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Romney just elected Trump president!

March 3, 2016

His speech against Trump saying this morning that Trump as president will destroy jobs clinched it. How did R helped T get elected? By not remembering that 4 years ago Romney praised Trump saying that Trump creates jobs. He even said that Trump was even more successful as a businessman than Romney. Now, you know why Romney lost the 2012 election to Obama. The man doesn’t understand psychology at all. Anyone who appears as a phony politician and speaks ill against someone else will make the other person look good. Romney didn’t understand that you got to know how to use preempting and disarming or you lose. He attacked Trump personally and then implied that it would be wrong of Trump to attack him personally!  Voters hate phony and dishonest politicians. Romney is a confused republican who “forgot” to listen to Reagan who said once, “Don’t destroy republican unity. You lose if you attack other republicans.” Apparently, as an “establishment” republican Romney couldn’t self-control his hate for Trump and wouldn’t realize that what he said would help Trump get more votes, not fewer votes.

For me, before Romney spoke, I was for Trump with some reservations, now, after Romney spoke, I will vote for Trump for sure. Too many phonys who did nothing for America love to put Trump down, may be it is time for good people to exercise voting power and kick asses up in Washington.

Obama has been reelected today and is ready to reshape the world!

August 12, 2012

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney today selected inexperienced Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. On a Likert scale of electability this selection would be for Romney a “-3” and for Obama’s a “+3” if he keeps Biden as his VP for the second term.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for Obama who will be reelected for four more disastrous years. Mitt Romney’s behaviour as a presidential campaigner is a less dynamic, inclusive and eloquent than Barack Obama’s behaviour but I’d vote for him as the lesser of two evils out of compassion for Israel. On a Likert scale of electability Romney’s poor appeal to voters would be another “-3.”

I am so sure of my psychological and historical analysis that Obama will be reelected for four more years that I will put my reputation as a psychologist on the line. Obama’s Achilles heel will be   his right-wing foreign policy, not his left-wing domestic policy. The losers will be Iran, Israel and Shia Islam in general (Obama’s upbringing is Sunni). The winners will be Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Palestinians and Sunni Islam in general. I am only talking about the next four years, not the peace and prosperity that comes after 2016 when Obama leaves the political scene. That prophecy I leave to Biblical scholars.


May 2, 2011

As you thread your way through life as the Obama campaign picks up momentum in the coming elections in the United States, you will discuss with your friends, relatives and co-workers the implications to the world of Obama killing Osama. I don’t want you to just talk about this momentous event. I want you to talk intelligently about it along the following probably outcomes:

1. The probability that Obama will be reelected as president of the United States in 2012 has doubled. He will not be perceived anymore as a commander-in-chief who prefers counterinsurgency over counterterrorism, as Bush was. The Pentagon lost, the CIA won. Donald Trump who wrote a book  Think big and Kick Ass will have a hard time defeating Obama. Running for president of the United States shows already that he thinks big, and you have seen what some perceive as his mean-spirited ass kicking skill on TV – but you ain’t seen nothing yet – The 2012 election will be the “War of the Political Titans” as the psychological impact of Obama triumph over Osama fades away.

2. Forgive the poor analogy, but when John Wooden left the scene when I was a student at UCLA, the Bruins couldn’t win another national championship with a succession of basket ball coaches. An ace leader, whether evil of good, is not replaceable. If the attempted assassination of Hitler succeeded, WW2 would have ended sooner than 1945. Here is what will happen:  Al Qaeda will get smaller, lose momentum, shrink in recruiting success, but increase in radicalism. Many splinter units will perpetrate many more small but vicious attacks on Western target. The year 2012 will see the beginning of a “War of the Political, Economic, Military, Media, Internet, and terror Titans” as the clash of civilizations intensify before it subsides and peace comes to the world with democracy.

3. It is going to get worse before it gets better, contrary to wishful thinking of CNN. The birth trauma of a more free, peaceful and prosperous civilization is upon us. Welcome to the Armageddon process!

10 economic aftershocks to hit before 2013 (segment III).

April 14, 2010

4. Increasing leadership incompetence – leaders that are elected in democracies, or self-appointed in dictatorships, start governing based on fear of foreigners or their populace. Third movements are formed in democracies and second movements are formed in dictatorships that preoccupy the people and slow down progress.

5. Health care crisis worsen – people are polarised more and more in the United States, and it paralyses the solution. The deficits balloons while special interests get more money from the American people who get frustrated and riot.

6. Educational vows continue – another generation of Americans enter the work force without necessary skills and values. Conventional thinking continue to plague a nation in crisis. Creative educators are a voice in the wilderness throughout the next decade. Contingency management could have solved the problem, but no one is listening.

7. Silly debates become more popular – these are spread by the media and sap the energy from the American people who really want good action more than ‘entertaining’ debate.

8. International conflict get bloody – leadership incompetence leads to a third world war because the United States repeats the same behavior it had before the first two world wars: Waiting till it gets bruised bad enough to assert its deterrent power!

9. Subprime mortgages and high unemployment come back –  are fixed only temporarily for a few years because no real economic regulation system is developed.

10. I left #10 to you, may be your thoughts how to survive the first 10 aggravations and live happily again after 2013!