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Trump’s enemies defend themselves against their own fascism!

March 23, 2016

According to Zigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, psychological projection is a virulent defense mechanism in the hands of politicians on the right and on the left. Let’s look at people on the left who right now call Donald Trump a fascist devil! Why are they so virulent? Because of psychological projection, a powerful motivation to protect sanity! Most leftist politicians and journalists are rigid and hidden authoritarians and love power and righteousness. They would perceive fascistic behavior in themselves as the worse curse. If they realized that they are afflicted by that scourge of the human personality they might commit suicide, Leftists perceive fascism as a terminal disease of humanity. Humans will defend themselves against their own unpleasant impulses by denying in themselves the existence of the “disease.” They will instantly attribute the worse form of it to their worse enemies. That would explain why a leftist liberal who behaves like  an Stalinist or  communist authoritarian may constantly accuse a succesful businessman and family man like Trump of being a fascist. Projection is a form of blame shifting.

Trump exhibits many “impurities” but he is not a fascist. Fascists cannot be successful businessmen in a democracy unless they take over the government. Fascists don’t negotiate and make deals. Don’t be fooled by Trump’s strength. God forbids if Bernie Sandberg becomes president you will  see a “soft” fascist, one that pretends to be “only a socialist.” Stalin will be back! Another  example of a “soft” fascist is Obama who wants everything his way. He creates a mess around the world and project the blame on others. Listen, you can fool the people twice but not all the time. Vote for “earthy” Trump. He is really not politically correct and it is time for real change. Don’t worry, be happy. Be good to your pocket-book for a change, especially if you are a minority person. Don’t get fooled again. Your living standard is more important than your skin color, dude. Did you get projection right? Beware of the projectors in life, they are virulent!


Authoritarianism of the Left: The common denominator of Trump voters!

January 19, 2016

University of Massachusetts, your research to find out a single personality trait for Trump supporters, to say the least, is flawed. You suggested it was not the garden variety of an expected trait such as racism against Mexicans, sexism, narcissism or ethnic bias against Muslims, that’s true, and that insight may make you smarter than a million simple-minded ignoramuses who think that Trump is plain racist, but Authoritarian??? My God, give me a break, there are more authoritarian personalities of the left (China, Soviet Union, Cuba, EU, Clinton, Sanders, etc) than of the right. Thus, I assume you meant that Trump is an Authoritarian personality of the Left.

Hey, I got my MA in psychology at UCN in 1971 studying Authoritarianism in personalities and PhD from USC in 1976, and you can bet your bottom that you can’t brand a person authoritarian without specifying if the personality trait is left or right (we have advanced since Adorno). Well, you didn’t spacify. As a psychologist I know that you committed a Fallacy of Omission, probably because of a sloppy research methodology. Personally, I am surprised at your poor methodology, representing the University of Mass, one of our best Universities for research, so I will have to assume that it was just one biased professor of political science or psychology who didn’t know left from right! Let me also assume that he may have meant Authoritarianism of the Left because Trump donated money to authoritarian (dogmatic) socialists such as Clinton and Sanders (he had his honeymoon in the Soviet Union.

Listen, scholarly dudes, if Trump is an authoritarian leftist personality than Sanders is a Trozky Communist, shifting the whole stupid political spectrum to the far left, probably caused by a California earth quake that made commentators and researchers of left-right personality stupid. The verdict, I think, is much simpler. The shift made the democrats behave like anarchists who wish for a whitering of the State (Carl Marx), let it all hang up… and the republicans behave like they are all visionaries, each one of them think that he or she can make America great again. Let me tell you the truth, America will be great again when Americans gets tired of being pushed around by idiots around the world who can’t produce a viable economy who live by constraints whether they are austerity programs like is Europe or expectations “give” programs from uncle Donald, Tom or Sam. Get ready to go to work, dudes!

Between the community and the police!

December 7, 2015

Here is another view, as always my view is difference from others how conflict resolution should work, in fact how life should work. Most people think they know how conflict in a relationship should be fixed – by compromising or winning politically or financially (the rich and powerful get away with it). I think my view should be tested first before you decide. When a person gets killed by the police there are always 2 reports that no one from the other side take seriously: the report by the police and the report by the community (including the family of the individual or the group being attacked by the police, by-standers interview, videos obtained, etc.). The 2 versions end in a biased State or Federal court based on a colonial system (Old English). The process is costly and long. The verdict almost always shortchange someone, usually the innocent. It is not related REALLY to the founding fathers intention and most elected and appointed officials praise the judicial system as the best in the world. This is similar to a situation where a teacher praises a “C” student as the best in class because everyone else gets a “D” or an “F.”

