Between the community and the police!

Here is another view, as always my view is difference from others how conflict resolution should work, in fact how life should work. Most people think they know how conflict in a relationship should be fixed – by compromising or winning politically or financially (the rich and powerful get away with it). I think my view should be tested first before you decide. When a person gets killed by the police there are always 2 reports that no one from the other side take seriously: the report by the police and the report by the community (including the family of the individual or the group being attacked by the police, by-standers interview, videos obtained, etc.). The 2 versions end in a biased State or Federal court based on a colonial system (Old English). The process is costly and long. The verdict almost always shortchange someone, usually the innocent. It is not related REALLY to the founding fathers intention and most elected and appointed officials praise the judicial system as the best in the world. This is similar to a situation where a teacher praises a “C” student as the best in class because everyone else gets a “D” or an “F.”

Here is the an improvement in police Community relationship based on a new idea. Congress will select a permanent indictment committee (PIC) of 10 professional jurors. These individuals will earn a special PhD in Jurisprudence from an accredited American University. They will decide whether to indict police officers or even the police department or indict the community or individuals in the community by analysing the factual information in the 2 reports and testify in court under oath. The rate of fair trial will double. This will save money to the tax payers, expedite and shorten the court proceedings, indict the right people or groups and stifle all the stupid and frivolous objections by marginal lawyers and biased witnesses. Bingo, life works!


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