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Here is why you never have enough money, health and love!

December 4, 2014

Yes, I will tell you the truth, may be cite the studies and swear by my profession that life works better when you focus your energies on behavioral truth, so what? If you are a racist, forget it if you think it is easy to change your belief because I say the truth is really simple or a shrink you don’t know tells you about it. I wish you would change because I care and I want to see you have more money, health and love. Well, we shall see:

*A young black man kicks a white police officer who shoots him dead on the spot. Is it racism or a behavioral disorder?

*A young white man kicks a black police officer who shoots him dead on the spot. Is it racism or a behavioral disorder?

*A son puts his 92-year-old mother in an old age home and she is abused by a staff member, is it ageism or a behavioral disorder by the staff member taking advantage of a weak person?

*You are a CEO of a company and you hired or promoted 4 men to executive positions, is it sexism or a preference for certain behavioral skills?

*You are a wife and you start avoiding the company of your  nice husband, is it marital-ism, love-ism, sex-ism or you have a behavioral disorder?

If you see racism, sexism, ageism, marital-ism or all the other isms in your relationships it will hold you back from having enough money, health and love. Time to change to Behaviorism. Behavior is much more truthful than belief. Focusing on a behavior advances a person much better than expressing an attitude!


The psychological reason why Michael Brown died?

November 15, 2014

I was completely amazed when I arrived in the United States from Israel to study psychology at UCLA how the American culture completely ignored 2 key factors in human relations, 1) How significant is behavior profiling in solving crime, and 2) How significant is cultural background in understanding why crime happens.

It’s ironic. In Israel behavior profiling saves lives and protects citizens. In American people think that behavior profiling is racial profiling. It is not!  This hypersensitivity and lack of cognitive distinction skill (CDS) is the reason Ferguson police department broke the law and did not release the report by officer Wilson and the police department about the killing of Michael Brown – as required by law! The struggle between the police officer and Michael Brown is a behavior, not a racial concept! This behavior is called in psychology a role conflict dyadic behavior (RCDB) and is easy to analyse (behavior you can observed and described). It is not a racial confrontation or racial profiling (concepts you can’t see) as the American culture believes (One solution is to change the curriculum in American schools and start teaching reality more than conceptual stuff).

The second new concept in human relation is cultural background, which is ignored and not taught correctly in American schools either. The white and black races living in America had a totally different historical experience that determine hoe they see things. The white race moved west, shot attacking Indians and built towns, city halls and police departments. The black race was kidnapped from a chaotic land called Africa, shipped to America to build slavery and finally gained basic freedom by confrontation with white authority. If officer Wilson was a black officer in the same situation, the chance for a deadly confrontation would have been reduced by half. If all the people in the convenient store were black the chance for Michael Broun to misbehave and break the law would have been reduced by half. If officer Wilson and Michael Broun grew up and went to an American school that taught history and psychology right, the chance for the deadly confrontation would have need reduced again (lots of if’s), and finally, the black community is looking for vengeance (understandable, based on their history), while the white community is looking for political due process (not much justice in politics either). One day American will solve all its problems. As an immigrant in 1960, I discovered the American dream, I was lucky, my Jewishness was not on my skin, in my pocket-book or on my nose. It was in my smart behavior!

NFL: Psychology tells it like it is!

September 20, 2014

Black football players who reach the top of the NFL possess a rare combination of success in Nature;  superb aggression with awesome skills of sublimation. Saying it in a sociobiology would be “their high Testosterone level matches their mental sublimation skills,” a formula that is required for winning football games at the top of the national league. Here the rational meets the national meets the natural!

But here is the problem. Some marry the wrong women.

A Muslim woman will rarely say no to her husband when he wants sex. She is afraid to say no or she knows that success in football goes well with sexual release. An American women psyche is more complicated. She has to feel “right” about the act. She is ready for sex only when she feels love for her husband, but especially if she feels respected – or wants a baby. The man, on the other hand, feels, “I make 50 million dollars which enables me to marry a beautiful and sexy woman and I am entitled to have sex with her any time I want except when she doesn’t feel good physically.” There you go, psychology tells it like it is!