Here is the an improvement in police Community relationship based on a new idea. Congress will select a permanent indictment committee (PIC) of 10 professional jurors. These individuals will earn a special PhD in Jurisprudence from an accredited American University. They will decide whether to indict police officers or even the police department or indict the community or individuals in the community by analysing the factual information in the 2 reports and testify in court under oath. The rate of fair trial will double. This will save money to the tax payers, expedite and shorten the court proceedings, indict the right people or groups and stifle all the stupid and frivolous objections by marginal lawyers and biased witnesses. Bingo, life works!

Ferguson: A difficult psychological analysis of our level of moral development.

November 25, 2014

Having taught morality in college for 26 years, I can tell you that very few higher education students ever got an “A” in exams on the subject of what is Justice? The subject is psychologically problematic to learn because most of the concepts involved are culture-specific! At this point, having read this first sentence, you may already ask, Dr. Kinarthy, what do you mean by culture-specific concepts? Well, I will take you through the process of learning about justice on the condition that you read my posting 3 times over and then go to Google and read what Piaget and Kohlberg wrote about moral stages of development of an individual, community or nation.

At this point if you are not offended by my “professorial” approach and decide to move on to a more “garden variety” blogs, please turn on your printer and make a copy of my posting. If you don’t have a printer, take a pen and copy the definitions that follow the story. My definitions of concepts are simple, behavioral and understandable, something I couldn’t say I found about most definitions of these terms on the Internet:

You have all read the Biblical story of Cain killing Abel in Genesis. Let me put it for you in a moral perspective: Cain’s aggressive and violent behavior was triggered by his envy of what his brother Abel possessed (many sheep),  as compared to what Cain had (a barn land that grew weed). When both brothers offered what they grew to God and God preferred Abel’s grilled lamb with its aroma to Cain’s few shoots of grass, Cain got jealous and killed his brother. God’s justice and verdict ordered Cain to leave his homeland and community and he had to go and face the first culture-specific rejections and revenge in human history:

Justice: The objective attainment of a decision of guilt or innocence in a situation based on facts and observable behavior by an appointed body of trained professionals. The British system of justice that the US adopted in 1776 does not require that the appointed body be of trained professionals, therefore, justice in the United States of America cannot be objective, albeit it is still the closest to “objective” of all the other justice systems on earth.

Verdict: The objective attainment of a decision to punish or not to punish, and the kind of punishment in a situation based on a decision or guilt or innocence as was attained by a body of trained professionals.  The British system of justice that the US adopted in 1776 does not require the appointment of trained professionals decide the justice, verdict or punishment, thus the outcome of every court case in the United States of America political, it is in the subjective mind of untrained “peer” group handling complex data.

Revenge: The emotional decision to punish a person, group or destroy property on the basis of moral realism  feeling that they deserve the punishment. 

Envy: A feeling inadequacy and a low self-esteem as a result of having an attitude that you deserve to have what other people have without working for it.

Jealousy: A feeling of inadequacy and a low self-esteem as a result of having a moral realism attitude that you deserve to take what other people have because you believe that they have taken or will soon take what you have. 

Intentionality: A positive attitude of meaning. The subjective intentional assessment of goodness or badness and the attempt of creating a positive behavior of abundance of material resources, love, happiness, health and wealth  in any situation or relationship (10% of humanity).  

Moral Relativity: The attainment of  a post-cultural specific moral decision-making process with its appropriate level of verbal and physical behaviors , in any mental, physical, cultural, religious, spiritual, political, economic and relationship situation fed by understanding of intentionality!

About Ferguson: I hope I have helped some of you to see clearly what happened in Ferguson about justice and why. The goal should be to recreate the true high-school!!

The psychological reason why Michael Brown died?

November 15, 2014

I was completely amazed when I arrived in the United States from Israel to study psychology at UCLA how the American culture completely ignored 2 key factors in human relations, 1) How significant is behavior profiling in solving crime, and 2) How significant is cultural background in understanding why crime happens.

It’s ironic. In Israel behavior profiling saves lives and protects citizens. In American people think that behavior profiling is racial profiling. It is not!  This hypersensitivity and lack of cognitive distinction skill (CDS) is the reason Ferguson police department broke the law and did not release the report by officer Wilson and the police department about the killing of Michael Brown – as required by law! The struggle between the police officer and Michael Brown is a behavior, not a racial concept! This behavior is called in psychology a role conflict dyadic behavior (RCDB) and is easy to analyse (behavior you can observed and described). It is not a racial confrontation or racial profiling (concepts you can’t see) as the American culture believes (One solution is to change the curriculum in American schools and start teaching reality more than conceptual stuff).

