What was Jesus real name? What really happened?

There are 2 versions of the life of the messiah, one is a false story and the other is what happened. The false story is what most people believe and what happened is considered absurd and impossible to accept. He was raised by his father Josef with carpenter skills but became a young not ordained renegade Rabbi, his real name was known as Yehoshua ben Yosef and after he was crucified in 33 AD, the Greeks decided to call him Jesus Christ. Today, the story of JC is a beautiful fantasy, half the Baptists call him Joshua son of David because the Torah says that all Messiah’s come from King David on from the Tribe of Judah the lion. The orthodox Jews in Jerusalem today call him Yeshu Hanotzri. His story is the most psychologically inspiring repentent story ever told (good for humanity’s future). I love Christmas, Easter and wouldn’t change a thing, but the truth makes me free to worship the real Yehoshua Haivri. What happened was that in the year 22 AD this spiritual carpenter from around Tveria who had followers because of his healing powers married a young woman from the town of Migdal, a quiet place a mile from the Sea of Galili near the Jordan river. They had a son named Itzhak who died in 77 AD at age 52, about 45 years after his father was crucified as “The false Messiah of the Jews.” The accusers were the corrupted high Temple priest and the cruel Roman governor of Judea. A 100 years later some Jews acknowledged Yehoshua as the Messiah they had missed and started a place of worship as they thought he would have wanted it. By 200 AD that new church became corrupted. Back in 100 AD half a million Jews in Jerusalem were still looking for a sign from heaven, suddenly claimed to find their “true” messiah in a local charismatic Rabbi named Bar Kosiba who led them to battle against Rome to die at the hands of the Romans, half a million dead, all the Jews left after the destruction of the second Temple in 70 AD, disappeared from the holy land by 150 AD, although Mohammed tried to force those exiled who migrated to Mecca and Medina return to Jerusalem in 650 AD. They refused and were massacred. Jews started coming en mass back to Zion in 1948 AD on the day Avraham Avinu was born in Mesopotamia in the 1948 on the Jewish calendar! A bit Numerology won’t hurt.



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