All psychologists would say that domestic violence has no place in marriage, you bet, but some psychologists would say that feeling love is the solution, respect, right conditions, etc. It’s like saying, “watch the Cialis or Viagra commercials.” I say it is an unrealistic approach with aggressive football players who say, “When I’m hot I’m hot.” The solution here is in the hand of the wife – sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively. I assume it can be  simple, a wife of a man who makes 20 million dollars this year should put out more effort in the relationship than a wife of an unemployed bum. Sure, you must resist rape or even a too aggressive approach from your husband football player, but respond positively to a “quick” romance. The solution to this NFL problem is in the verbal behavior of the wife and the husband and not in the mind or either if they want the good life that comes with fame and 50 million bucks!

Believe in yourself!!!!!!

March 22, 2014

Why should you choose to listen to what Dr. Kinarthy says to you? There are 100 “shrinks” you don’t ever remember what they wrote or said. You should listen to me because I have proven that I know what it takes to find love, be happy, successful, healthy and live a meaningful long life. I know what I am talking about! I took a boat from Israel to the US in December 1960, I came with nothing, my shoes had holes in them and the snow froze my feet, I had no brains at 24 to even know how to spare a buck for a hamburger in Manhattan, negative attitude,  but I had huzpa to tell people off who questioned my dream, will it come through, my dream! I had a dream to get a PhD in behavioral psychology and define my life by what I do right, not by what I think wrong!

Believe in yourself!!!! I am now 77 and my dream has been fulfilled years ago! I’ll tell you that you don’t need to get a PhD in anything to believe in yourself!  Make your life big time by pretending that it is! What you need to do is learn to behave right, that’s it!! Behave! Yah, as simple as that! positive Behavior ! Never tell the truth to anyone if you can’t do something. Believe in yourself 100% and in your behavior 1000%. Show others that you are worth it, no matter what!!! Got it? No matter what!!! Pretend if you have to play Shakespeare. If you don’t feel right about yourself, make sure that no one knows! Pretend again and again! Dr. Jerome Bruner the great psychologist said it all when he proclaimed, “Lie in the service of the truth, buddy, pretend that you are OK.  Be alright because you say so, don’t tell the truth if it’s bad, follow Shakespeare’s Life’s a stage and I am an actor. What else can I tell you: Believe in yourself  in your behavior, not in your mind, there you never will win, no one does except when they pretend what they do. Self confidence is an appearance that sips in, it’s a behavior. My study shows that you start laughing as soon as you get what I say in its depth. The truth about life makes you laugh. I know, you won’t get sympathy if you pretend to feel great. I quit smoking 40 years ago by pretending that it was easy to do and got no sympathy. That is how my dream turned into a reality, through a pretended behavior! If you don’t understand what I am saying to you, that’s OK. My old dream is a reality. I live in a palace. I conquered stage four prostate cancer and bone cancer. I have a beautiful aquatic instructor wife who is smart and loves me. I have four kids. Hay, you can do it too, show that you believe in yourself through verbal and nonverbal behavior only, that is all you need to do. Do you still feel that you want to know why? Hey…get out of here…

Behavioral Profiling: The case of the disappearing 777 II

March 15, 2014

The authorities investigating the disappearance of the 777 are inching toward looking at the behavior of the pilot. This is 1% of what they need to do about checking behavior of people to get at the truth!  BP, thanks God, is here! They are visiting the pilots’ homes, checking what they do and did recently and they are checking the pre-boarding behavior of suspicious passengers. But the problem remains and will remain until YOU the so-called “educated” people of the world start learning how important is to study the mind that triggers the behaviors of pilots. This subject is not taught in schools or academies except in Israel. The stability of the minds of Israeli pilots is checked regularly and corrected. Sure, the 2 pilots of the 777 had a through physical check up, we know that, but nothing, zilch, nada, zero about their mental state and behavior. People on airplanes die because it is unconstitutional to discriminate in hiring the mentally unstable. Employment on the basis of checking mental states is prohibited. Anyone who passes a physical check up and a pilot school can be hired to fly 235 passengers at risk. No one checks out behavioral risk. Humanity is still primitive. Teachers who hate students are hired in schools because you are not legally allowed to ask mental questions. A rich man can buy a TV station and tell lies to the public and he is protected by the first amendment (free speech). Ladies and gentleman, your life is at risk because the people you vote appoint people in Aviation and pass laws that the people who fly you around the glob are immune from psychological tests! How farce safety and security had become! How gullible you have become to believe in lip service to how safe and secure you are. All these will continue untill you learn how important is BP to your safety and security and risk reduction in all areas of life.

