A CNN apocalyptic debate in Las Vega, expect a Guinness book of world record tonight!

An apocalyptic debate in 2 hours in Las Vegas: The peony republican debaters with their tunnel vision will gang on Trump. Let’s get it clear, America lives in a slum neighborhood with gangs fighting each other how best to destroy the Tag Mahala (White House). Envy of America and stupidity of reasoning rules the socialist gangs. Slum dwellers who believe in austerity don’t want to learn from the rich inventor-investor dynamic dude who lives in their neighborhood, the dummy Demos want his money to “distribute the wealth.”

I decided that after the Paris massacre, the San Bernardino killings and the LA schools shut down this morning, let alone 911 and Pearl Harbor, that it is clear to me that America is worth defending and that the Japanese, German, Al qaeda and ISIS wanted the rich and powerful WH for themselves. The Japanese and Germans, no more a problem, FDR the democrat took care of that albeit hesitantly. The problem now is apocalyptic, we need a Teddy Roosevelt in the WH, nice cousins would not do anymore. The democrats just wait too long before they act (Wilson, FDR, etc.) and cost democracies too many lives.

I usually don’t comment on a political debate 2 hours before my posting (at 3 PM western time) ,2 hours from now! Wow, the political brains are out with an average IQ of 100, stifled by a politically correct disease.  But you can imagine that I think this one in Las Vegas is a Philadelphia  constitutional convention, trying to elect a later-day Saint George Washington to fix it all. When you watch this last debate of 1776, I mean 2015, focus on who gives clear, cool, short general answers and who is running around his bush with details of doomsday, Kick ass good buy any candidate who appeal to your fears. focus on those that appeal to your anger, “World, leave America alone, live and let live!”


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