The second new concept in human relation is cultural background, which is ignored and not taught correctly in American schools either. The white and black races living in America had a totally different historical experience that determine hoe they see things. The white race moved west, shot attacking Indians and built towns, city halls and police departments. The black race was kidnapped from a chaotic land called Africa, shipped to America to build slavery and finally gained basic freedom by confrontation with white authority. If officer Wilson was a black officer in the same situation, the chance for a deadly confrontation would have been reduced by half. If all the people in the convenient store were black the chance for Michael Broun to misbehave and break the law would have been reduced by half. If officer Wilson and Michael Broun grew up and went to an American school that taught history and psychology right, the chance for the deadly confrontation would have need reduced again (lots of if’s), and finally, the black community is looking for vengeance (understandable, based on their history), while the white community is looking for political due process (not much justice in politics either). One day American will solve all its problems. As an immigrant in 1960, I discovered the American dream, I was lucky, my Jewishness was not on my skin, in my pocket-book or on my nose. It was in my smart behavior!

“I managed to become more assertive without being perceived as arrogant by others.”

June 25, 2014

A woman said to her counselor, “I managed to become more assertive without being perceived as arrogant by others.” Think about it for a minute. Is it possible? I have been an assertive psychologist for 40 years and I haven’t been able to achieve what that woman said she achieved. May be she acquired a perceived imaginary assertiveness (PIA), not real assertiveness. When I crossed the red line and became really an assertive person I acquired the label of the arrogant professor. My closest colleagues, friends, business associates and family members criticized me for doing seances, hypnotizing for past lives and telling students that Newton stole the calculus formula from Leibnitz and ridiculed him for discovering – God! Many of my students were saying, Dr. Kinarthy, he thinks that he know everything.’  The woman getting the counseling above is probably more assertive than she was before the counseling sessions began but she is not really assertive.

Mohammad Ali said he was the greatest boxer in the world years before he won the heavy title in the arena. Are you arrogant if you claim to know yourself or your future? Are you aware of your great knowledge and think you are gifted? I love my so-called arrogance, I help people become great too by giving them answers to questions no one else that I know can give! For example, do you know why 1000 psychiatrists threw eggs at Dr. Freud in a convention in Vienna in 1890? Why was innocent Luigi arrested in 1860 for bringing a tomato to the US? What was wrong with the thinking of Adam Smith? What’s wrong today with the thinking of Obama? Does it have to do with ignorance of psychology? Does he reward bad behaviors around the world without knowing it? Is he stupid? I answer questions others can’t answer: How many units of consciousness constitute an average soul in science? What is God’s body made of? Do you remain 100% yourself  if you lose your legs and 2 arms in a car accident and think you are somebody else? Is an obese person has an obese mind, brain, both? There are millions of questions that professionals can’t answer but I can. Am I arrogant or perfect? I bought Apple, Google, IBM and Facebook years ago for cheap, Am I arrogant to say that I am a gifted investor? Are you perfect if you know the flaws and weaknesses you posses? (the answer is YES). Woman, if your relationship with a man doesn’t work, do you know it has nothing to do with what you two are doing together? Did you know that most of the important decisions in your life you do without enough thinking? In short, if you are called arrogant, laugh it off if you know that you really have the knowledge and skills that you claim to have! Go brag about it, it’s OK. And, about being assertive to the hilt with others, always remember when you feel nervous talking with your boss or other people that the probability is there that they would have sunk the Titanic while you were building the ark.

The peaceful revolution!

February 15, 2014

I started this blog a few years ago after retiring as a successful psychologist with a goal to make a difference in the lives of millions of people. As a professor of psychology and parapsychology since 1973 I made a difference in the lives of 40,000 students and patients (ask them, it’s amazing the letters that I get). So, I thought I could enlightened the rest of you to make a difference in your lives. I expected to succeed but I didn’t! I should have because I came to the United States from Israel in 1960 to get education and I found out what life was all about. I did, but somehow the information ins’t reaching you! I cured two cancers, made a couple of millions “bucks,” married a beautiful, smart, loving and successful woman and sired 4 kids, but the rules of a successful life that I gathered didn’t impact on-line listeners as it had impacted my students! Sure, a trickle of visitors married right, improved their health and made money, but where are the rest of you? I asked around, “What am I doing wrong?’ No one had the answer. Then it downed on me reflecting what an insightful participant in one of the few workshops that I conducted said to me, “Dr. Kinarthy, you said that making great decisions with lower risk requires following a set of rules that people don’t believes in!”

