The origin of the Cro-Magnon.

I read with alarm the conclusions of five researchers about the relationship between the Neanderthal and humans (Cro-Magnon).  This serious message by Dr. Kinarthy is directed to Dr. Tom higham, University of Oxford, England, Dr. Chris Leon Zollikofer, Univesity of Zurich, Dr. Rom Pinchasi, University College Cork in Ireland, Biologist Clive Finlayson of Gibraltar museum and Dr. john Hawks, University of Wisconsin in Madison. Gentlemen, you are searching the wrong evolutionary tree for the origin of man!

1. The Neanderthal is the only evolutionary aboriginal descendent that can be traced back through straight evolution without having to invoke the mysterious “missing link.”

2. The “missing link” is too short a period to be an evolutionary period since the transition from Neanderthal to Cro-Magnon was completed within approximately 20,000 years!

3. I have the scientific evidence of what really happened to the Neanderthal that gave birth to the human specie. Releasing the information to the public would be counterproductive because it is against the zeitgeist, therefore I will divulge it privately ( to any scientist-researcher who can identify themselves.

4. Let me “wet your scientific appetite” about the evolutionary truth by giving you a hint: Research in my profession demonstrated that the Cro-Magnon’s biological clock is not 24 hours. Humans are the only species on earth that function outside the circadian rhythm of mother earth! Email me, I’ll put you on the right track.


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3 Responses to “The origin of the Cro-Magnon.”

  1. online game rentals Says:

    Good points

  2. Lucien Pierrot Says:

    Someone commented within a related topic, on this site, in a different posting, that they didn’t like this particular subject matter. It defies credulity, that someone would feel this way? Any thoughts as why someone would be so callus.

    • drkinarthy Says:

      Lucien, like with your excellent website advertising quality home improvement, not everyone is going to buy it. The issue boils down to education. There are no schools on earth today that teach how to analyze whether something WORKS, is TRUE, is FALSE, a FACT, an OPINION, a BELIEF, or a PERCEPTION. Do you remember the young people’s conference in London sponsored by Desmond Tutu? an organizer from Island where they had financial problems called me and asked me why they ended without a plan of action. I offered C-MOR, my plan of action for world bliss. It was totally laughable. It was like showing a caveman a computer. You ask why someone would be so callus? People appear callus but they are simply not educated enough to choose what is true or what works!

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