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Is culture everything?

August 11, 2012

The Olympics are coming to an end. The democratic USA culture with 300 million people dominates the life of Americans with freedom of self expression and big monetary rewards for  desirable expressions. The US athletes won about 100 medals (1medal=3m). The organized and centralized Chinese culture with 1.3 billion people dominates the life of the Chinese people with love for the motherland and personal accolade for desirable achievements but little monetary rewards. Chinese athletes won about 90 medals (1medal=14m). The disorganized Indian culture dominates the life of 1.1 billion Indians with love for peace of mind and the hereafter. India won 2 medals (1medal=550m). Wonderful egalitarian easy going outdoor oriented Canadian culture with 30 million people dominates the life of Canadians with strong freedom of expression but almost no nationalistic financial reward or accolade for achievements. Canada won about 20 medals (1medal=1.5m).  To all the other countries participating in the 2012 Olympics I would say: Look at the number of medals your culture has produced in the 2012 Olympics and guess, (1) Your national pride, (2) Government support, (3) importance of standard of living, (4) cultural organization or chaos, and (5) level of personal satisfaction in living. As with all sociological analyses, this one will be ignored by “loser” cultures blaming “winner” cultures of exploitation of athletic resources.

I would give a “losing” culture one generation (25 years) of good education (yourself and your children) rather than “picking” on other people to become a winning culture. go for it!

Curing cancer is possible!

March 9, 2012

Are you hooked on my blog? If you read everything I write you are either precocious, a lucky person or God loves you. I mean it. Let me prove it to you: Newton discovered “Classic physics” where the behavior of the observer didn’t mean diddle shit to him. Came Einstein and replaced Newton with “Behavioral physics” where the behavior of the  observer influences even the Universe.” Good enough? Not yet, where is the trend? Then came Adam Smith and started “Classical economics” with his book  The Wealth of Nations.” (gave us recessions because he didn’t give a diddle shit about the behavior of financiers). Came Daniel Kahneman (2002 Nobel) and replaced classical economics with “Behavioral economics,” where the behavior of bankers must be studied before you invest!  (I joined the Academy at UCLA last year, So far so good? Here is the clincher. “Classical medicine” has always seen cancer as complex, varied, hard to treat, costly, many side effects, and the patient dies. “Behavioral medicine” sees cancer as simple, unified, inexpensive to treat, no side effects and the patient lives!

We have recessions, unemployment, and people die from cancer because Newton is still  revered, Einstein has been demoted, Kahneman… you haven’t even heard of him, and “Behavioral Cancer Therapy” (BCT) is only a year old (FDA Approved 2011) model practiced in Germany and hasn’t spread yet. (according to the director it may take a 100 years before  “BCT will replace the old classic medical dude that loves to operate and drug you.)

I told you, you stay with me and together we will change the classical world and make all solutions “Behavioral.”


May 31, 2011

Yes, that is what the father of Buddhism said about the human mind. Add to that the sayings by the father of Psychoanalysis, Freud, “The mind is the beast in the cellar,” or Aristotle, the great philosopher,  “The mind is the genie in your head,” or Gordon Allport, the great psychologist, “The mind is functionally independent of you,” or the Bible, “The mind always calculates,” or the myriad of other statements about the human mind such as “The disowned Self, the mind that can do anything it wants,’ and you get the picture: YOUR MIND GENERATES ALL THE DECISIONS IN YOUR LIFE, AND THOSE DECISIONS THAT DON’T WORK YOU BLAME –  ON YOURSELF OR OTHERS. YOUR  MIND  CAN RUIN YOUR LIFE AND GET AWAY WITH IT. IF ANYONE EVER DID TO YOU WHAT YOUR MIND DOES TO YOU, YOU WILL DISAVOW YOURSELF FROM THAT PERSON!

Now, the irony of that truth above is that it is so easy to change for the better, to become more wealthy, healthy and happy. Forget Neuro-linguistic Programing (NLP), counseling, psychotherapy, confession, all programs to change the mind. All you need to do is SAY AND DO GOOD THINGS NO MATTER WHAT’S IN YOUR HEAD! You see, there is no way you can change your negative thoughts and feelings except by contrary verbal or nonverbal action! There is no other way.

I am a 75-year-old retired psychologist. Thirty years ago I decided to quit smoking. How did I do it? I changed what I was saying to people, my behavior changed, not my cravings. The cravings disappeared after a week when my MIND realized that I chose to “lie in the service of the truth” as Dr. Brunner, the great psychologist would call it. On the first day without a cigaret, a fried asked me, “Would you like a cigaret?” I said, “No, I have no craving for a cigaret, no desire to smoke, in fact I can’t even smell the smoke in the room anymore.” A week later I said, “Quitting smoking is the easiest thing to do in life.” Everyone turned to look at me (you know the look) because they didn’t know that I was “lying in the service of the truth.” Only my MIND knew that I finally decided to pick up the only psychological tool that is always stronger than the MIND – lying in the service of the truth! My mind changed and became my ally!

I have given you today the most powerful psychological tool to change your life, make more money, have better health and happiness. Remember, what you say can change your life. Telling the truth if its negative will ruin your life (you’ll always wonder but you’ll never know why things don’t work for you). Go for lying but do it the correct way, not your mind’s way. Be careful, your mind will try to take over the process and slay the truth that Buddha just gave you through me. Good luck!


October 31, 2010

Sorry, but that has always been the case after elections, nothing really changes. To get full employment with good wages in the US you have got to get Obama out of his – “box.” And that cannot happen because, as the great psychologist Dr. Abraham Maslow wrote years ago, very few voters can vote outside their culture or mode of thinking. Humans, he pointed out, cannot escape their upbringing limitations unless they strive to become self-actualized. You can see that in every “childish” or “frivolous” democratic or republican campaign commercial that refuses to deal seriously with real issues of how to create full employment at good wages and stop spending money on wars. Blame it on Facebook and Twitter, but what good would it do. This generation is shallow. Blame it on a “stupid surge” involvement in Iraq or Afghanistan, but what good would that do. The last generation was “scared.”  Indeed, you sent shallow and scared reps to Washington to do your bidding. The American empire is beginning to decline, just like the British empire has just ended declining.

Sure, there is a better way, but it won’t happen unless  YOU REFUSE TO VOTE ON TUESDAY! Hey, I understand, if you can’t get yourself to be that smart and powerful, at least don’t vote for democrats or Tea Party candidates. The republicans will get the House and the Senate and you will get a gridlock, which is better than a spendthrift – until INDEPENDENTS run for office in 2012 willing to bring the troops home RIGHT AWAY and CONCENTRATE on CREATING decent paying jobs here at home! Let the rest of the world solve THEIR OWN PROBLEMS for a change, and let Americans concentrate on protecting themselves, meaning beating the shit out of anyone in the world who is trying to hurt Americans! No more half-ass job of creating jobs at home. Do you want to get it right? Start by reading Donald trump’s book THINK BIG AND KICK ASS. You see, it isn’t hard to know what to do, what’s hard is to do it. We are back to Maslow full circle: Humans, he pointed out, cannot escape their upbringing limitations unless they strive become self-actualized. So, when you finish reading Donald’s book, go to Google and type in Self Actualization.

Hey, dude, the next posting will be how to create full employment in the US at good wages. Again, it isn’t hard to know what to do, what’s hard is to find a president, congressmen and senators TO DO IT!