OK, dudes, what I may be doing wrong is my assumption that Abraham Maslow, the great psychologist was right when he said, “You are only as good as your culture let you be.” Let’s test this hypothesis: The Chinese culture guides the Chinese people to “Live to eat.” (watch their joy in restaurants). They are not fat. The American culture guides Americans to “Eat to live.” They are fat. I am an American but I “Live to eat.” I love eating, I lick, I eat slow, I more jaws, small portions, everything on my plate goes in. I am not fat. Start the experiment: Say “I live to eat,” 100 times per day every day, start eating 3 times slower than before and eat it all except real fat stuff. Share your results with me next year today. Good luck!



End the ignorance about mental illness, segment II

December 15, 2013

I wasn’t going to post a next segment to my “End the ignorance about mental illness,” but I just turned on CNN and watched the painful story about a mother complaining about the stigma her son has to endure because he was labeled mentally ill. For a moment I was encouraged because I thought she would add, “The stigma hurts 10 times worse being a prejudice caused by culture and not a true medical science.” I wish she said, “My son is not mentally ill, he just lacks the skills of coping in this society. Lt’s teach him those skills,”  but she didn’t say that. The mom was part of the belief system too. You can thank Freud for that, who convince psychiatrists 100 years ago that having a tested weak ego that shows difficulty coping is a sign of mental illness. He made a pretty good living as a “shrink” who treated “mentally ill” people – unsuccessfully but rationally.

End the stigma: Please ladies and gentlemen, parents, friends and government officials, please put the so-called mentally ill individuals in what behavioral economists call “Choice architecture” situations where work is available(first free, then for pay) and opportunities to make friends are abundant, and you will see a miracle! You care, don’t you? The only people who benefit from the 100 billion mental illness industry are the insurance companies, drug companies, the psychiatric associations (fully), the psychological associations (in part) and the economy. “patients, get a job and find love and these industries will lose their “shirt.” It is time to get more sophisticated about mental illness, folks. You can’t continue to brand anyone who can’t manage their affairs as good as you do “mentally ill.” Stop being prejudice. They are “behaviorally impaired” and not “Mentally ill.” Give people a break, they need dignity and not a stigma. The time has come to provide jobs to the people you labeled.

Obamacare website. He really tried!

October 24, 2013

I mean it, Obama, I know that you really tried to design a good healthcare program for the American people, and this president really tries to hire a competent website company to set up the Obama care on-line system for the American people. The problem is that as a trained lawyer president Obama you were not educated in Science. You really need to set up a pilot study and replicate its results before you spend other people’s money to implement the Obama care program. You can’t just trust your instinct that it would work, especially when using other people’s money. And, regarding the website company that you hired to build the Obama care website, you can’t just pay them and expect them to do a great job after being paid. You see, Obama, it’s not your fault, you were never a businessman, you didn’t know that if you pay someone before they do the work, you can’t really run things well. Well, the American people elected you twice knowing that you were not a scientist or a businessman, so they got fooled and you lost their money. We all know from psychology that the people cannot be better than their leader unless there was a divine intervention. So far it happened in the Soviet Union ones and at the Vatican recently. We sure need a DI in America before it gets worse. You simply can’t trust a leader without education is business and science! in.

What causes the gridlock in Washington?

October 8, 2013

You know that I always tell the truth in this blog regardless of consequences because I am wealthy and I don’t need side income. Abraham Maslow, the father of the school of psychology called Humanistic Psychology and the creator of the self-actualization pyramid said, “Your vote is only as good as your culture let you act.” The American culture doesn’t educate you to vote for the candidate with the highest governing values for the people, although our leaders are better behaved than the leaders in most other countries. In fact, to vote based on values might be unconstitutional! When I was a professor of psychology on a hiring committee, we got a directive from Sacramento stating that we cannot ask candidates value questions or personal questions. Once we interviewed a candidate for a position of assistant professor of psychology who it was clear to me considered female students inferior to male students. I was not allowed to ask him any questions about personal values as if the personality of the instructor has no effect on students and is irrelevant to teaching in public schools. The same cultural directive you get when you enter the voting booth, “Don’t consider the personal values of the candidate you are electing to office.” (I never voted, went into business with or chose as friends negative people. I had too many in my family). You the voter created the gridlock in Washington that is affecting your life but it not your fault, only your responsibility (You are not taught in school about the huge difference between these two words either). Do you want a better life? Next election you will have to pull yourself up with your own bootstraps. You will have to ask the candidate before you decide who to vote for the simple question, “Is Obamacare gives you the best medical care for the buck”? If the congressman says “Yes, but I didn’t vote for it” he is plain stupid. If he says, “No, but I voted for it” through him out. If he says “No, and I didn’t vote for it” elect him again. Do you want a better life? Start looking for candidates that can answer the question “Please explain to me how Obamacare violate the cost/benefit rule”? Vote for him if can describe the answer well, and if enough of you do that, the next congress will get you a health care program that covers everyone at a reasonable cost!