Don’t miss these two wonderful simple acts to improve yourself!

I am not going to ‘steal’ the thunder from dentists but as a psychologist the area of behavior in dentistry is mine. Being a behavioral “shrink” for 30 years I can claim a piece of the action in many professions. I don’t toot my horn, folks, but I did a talk at the University of Berlin on the behavioral cancer (what is cancer afraid of?) and at the Universities of Rome, Valencia and UCLA on aspects of behavioral economics and the behavior of investing. This time it is about the behavior of brushing your teeth.

The germs that live in your mouth are incredibly adapted. They developed and mutated over millions of years to be able to handle all the assaults in their mouth environment. They specialized in day and night eating, sustaining hot and cold environments and various food with different nutritional values that we eat, even junk food. So, dentists developed the many countermeasure: Specialized toothpaste, glossy floss and brushing techniques – all to no avail. The germs were not defeated. We all have dental issues, unless…

…unless you keep in your mouth a good mouthwash for 60 seconds and swoosh. All the germs left in the mouth at midnight after brushing will die. Test yourself. Brash, floss and hold the mouthwash for 60 second, wash your mouth and go to sleep. In the morning you will feel no bad breath! All the germs have died. The food particles you couldn’t floss did not decay. No more bad taste, the morning yak in the mouth is gone forever. No tooth problems from now on!

Now, as a psychologist I can tell you that  people will argue with me about this posting, especially dentists, my response to their reaction typically an act of psychology. It is behavioral, I will go out and buy a few more bottles of the best mouthwash and smile in the mirror.

It’s late and I am tired, but the other act to improve yourself is food, so I can’t resist: After 30 years as a weight control expert, I suggest that you dedicate one day a week or one meal a day to pure Nature. For example, Instead of making a salad, put pieces of fruit and vegis on a large plate and nibble, a piece of avocado, cucumber, cherry tomato, even a slice of sweet persimmon, and 10 more fruit and nibble with consciousness. Do it right, what a growth experience for yourself! Think NATURE!


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