Cancer and mental illness: The liberating secret!

September 18, 2013

You don’t have to have cancer to benefit from my insight about how cancer and mental illness are related. No, it isn’t at all what you think! You can have 10 PhD’s and you still won’t get it, so relax and listen. By the way, you don’t have to have a so-called mental illness either to benefit from my insight. Here is the liberating truth: cancer is a minor health problem if not metastasized, so say all the oncologists… and mental illness does not exist so say many psychologists including top guns such as Dr. Thomas Szasz and Dr. R. D. Laing. No, no, I don’t want you to leave and go back to your societal deception believing the opposite. Let me explain first:  Mental illness is a minor health problem , like cancer, if not expressed in behavior. If you love and work and think you can still be mentally ill because of weird behavior, take a psychology course. Hold a job and keep a boyfriend and you will be fine. And if you are not fine, have a doctor check your brain chemistry or “software,” not looking for a “mental illness.” And about cancer, if the tumor couldn’t metastasize, it will be like a benign tumor, just take it our, not even all of it. So, we are scared of cancer and mental illness only because the person and the tumor are behaving!  They refuse to be quiet! If you have these two problems, get a boyfriend, get a job, take CYP 17 or other appropriate enzymes and have a liberating party. I know, my story is a dramatic simplification of a bad situation. Well, it is, and your job is to benefit from the information anyway, and if I know that you got it the way it is, I’ll be happy for you!

Why can’t Israel form a coalition right now?

March 1, 2013

If you think it’s because Yesh Atid (19) and Habait Yehudi (12) don’t like Haredim(12), you are wrong.

If you think the Right and the Left can’t be in the same government, you are wrong.

If you think it is important to know who is Haredi and who is not, you are wrong.

Actually you are wrong with any thought inside the box. You got to get outside of the box.

If you do you could form a happy government in one hour! You can make everyone happy!


Have two leaders from each political party in the Knesset (including Arabs, Communists, etc) sequestered in a nice room with a view at the Tel Aviv Hilton from 8 AM till 12 PM (with a 10 minute break every 2 hours) on an agreed upon day (Wednesday is good, Saturday is great, Monday sucks, Friday…only if God wills it). All food and drinks will be served kosher. The Chairperson will announce the rules, so strict that anyone who breaks a rule his party will have to pay a fine of 40,000 Shekel to the national treasury, two rules 80,000, three rules 120,000, and so on.

Rule 1)  The only language spoken in the room will be Hebrew.

Rule 2) The participants must sign a legal document that they will abide without reservation by the unanimous decisions of the  five observing judges (a philologist, linguist, behavioral psychologist, language expert, etc.) selected from three distinguished universities in Israel.

Rule 3) The participants must stay respectful towards each other. Questions and answers are encouraged. Name calling, bad gestures, accusations, or refusal to response to one another will cost a participant 4,000 Shekel.

Rule 4) Anything that a participant says or does must focus on behavior, not concepts, beliefs, assumptions, etc. The Judges will correct you and make sure that what you say includes at least one behavior and one fact. You are not allowed to emit a sentence that has no behavior in it. For example, you are not allowed to say “You are wrong” (it’s not a behavior). You can’t even say “I feel that you are wrong.” A feeling is not a behavior either. You may say, “Your behavior is unacceptable to me.”  Good luck, don’t be a party poopers..

How does a behavioral psychologist think?

