This one is for Canadians!

I am an American who lives in your wonderful country. You just elected Harper as prime minister and gave him a majority mandate in parliament to govern effectively, but it is not enough. He is the best of the bunch of leaders you selected, but it is not enough. You need to continuously feed him new ideas, otherwise, the limited thoughts he has in his head is all you’ll get. Sure, he has better ideas than the liberals or the NDP guys, but it is your job as a citizen to make his improve over them and himself, and Harper is the kind of guy who listens to better ideas because he is the least ideologically incline of the 3 choices you had in last month election.

Why is this one for Canadians? Because your Gasoline price per liter is approaching $1.50. If you exchange that $1.50 CAN south of the border, you’ll get $1.59 US. You can fill your tank in the US and save close to half the cost in Canada!

Read the newspapers. Harper is arranging for oil executives to see him. He will lash out at them in his effective civilized low-key soothing voice. After a low-key argument where they will “pass the buck” to the Saudis not pumping enough oil affecting speculation, middle-men, supply and demand and market conditions, all legitimate politico-babble, the nice oil executives will promise the Canadian public that they will do their best to stop or at least slow down the rise in oil price. They will never come down to the price at the American pump, but they will never the less be appreciated by the Canadian public.

Mr. Harper, there is a better way to lower gasoline price in Canada, making almost everyone happy, including the oil executives because a healthy competition brings out the best thinking in CEOs (off course, the NDP and the Liberals will attack it as an American Intellectual invasion). Steve, the Canadian public gave you the majority in parliament: PASS AN OIL ANTI-TRUST LAW THAT OIL COMPANIES OPERATING IN CANADA, OIL TRADERS, AND GAS STATION OWNERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO FIX PRICES, THAT’S ALL! Any two oil company that sells crude at the same price will be fined. Any two middlemen that buy and then sell oil at the same price will be investigated. Any two gas stations at the same intersection that sell gas at a fix price (as it is today) will have to pay a fine. Mr. Harper, set up a committee to analyse the tax structure as it applies to oil companies, including a possible cap on earnings, fed and local taxes applied, oil quality, additives, the whole business. They WILL listen, reprimand is not enough. Good luck!


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