Jan Gerson: Why Trump will win! An entertainment piece of journalism!

Today is Perle Harbour  day, the weather is gloomy and I am bored. Suddenly I read Jan Gerson the reporter in the Post: “I’d suggest that Donald Trump is not a fascist. He’s an entertainer.” I am glad I bought the Post paper a minute ago, usually I buy the Time-Communist newspaper but that paper does not appear on Mondays. My second choice was The National Post, I’m glad I did. This is Monday, December 7, 2015 a few hours ago. Page A10 of the National Post of Canada, it’s becoming a duzzy day today after all, an article on Zuckerberg giving away 45 billion dollars to charity, the national budget or the GDP of half the world! And, then this article by Gerson about Trump winning the presidency of the US, an even greater off the mark thing than giving away 45 billion dollars to others to spend on their pet projects. The world is going mad. I love it. I hate boredom. I sat this morning with my beautiful wife at “Vanilla,’ my favorite coffee shop and I had not a single moment of boredom on a rainy day (it’d now 4 PM). I’m not going to tell you what’s in the article. The purpose of my posting is entertainment, not comedy of the absurd. I bet with friends a few months ago that Trudeau and Trump would win – one won and one to go. Why do I do it? I once won on a long shut horse (100/1) at Santa Anita (he won) and I got that feeling again. Besides, the coffee conversation at the Marina on Thursdays started getting boring (no more). Every decent idiot wants Trump to lose, may be that is why he is winning. “I worry about America if he Wins,” one said. “I worried more about America when Obama won,’ I said. You see, I am always contrarian, it’s the best way to be when the world is falling apart and everyone is pointing their finger at the wrong  culprit, “It’s Putin’s fault,” another idiot declared. Well, enough entertainment, Time to get serious, stock your basement with food cans, a microwave and a double bed, Hillary Clinton is coming to town with her brilliant Lewinsky’s Bill! Reversing rolls is America is so good for this stupid world trying to find itself, a schizophrenic patient once told me at Norwalk Hospital, so. Sh..t, may be we need Trump crazy medicine after all, to ship all the drug addicts to the billion clinics near the border of Mexico! Wake up, it’s the election, stupid voters!


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