations.

5. Here is a perfect example: Most people who profess to know their Bible, do not know that the word “devil” exists in the New Testament but not in the Old Testament! You see, the Greek dude who translated the Hebrew Bible to Greek thought that the Hebrew word “Satan” meant “Diabolos” (devil) in Greek. Dr. McKenzie, in Commentaries on the Bible states, “With a stroke of a pen the Greeks transformed a tester of man into a hater of man.” My God, I tested my students and no one thought that I hated them. I wonder how you would feel about humanity if you were God? Would you think that we are stupid? Careless? gullible? naive? egotistical? blind? or just believe “stuff”? Do you really want to know the truth? Don’t read about Jesus, that had been distorted a lot already, read why Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” That will do it for you, and thank me for showing you the way out of the “box.” I am not Dustin Hoffman.

What’s best and worst for your self esteem.

September 3, 2010

Before I retired I made $100 per 10 minutes as a psychological consultant to the National Enquirer. As a professor of psychology and parapsychology I was very popular with students. You are now getting me free, so cash in on it. I will teach you incredible stuff in easy to understand and perform ways. My total posting on my blogs and websites so far is over 400 important pieces of information, from how to raise your self-esteem (today) to why people don’t pursue the best treatment for cancer (next week).

Self-esteem is how you feel about who you are, not what you think of yourself. How you feel affects your self-confidence, assertiveness and level of energy. A high self-esteem can prevent depression, overeating, overspending, and will prolong a high quality of relationships. A low self-esteem will affect your health, happiness and financial situation.

Let’s get to work: I want you to think of a situation in your life where you either gave up on doing something, gave in to someone, or said to yourself  “Why bother” or “I’ll get to it when I do,” or “Who cares” or “I can’t win.” The most common occurrence in life is being “cheated,” either by design or by an oversight by someone at home, in the workplace, by a so-called friend, as a consumer, or in a – department store.

Here is what you do: Never give up! First, write a letter describing all the details of the situation and keep it as a reference document on your computer – not your opinions but the facts. Second, make a list of all the potential persons and agencies that might help correct the situation. Third, call, send the letter, email, tweet, write on Facebook, complain to a government agency, consumers protection agency, chamber of commerce, BBB, newspapers, get to work on it for a day! Winning is the best psychological thing you can do for your self-esteem, while losing is the worst psychological thing you can do to your self-esteem. So, do a darn good job in presenting your case. And, you know something, you can’t accomplish that without education. Poor, uneducated people always get screw. Educating yourself is the first step in building a high self-esteem. But, here is the catch: Select your schools, teachers, or programs carefully, most of them are – political junk. How do you like that for telling it like it is! Always!

What do Byron, Schopenhauer and Leibnitz have in common?

April 3, 2010

The weekend was great getting together over latte’ and shooting the breeze until I couldn’t take it anymore. Everyone was shooting their mouth about God, the human mind and what are souls made of.  Shooting the breeze was one thing but shooting the mouth was another. I asked, “Guys, what’s the soul really is made of?” and the bullshit began, people were shooting themselves in the foot with all kinds of beliefs.

What’s the matter with humans that they talk incessantly about “things” that they don’t really know about? I felt like a computer salesman trying to sell a laptop to cavemen 10,000 years ago. “Hey guys, Descartes (1700) discovered the soul when he said, cogito ergo sum. There is a sublime conduit of consciousness particles (sub-strings) descending from space through the pineal gland to the frontal lobe.’  The soul ‘particles’ don’t have mass, They are units of consciousness about the size of 1/10 to the power of 170 of the Atom, or about a thousand sextillion particles altogether. About a quarter are bound in physical matter, about half in dark matter and the rest are free Monads (discovered by Leibnitz, 1648).

They looked at me like I was a nut case, either not understanding what I was talking about or thinking that I am joking. I really didn’t tease anyone when I said, “The mind is a sophisticated calculator, software,  that’s it.” But, the greatest laugh I received was when I said, “Your body is not a part of who you are. If you lost an arm you’d still be 100% you and here too! The English poet Lord Byron said, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” Arthur Schopenhauer, the German philosopher (1800) said, “You will laugh when you hear the truth for the first time.” I think I made a mistake talking about mind, body, or soul in public. People don’t want to know who they really are. God help us all!