January 17, 2013

All my professional life I was a professor of developmental psychology. I retired in 1998, four years before Dr. Daniel Kahneman, another professor of psychology, got his Nobel Price in – Economics – in 2002. I will speak at the University of Valencia this month on his research on the behavior of the economic man: Is he as rational as society believes? Behavioral Economics was born the moment empirical evidence replaced rationality in the decision-making about money. Hey, young dude, join me on the edge of discovery? Today is only 10 years since the new profession began and people associated with the Symposium (and here in Canada) are already thinking of Behavioral Politics, Behavioral Medicine, etc. as the next step in the evolution of solutions and human success. I want to thank Hippocrates for asking the question 2500 years ago: Should Medicine be rational or empirical. I also want to thank Plato and Aristotle 2400 years ago for asking the question: Should language be rational-logical or natural-empirical?


The beauty of adding behavioral in front of any name of a discipline is that solutions become clear. For example, for years as a psychologist I struggled with the issue, “Does man kills or do guns kill?” On the day I became a behavioral thinker the answer became clear. Man kills, not guns. As a behavioral psychologist I know very clearly that the problem is not a billion gun in every home, its behavior. American society needs to look at how it raises its kids! What behaviors are rewarded and what behaviors are punished by parents, schools, etc.

I just came from the mall. I saw a mother screaming at her daughter, “Don’t shout at me,” she screamed. You know something, dude, Buddha once said that the word perfect means awareness, not  the absence of errors. Now I understand what he meant. Hey dude, have a better day!


January 13, 2013

Schizophrenia  is a mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of thought processes and by poor emotional responsiveness.  Common symptoms include auditory   hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions, or  disorganized speech and thinking, and it is accompanied by significant social or occupational dysfunction. The onset of symptoms typically occurs in young adulthood, with a global lifetime prevalence.

I got this definition from Google and I agree with it. However, here is my problem. Some thirty years ago before I became a  “behavioral psychologist,”  the psychiatrist at Norwalk Mental Hospital in California showed me the file of a Schizophrenic patient. Later on I met the patient in the Day Room. The patient asked me if I could get a permission to take him out of the facility for a walk to meet his girl friend and go shopping with her. We did. His behavior appeared normal. Looking back I believe the fellow should have been diagnosed on the basis of his behavior and not how much dopamine and serotonin he had in his brain. I believe that a mild schizophrenic could pass as normal if behavior was more prominent in the decision-making process by psychiatrists and psychologists. I challenge my colleagues to debate this issue.


January 9, 2013

Narcissism is preoccupation with one’s body and oneself. It’s healthy. Narcissism includes vanity, belief in one’s good looks and social abilities, selfishness, placing one’s interests above the interests of others (without hurting them), and greed, selfishness at the expense of others – this one is clinical.

Here is the shocker: Narcissism is beneficial to the individual and society unless it is clinical, a fact  that is omitted from the definitions of the word narcissism in dictionaries. What is “clinical”?  This word is 100% important to know for your good life! “Clinical” means that the behavior of narcissism interfere with your ability to “love and work” in society (Google “love and work” to learn what it means). You see, it’s all simple, if you are a psychologist, please don’t complicate the issue. I am a narcissistic psychologist (normal, not clinical). I treat my slim and trim body like it is a temple of God, I make money at 76 like I have a million tomorrows to spend it, I am very skillful socially, I write blogs and websites on everything, I am married to a smart and beautiful woman. I love myself. I adore my identity as narcissist.

Hey, my sweet friend, if you are an obese narcissistic normal, you will lose weight with less effort than the humble fat person will. You want to look sharp. You may feel that you look sharp after losing only 20 lbs. If you are narcissistic normal you talk about yourself a lot but in a way that attracts and entertains others (most people are boring). You accumulate nicer things than others do. You make a great teacher or politician because you love attention. You buy for yourself nicer things than you buy for others. You love to be a great teacher, counselor, tour guide, or what have you. I love narcissistic normals. I  avoid narcissistic clinicals. Hey, listen, the truth will make you free. You can now thank me for helping you understand how the bad part of culture tries to limit our self-love!