Gun control: Obama vs. Trump.

This morning Trump was asked about the massacre in the social services facility where 14 people died. He said, “Give them guns to protect themselves.” Obama said, “Absolutely not, No vigilantism. Trump said, “This is a war.” Obama said, “This is not a war. Climate change will kill more people, Island will disappear.”

Obviously, we have 2 clear views of life, those who fight to survive and winning is the goal, and those who believe that Obama knows best. He will take care of everything. I am definitely with Trump, I won’t let Obama decide anything for me. I decide everything in my life. I cannot be a democrat, I can hardly even be a republican. I am a maverick. Most of the rules I made a different. For example, my son suggested that I give some money to his mom, my ex-wife. I made sure that she knows I did. Most ex’s would keep such event quiet. I love my rules, they promote me. People say that I am arrogant and I – thank them! Of course I am not arrogant but I have a lot of respect for the stupidity of men, look at the world, at least they are trying to make it work. They don’t even know that Bremer caused ISIS. Trump has flaws, but Obama causes so much pain in the world with the way he thinks, he means well…and people are dying and they don’t get it! Let’s try Trump, Congress should pass a law, “People who work in institutions should be trained with guns, poor people, they just died because the “system’ didn’t understand Darwin!


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