THINK: You can lose weight!

Here is how:

1. Think about the food you eat before you eat it, and during. Bringing consciousness to your meal will strengthen your resistance to foods you know you should put away.

2. Think about the calories in the food you are ready to take in but don’t count them, just thinking about them will enable you to put away a few high calorie pieces.

3. Think about the water you drank before you Jog and feel an urge to pee or “poo” in the middle of jogging, a kilometer distance from home.  You’ll feel an urge to speed up your pace of jogging to the aerobic range (170-age+10, eg., I’m 75, for me it’s 170-75=95+10+105, thus my aerobic range of heart beat is 95-105. perfect for half an hour daily or at least every other day).

4. Grade yourself daily (in the evening) on your daily exercise and calorie intake: B and B is a good grade, B and A is great, A and B is great, A and A is your goal. Many of you will start from D and D, don’t be discouraged. You will get better in time because you WILL BE THINKING how much you love yourself, – YOU is all you’ve got!

5. Think about the above  and follow my suggestions.  I am a weight reducing expert. In fact, I am probably the only psychologist whose book ‘Psychological Aspects of Weight Control” was mentioned on Google without ever being published! (it was rejected in the last-minute by my publisher as “Too conventional, adding no new information.”). Enjoy!


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